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  1. So between my Armored Cav by Tom Clancy and M1 Tank Platoon Microprose Sim manuals, I believe I can lay out a militarily, doctrinally correct Cavalry Squadron assault on a Ruski Regiment with defense laid in depth. I'll spend the next few weeks working on it, and post here my results.


    Armored Cav (Tom Clancy's Military Reference)  image.png.e9c4501409baf03a39689bc211903eae.png



  2. Man I love this sim...


    I've never even been in a tank and that steel feels cold.


    Scoring the glen with tread marks.



    Up close and personal!



    Hurry up with that track! I got photogs climbin' the tank here!


  3. Saw this beauty for under $30 and had to grab it. Last purchase from *that country* I promise. Honestly thought it was coming form New Jersey at first. But she'll be on my doorstep this time next week, 1/72 scale to go with my other same scale armor display. (Photo zoomed in for shock and awe)


  4. 2 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    If in doubt, set the speed of a retreat route to "reverse". This will prevent drivers from turning around. Of course, with some tanks this will be painfully (and potentially disastrously) slow. Not with the M1, though.

    Yeah I retreat (perform tactical retrogrades) regularly when I need stand off (am getting my treads waxed) and they always have gone in reverse. This was a first and it ticked me off cuz the rest of the Platoon AI did monkey see/monkey die. This (my) tank turned tail and ran and Ba-Ba-Bam-Ba-Bam! Five hits in 3 seconds. It was dead around the 2nd or third. 

  5. I ordered a retreat. So my driver turned tail and ran away. And of course, right after we blew up with tail to the enemy, everyone else turned around and ran too. The platoon was lost.

    You can tell from the smoke columns in the background we were winning, we were just displacing while 2nd PLT covered us.


  6. 2 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

    Are you after the Task Force one or the one where APCs and their dismounts advance together?


    Try this for the group as a Task Force (starts at about 5 mins):



    Inf / APC co-operation:




    I'm trying to move a CPY or BRG together. I now see that it works for friendly units in game, but I seem to have to jump to each unit and tell them to move out to get everyone moving.

    I was hoping to get a Soviet BRG moving like in those cool Cold War movies of USSR Armor onslought moving across the plains of Germany.

  7. Hey Group, I'm looking for that post and video about how to group a collection of platoons to move across the map together as a Company/Battalion for an assault. I found it a few months ago and got it to work but I forgot how and am now looking for it again.

    Any  help or links would be appreciated!

  8. How about the ability to scroll around maps, select units, plot routes, etc. thru the F1 view in the tracks that have IVIS or similar? I mean, without going into F5 view?


    And by the way I freaking love this sim. Thanks for working so hard on it, making it public, and developing it as time has gone by. It'll never be replaced.


    Hello? Is this thing on?



  9. On 8/16/2019 at 11:58 AM, Furia said:

    If you liked The Defense of Hill 781, you may also like this other one



    Surprised "Combat Team" -same style, same author- hasn't been mentioned. Interactive fiction but you're a company commander in an M-1A2, etc. company. 


    ...and his full on novel Proud Legions, a hard-to-put-down novel based on Combat Team.


  10. 9 hours ago, Gibsonm said:


    No, not for the vehicle.


    Ssnake spoke about it might make Ver 5 as a labour of love (low priority but might make it).


    You said you might make some calls.


    I said that apart from some small trails (test beds), that I didn't think anyone in the US Army or USMC had a corporate license for SB (i.e. the people you would call to get it moved up the priority list / pay for it).


    Ya. I was 100% kidding.

    I'm awesome but not THAT awesome.

  11. 1 hour ago, Gibsonm said:


    AFAIK, the US Army (or USMC) don't have an enterprise license.


    There maybe some "test beds" here and there but I'm pretty sure neither organisation has purchased it for use across the entire service (happy to be wrong though).


    Oof. I'm confused. Test beds for what? the Bradley -A3? 

    It's in full production. Lots of units are now completely equipped with it.

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