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  1. Yeah- the Bradley -A3 has upgraded engine, added networking and the CITV (a la M-1A2). The TC has that empty space in front of his station filled up with the monitor for it and a keyboard. All big deal and stuff. 00:45 in this one... ...and 27:27 in this one:
  2. Even if hit by HEAT? I ask to learn, not to be a snotty armchair Lt.
  3. Don't know if I've asked about this before, others probably have: When will M-2/M-3A3 be included? It feels weird marching a Cavalry Troop out with M-1A2s and M-3A2s in formation... My favorite Bradley video for some reason.
  4. Of course! It saved Oddball's Sherman crew in Kelly's Heroes so it's good enough in here. Plus, I just read a bunch of Thunder Run books for the umptenth time and there were alley fights and turrets spinning and so on where the gun tube's position affected crews and tactics.
  5. Threw some snow onto my favorite map..... What a difference it made!
  6. Ahhh... afraid of a little competition? And I mean, very, very little... small...
  7. ...with Team Yankee and others. This one, however, was quickly uninstalled and File 13'd... It was even unplayable back then.
  8. I also openly admit that I miss Tank Platoon I and II. Tho not enough to install and hack them into working on Win 10. Steel Beasts Pro PE more than satisfies my big boom itch. This is not my gameplay:
  9. I spent some time modding Str Trek Bridge Commander to have as many Original Series ships as I could find on line. My end game is to one day remove all non-TOS ships and play it strictly as Kirk era Star Trek. This is my gameplay. Also- these videos are my second most popular after my Steel Beasts vids.
  10. Big dust cloud when you knock down a house or shed or wall and stuff.
  11. Maybe said before: infantry to dismount IFVs a little more randomly, not like a synchronized swimming group or a country line dance.
  12. Saw a video about it at an armor tech conference. The GDLS rep said it's a technology demonstrator, not the nest model Abrams. They're going to give a couple to the Army to see what they do and don't like about it, and finesse it accordingly. Oh, and that 30mm CROWS can point straight up and take out drones and other inbound projectiles.
  13. In all the Facebook tanker forums they're ragging the 3-man crew concept. "Engineers don't understand we're in there for a month or at least days at a time" "One less man to help with maintenance" "Since when were turret penetrations an issue?" etc.
  14. I ordered a model M-1A2 Abrams. The word "model" is used very loosely on EBay. Sometimes it means model. Sometimes it means model "model". I just wanted a model. Not a model "model". I got a model "model". >sigh< Defninitely going to do it up in 3xtone NATO camo.
  15. Fun assault. I designed it some time ago then forgot what was where, makes it fun. Over all funbattle, but go to 19 minutes to watch an awesome point blank exchange between 1 M-1A2 and 3xRuski tanks!
  16. I have not gotten it yet, I will soon. But I want to brag that I have been playing Steel Beasts since the early 2000s, purchased on a device called a "CD-ROM" at a place called a "Computer (or PC) Game Store". I even played with some of the vehicle textures. It has come an amazing long way and I look forward to seeing 4.3 and beyond.
  17. Sorry, met a girl. forgot to do this. Will try again soon.
  18. Imma flood try this tonight. Will post and announce my results. Unless I spontaneously combust driving around town on errands.
  19. I wanted to post a link to the account of this happening in the 2003 invasion but I can't find anything but the upgraded Bradley systems. But a Bradley gunner got awarded a kill for shooting down a missile headed toward it. Maybe it's in one of my Armor or other books... f anyone can help I'd love it.
  20. Has anyone successfully used the Bradley's 25mm to shoot down incoming AT missiles?
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