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  1. Favorite SB1 memory (-ies) is my preschooler on my lap yelling "FIRE!" once I'd get an enemy track in my sight. Yes, it was just as awesome and funny as you just imagined it. Favorite SB2 memory was one of those toddlers, all grown up two decades later, buying me SB2 for Christmas.
  2. A great deal of realism could be added simply by altering the skins of the trees. Good as they are right now, shadows were not taken into account when they were made and trees appear to glow from the inside. It's a simple but time consuming task to alter them (if I had the time I'd do it myself) with shadows, and the tree trunks as well. I've tried but I just can't get the time down.
  3. iamfritz


    Point in case: But where was that guy (1:08) that he was there after the tank blew? I mean it seems he was in the tank at the time, but how could he have been? Watch and see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65Z8xp6BvzM
  4. Oh, forgive me if I implied it wasn't realistic- I just think it's cool. I always save my AARs so I'll go back and look at it,post pics or video when I get the time. It was a short one so should be easy to find!
  5. I did a battle with M-1A2s going up against a force of T-14s and T-90s. Two times in a row, my 2nd section fires SABOT rounds which go through/skip across 3 or 4 T-14 turret tops. Here's the video: https://studio.youtube.com/video/HfajPuvXWCU/edit
  6. Thought this lone guy was an intact infantry squad with LAWs so I sent them/him to finish this T-14. He comes running out like... "Yes, sir!" "Oh wait." "Ya I'm, out."
  7. The Russian T-72As could take punishment, but we always had 1 or 2 "warning shots" (misses) to back behind a house or into trees, count to five, and pull back out and resume engaging. The sim reps their bad targeting systems very well. The BMP-1's ATGMs tho, were fast, 1st shot trouble.
  8. After finishing Team Yankee for the nth time and trying to win Antal's Armor Attacks, I decided to break open the vanilla M-1 Abrams with Pattons to fight off a company+ of T-72s and BMP-1s. What an adventure! Loved watching T-72s taking 3, sometimes 4 hits before stopping and even then fighting back. Tactically, I loved the challenge of being on the other side of the battle where once the enemy found my range I had to reposition or die. And having to back up and reload my main gun ammo! What a great time. Had to retreat but my gunner and TC died when we backed into this building. Gun barrels drop when they're dead. Whoosh! Never saw this on a US tank before. Pose for a selfie. Pattons to the rescue! Yeah, it got that close!
  9. At the McMinnville/Evergreen Aviation Museum in Oregon they used to have a T-55, a BRDM and a couple other armor vehicles on display. One day we got there and the BRDM was open. Someone had cut the lock . So naturally we climbed in. That hand crank to turn the turret and raise/lower the gun was a pain. I think the fast tapping on the keyboard comers as close to that as anything ever will to someone sitting comfortably at a desk in their warm cozy bedroom or office. I am Fritz, and I approve fast tapping.
  10. Working on a scenario where our Bradleys arrive to find Red forces have taken civilians hostage. We rush in to confront and in the middle of the tension, my wingman runs through and crushes the hostages' house. Everyone in Fire only when fired upon mode.
  11. Maybe it was a bad idea to turn smoke generators on during a formation change...
  12. You are right sir! Ha-ha! Yes, the forested areas would just render nothing but the floor polygons for a flash once every 10-15 seconds. And I didn't really test it that much, but the desert battle was untouched at... 15 or 17 km. I actually got the idea from the manual (I finally got around to RTFM) and I am glad, once again, that I defied the establishment. But seriously, I feel like I'm playing SBProPE ver 2.9 or somethin.
  13. So just for kicks and giggles I pushed the visibility under options way out to 15000 meters. The results were amazing! At first there were some anomalies, but once all the textures got loaded I had two of the most believable tank battles I've ever had with this sim! The desert battle was my battalion vs a Russian T-90 Brigade. Wow. The immersion seeing out that far just made the action all that more believable. Spotting enemy scouts 9 km out and being able to reposition to counter their flank probe ... I could never do that before. I'm going back and fixing the visibility in all my missions. Except the poor weather ones, of course. Steel Beasts Pro Team you did it again!
  14. In the M-1A2, I'd like the IVIS map in the F1 view to match the size of the map in F5
  15. Whenever I click a menu option, or after the game starts loading, the sound of a round loading followed by "UP!", or a tank engine revving up, or something.
  16. Well now I'm seeing it all the time! Maybe I just wasn't noticing it before...
  17. This happened toward the end of a mission. No AAR made yet. The enemy was actually kinda retreating and I was lining up my elements for a wall attack against the city. I was only playing from my tank's TC position throughout- using IVIS map for all my commands, never leaving except for an F8 view if there was something cool, which I'm usually too busy to notice. He was searching back and forth with his face. I don't think the other TCs did it, tho, just me.
  18. I'm just kidding. It's a nerd/interwebz term for using OBS to film anything you want onyour screen.
  19. I have been playing this for almost a year now... and I have NEVER seen this guy, my TC, head out of the hatch, lookin' around. But his eyes look like mine so he's either me or...
  20. Recording in the OBS app. It's an official US Army term you should know. Dude, do you even army? Actually no it's not.
  21. I have found that when I am OBS'ing my battle it is not as fun, I am not as tactical, and I do not enjoy the battle as much. Anyone else experience this? Or am I just weird.
  22. Just read Company C, Blackhawk Down, or ... that one USMC in ODS book. Incompetence is the grease of the military machine.
  23. Seriously! I tried turning my volume down on my speakers and it didn't help a bit!
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