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  1. Well, yes it's that, too. It occurs platoon wide when we are approaching our waypoint (usually Assault orders) but I start manually steering the formation just as we pass the action point. Everyone starts spinning, backing up, a wingman sometimes hauling off alone attacking the enemy solo. I typically lose half my platoon to engine or sideskirt shots when this happens.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Urban AI driving freak out- see below 3 x screenies of tracks that have driven irretrievably into walls. It can take 10 minutes to get units unstuck, if at all, while battles rage around us. AI accidentally driving off a bridge (rare, but has happened) I get. But clippping into a wall and getting stuck? URRRGH. The fourth image is of an Abrams turning around and pointing its engine compartment menacingly at an enemy that has engaged us. This occurs platoon wide when we are approaching our waypoint (usually Assault orders) but I start manually steering the formation just as we pass the action point. Everyone starts spinning, backing up, sometimes hauling off alone attacking the enemy. I typically lose half my platoon to engine or sideskirt shots when this happens. Thanks for explaining the 1) thingie tho. I just didn't know about that. I have RTFM'd but missed that.
  3. I'm just gonna chime in for emphasis that my two biggest wishes for the sim are: 1) Platoons that follow Company formations and/or infantry that you can order in platoons or companies instead of clicking every team 2) AI driving fixed. Urban corner and tight spot avoidance, tree avoidance, and not freaking out when it reaches the end of an Assault waypoint, or is ordered past it
  4. I discovered an exciting, new option using infantry. I've always wanted to do a rescue type mission, like in John Antal's Proud Legions and Team Combat, using Bradleys, M-113s or UH-60s. I finally figured out how: 1-In the mission planner, I place the helos or IFVs at their starting place. 2-I dismount their infantry. 3-I select all the infantry, right click, and select "Move to..." 4-I move them far away. Into a forest, a town, a valley, something like that. 5-I randomly (or smartly) smatter enemy forces around and between my main force and them. 6- Mission Objective? Clear out enemy forces to roll in and extract the lost infantry. 7- If you don't protect your infantry carriers (IFVs or Helos) you can't rescue them all. Attack by ground forces has to be complete. Giving the enemy lots of infantry makes this SO tricky because of how they move around during engagements. It makes battles so much more intense. Once "Taking fire" reports start coming in, you're listening much more intently, and babysitting the infantry carriers a lot more too. My $.02.
  5. Is there a setting I'm missing, or does anyone know about an app I could get for my in game contrast like the pic on top? The one below is a game screenshot, the one above is a Photoshopped for higher contrast pic. Video card is NVIDIA GeForce NTX 1070.
  6. I've always loved the look of Soviet tanks (until theT-14). So much more aesthetically pleasing. From the T-54 to the T-72 especially. The armor tiles kinda break up the lines but the form remains the same. But looks don't kill. 120.. depleted Uranium kills. And it's killed lots of T-72. Now I know, I know, the US Army hasn't fought a truly peer army yet and that then results will vary when/if they do. But still.
  7. Right? Maybe if we start programming gratitude into AI systems they'll be less likely to take over the World.
  8. I would like more Bradley TC hatch options, like the Abrams does. I was perusing one of my M-2/-3 Bradley books and noted the TC hatch has as many open options (including open protective) as the M-1 Abrams does. I hate that I can't see behind me when I'm offloading infantry while fighting in an urban environment .
  9. So we're wrapping up an assault on a town My wingman rolls past this BMP who at first looked dead, but is now swinging its big pew around at my wingman's grill doors. Override- go faster! "Gunner HEAT BMP!" "SABOT loaded!" I win the slew race, firing from the hip. And my wingman continues on without so much as a "Thank you"... like he coulda gotten the shot over his engine deck.
  10. A little M-60 Action. Only lost 1 tank assaulting a T-62 Company holding a town...
  11. Not gameplay videos, but very cool videos I found on YouTube today. These did not come up from a search; they were tank videos recommended by tank videos recommended by tank videos. Okay, first one is pretty 70s funny with the 70s scifi touch they try to add. Enjoy...
  12. I understand that having each and every tree project a shadow would kill the rendering engine. Buuuuuut... if some dark grass were just put around the base of every tree it would create a faux-shadow, and increase the realism of the graphics a lot with that little niche. ..
  13. ...and when I'm pressing "Q" as the TC I want the Vision Blocks to be one of the levels I stop and can look around.
  14. Probably already been said---but I wanna +1 the idea: Company formations. Assign platoons within a company and have them move in Company formations. Cpny CO can then order platoons to break off/divide to hit a flank, etc. I have read of company level movements where platoon leaders list of duties includes staying in the Company formation. Would make it easier when I'm working a Cavalry Troop, or just a big assault on a town or objective of some kind. Company formations. There. I said it.
  15. I just clicked this pic to make it my desktop background and lo and behold it's pointing right at the SB Pro shortcut.
  16. Okay. I feel both corrected, AND vindicated as of now.
  17. "Made in Korea" now means "Better Than "USA"?
  18. I've been searching for that video(s) and can't find it/them. That "ribbing" to hold on the SABOT looks just like what I saw as rings that flake off, superheated, and bounce around in the enemy vehicle superheated and killing or destroying everything.
  19. I just finished wiping out a Ruski battalion with a reinforced Company of US Ar-MURICA. Had a strange sense of deja vus... realized the Salisbury map is very similar to the old maps of Microprose M1 Tank Platoon. I can't put my finger on it- maybe it's the grass palette, the lack of tall grass, the town layout, I can't really put my finger on it. But it took me back and Salisbury Plains will be my reminiscing throwback map from now on.
  20. Penetration over ribbing, got it.
  21. I used to have a VHS Armor tape that showed the rings breaking off and superheating upon penetration, bouncing around inside the target vehicle and killing crew and igniting hydraulic lines and gun rounds. Seems it was a GD or official army video. Armor magazine has talked about it too. I don't have any specific references on hand as this is something I saw long ago. As tiome comes to me (lol) I'll look up and provide references but I'm pretty sure I've seen it in multiple sources.
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