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    M1117 Stryker

    Seven years I've been wondering what mischief was had.
  2. Launched a modern Russian brigade against a US Infantry-hvy Company (2xM-2A2 Pltn + 1 x M-1A1 Pltn) for to see what I could do. On the front line I wound up with 1 Abrams black on ammo against 2 T-80Us. Went full ramming speed hoping to take a track out or something but he outran me... then his shot damaged my suspension. Then his buddy killed me from behind. My section of 2 x M-2A2s in reserve stopped them .5 km short of their town objective. Not killed them, just took out their tracks or engines. Then real life called and I had to leave. But it was fun. Wish there was some kinda smell-o-vision so I could smell the cordite and burning metal and rubber. You know, scratch-n-sniff simulation? Can't be far off.
  3. I don't remember how this battle went anymore but I absolutely love playing the M-60 at times. Even though it's more closely matched to to its contemporaries the T-55 and T-62. I still lov e it!
  4. The chopper could have dropped off infantry to recon the enemy and then you could've flanked them. #derp
  5. TUSK for Abrams- as an add-on like the mine roller.
  6. My wife used to leave me alone during sim time, only to pop in with a "quick question" or other right at contact troops/the merge/Vampire! resulting in a sure virtual death. We separated and I thought I would get a reprieve. But NO! Now the kids do it. After a careful 30 minute road march, killing outposts and missile teams in ambush... "Contact! Tank!" "Engage" "Dad I have a question" "We lost a tank!" "Dad, just real quick!" "We lost another tank!" "Fine I'll just ask later." "BOOM" >Destroyed<. >GRRRRRRRR<
  7. But how many good men must die for that knowledge, Ssnake? How many good men- fathers, brothers, sons... men who could have been doctors, lawyers, politicians..... ..... I change my mind send in the infantry.
  8. ...and what did we learn...? Ummm... send infantry in to find the tanks, THEN flank them?
  9. Lol. Ya. I was just taken back when I saw this I had to post the shot. For some reason I'd thought night phases weren't in teh program (I don't know where I Got that). I had a battle at dawn and was so thrilled taking in the different effects I got waxed.
  10. I just discovered night missions.... Totally new experience!
  11. This was oddly fun. Watching my infantry rocket T-55s and T-72s in the face to flip their flapjacks... a simple joy.
  12. My wish is that when other tanks call out reports, like tanks sighted or something that they would identify their unit- "Alpha 3, Tank!" or "Bravo 2 PC!" I hate when I'm going through or pincering a town or forest and someone calls out a tank and I have no idea who spotted it so I have no idea who to order to do what. And how about a hole graphic for when a tank is hit but doesn't blow up? or even a scorch mark? It could even be a generic texture replacement. And for my third wish, (this is from the TC posit) I wish the gunner wouldnt insta-switch from a target he's hit and killed. It's just not realistic. The HEAT round hits, the enemy target blows up, or he doesn't blow up. But the gunner keeps the sight on him 3-5 seconds until he's sure the tank is dead. Did a HEAT round just trigger some ERA? Did the SABOT penetrate and kill or did it just stick? Have the gunner wait and see, even if the game logic has counted it as a kill. When my tank gets hit, how about my view slaps around some like it would in real life (maybe gets stuck staring at the turret floor), along with that that "Oof!" so it's more obvious that I've been hit, or killed. And rabbits? ARMA has rabbits. (joke)
  13. That better? It's my original M-1A1 model WIP. Plus, the M-1A1 drawing on my profile is my own hand drawn work.
  14. Hey Ssnake my emails to you are coming back undeliverable. And WIBU speaks pretty broken English, some of it's hard to understand.
  15. It's no Dx10 sim, but the FX are good enough for me to flinch/duck when this branch slapped me in the face.
  16. OK, Ssnake, I sent it. I think I got the right info emailed to you.
  17. >Sigh< I did not see my error. My son got me SBPro for Christmas. Good kid, raised him right. LOVE this sim. Anyway the 30 day license expired and the codemeter site shows my dongle activated, Codemeter Control Center says it's enabled, but when I click the Desktop icon (which worked for 30 days) I get an error window: ____________________________________________________________________________________ SBProPE64cm.exe Start ERror One of the following licenses is required: -CodeMeter <my firm code followed by 5 1s and 0s> Failure reason: CmContainer Entry not founf, Error 200. CodeMeterAct: <similar number of numbers looking like anotherfirm code> Failure reason: The Usage Period has expired - en-/decryption cannot be performed, Error 71 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Help would really be appreciated fast as I am seriously addicted to this sim. I started playing M-60A3s, which used to be manufactured down the street from my Grandma's house in Pittsburgh, worked my way up to the M-1A1 (there was a unit outside of Pittsburgh in the 90s) and M-2A2/3A2, and was just getting comfortable with the M-1A2. Thanks in advance, Fritz Gunter
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