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  1. Thank you so much @Major duck I appreciate it.
  2. Well guys I bought SB 4.1 I couldn't resist HAHAHAHA
  3. @stormrider_sp Hiii well I have one friend interested to play to this sim so at least we are four :)))
  4. @Nike-Ajax and @Colebrook thanks to both I'm going to try to carry at least one more member to this world hahaha
  5. Hola Colebrook muchas gracias por vuestras respuestas, decir que el inglés no es problema para mi, lo decía también por los horarios. Decir que menuda pena el haber perdido los grupos españoles de SB claro que esto se da porq la gente deja de jugar o se cansa sencillamente pero siempre es triste ver irse una comunidad. Mcuhas gracias por tu tiempo ojala salga algo.
  6. Okay, It's just guesses I'm not 100 percent sure if the have disappeared as a group. Thank you
  7. Hello, I'm Icat and as you can see I'm from Spain and first of all I would like to apolagize if what I'm going to post doesn't belong to this part of the forum, so I would appreciate if this post it's moved to the right side. Well and here it's my doubt or restlessness: I've been looking for a couple of days on the internet a group that is dedicated to steel bests, such as 3er Regimiento Tizona. But I'm afraid that they no longer exist as a group, becasue their page is down and in several days I have not been able to enter it. So here I am now, trying to know if the 3er regimento tizona still exists and to know if there is any other that will be active in this simulator. Thanks in advance to all, Icat.
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