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  1. For what it is worth, my next availability is July 3, 2022. Good hunting gents.
  2. OK. OK. I can't resist this one. (Damn - I start a trial Monday! It'll mean working very late Sunday . . . .) Where needed, please.
  3. OK. Saturday is a GO for me. I'll be there. No preference for missions (but the Normandy recon mission sounds interesting). I'm happy to TC or gun. Sunday is a no-go, sadly.
  4. Working again this weekend. Good luck and good hunting.
  5. Any Bravo unit or where needed, please. Some time freed up this weekend (and then I'll be working for the following weekend).
  6. I'll just jump out ahead this week and say I am unavailable for mission next 2 weekends. Real world work has come crashing down on me after the COVID pause.
  7. I appreciate the desire to form crews, but, as I am an example of, it is hard to commit to too much gaming in a weekend. I like the multi-crew and you're doing a great job at organizing. Summer is especially hard time to find time to game. Too many other obligations. Don't give up the multi-crew and platoon level missions.
  8. I'm NOT available this weekend. Good luck and good hunting.
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