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  1. Apologies. No gaming for me this weekend. I just don’t think I can be comfortable in a chair long enough to game this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be better next weekend. Good hunting guys!
  2. Any non-leader tank or PC, please. Recovering from a surgery and will be first day sitting in a seat for over a week! I do need some gaming time to assist recovery!
  3. Apologies, but, plans changed and I cannot game today. Good luck and good hunting guys.
  4. Normally I'd go where needed, but I'd prefer to just run one callsign this weekend, please. Apologies for short notice.
  5. Great game! Thanks to all and Hedge for patience as we got whacked pretty early!
  6. I'll take an ASLAV - where needed for those. Rounding out the callsigns. Thanks. EDIT: Change to FUCHs
  7. I'll have 3 hours that afternoon (US eastern time). Where needed, please.
  8. When confronted with awful life events, I remember, that "This, too, shall pass." This site is for a game, no responsibilities required here! (Except that I might drive the route and kill ALL of the enemy while drifting the entire time 🙂. . . .)
  9. I'm up for another run! Ideally after December 15, 2022. Can we get red & green livery, antlers, and bright red noses for the vehicle? Santa hats on the TCs?
  10. Can't make it until, probably, last 2 weeks of December. Good hunting, guys.
  11. Great game. Thanks guys! See you after the new year.
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