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  1. Apologies for late notice. Can't make it again this week. September is turning out to be a busy month. Sad.
  2. 42B, please. Best wishes to the flood-stricken! "Been there, done that" badge earned here in the Mid-West, USA. I know it is an awful experience.
  3. As the worst TeamSpeak user, I'm just glad I wasn't here to screw up the whisper lists. All this talk of wavy skirts makes me thing I missed the "awards show edition" of Kanium Sunday. So much fashion - so much flanking!
  4. Away from keyboard again this weekend due to those pesky, family events like high school graduation parties and a wedding! These people don't know what is really important, like gaming time! Sheesh. Good luck, gentlemen.
  5. Away from gaming until 27 June. Good luck guys.
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