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  1. Well, that is the first time I've ever been said to have precise gunnery! I am pretty good at spotting the mines, though. Second week in a row where I spotted the mines. That was a fun mission!
  2. Apologies for short notice, but, I will not be available this afternoon. Wife is feeling better, but still not up to driving kids around and housework.
  3. Good times! Thanks to the whole crew that participated. Happy New Year!
  4. As we all should be at 0200 on New Years Day! Happy New Year. EDIT: If by out you mean, asleep, then I stand by my statement. I'm getting too old to stay up until 0200 partying!
  5. I see Killer 2 PL, as my position, but, given the number of players committed so far, just place me in whatever unit that needs a body. Doesn't have to be scouts. I am semper Gumby.
  6. Conn, Sorry to hear - best to you and family in trying times.
  7. Apologies for late notice. I'm out of action this week. Good luck guys.
  8. "I guess it's easier to have one platoon with 3 players and one with two rather than one with 4 and one guy alone." So: A24 please
  9. OK. Household6 just told me that I've had change of mission (again) and I AM available tomorrow. I'll take A51 (and try to herd the recon guys) or A24 & platoon sergeant for Oakdesign.
  10. Change of plans for me: I won't be available. Apologies for late notice.
  11. By Sunday afternoon, our festivities will be complete. I'm available to game.
  12. Fun game today. Always a good day when I don't shoot a friendly!
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