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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This scenario is set during a modern take on the Suez Crisis. British forces are operating in the Sinai Desert in an effort to secure the Suez Canal. A mixed company, comprising of Challenger 2s, Warriors, infantry, and scout assets, has been tasked with securing a village in the desert. As a complete beginner to SB myself, I'd hope this scenario could be classed as beginner friendly. This can be played both single player and co-op multiplayer. The overhead view is enabled to make infantry command easier during capture of the town. Thanks to: ThomsonB and Apocalypse for their playtesting
  2. A couple of shots from some scenario creation I've been doing. I've been trying out SB for almost a week now and I was honestly blown away by the dust effects with the Challys firing onto the town.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies, folks - I didn't realise the top row of numbers were used for manual range calculation and locked in that way. What was interesting was that, on the M1A2, using 1, 2, etc. to select ammunition worked without issue. This only prevented ammo changeover on the Chally. The goal was to use the left hand for ammo selection to leave the right hand free for turning the periscope on the mouse and highlighting targets for the gunner. I can deal with using INS/DEL for ammo selection as a workaround.
  4. Hullo, after a bit of digging and help from Mirzayev, I'd like to make a bug report for the Chally 2. It's not particularly high priority as there is a workaround, and I know the Chally probably isn't the most popular tank, but it was an odd one to discover. I can sort out a video of the bug if this would be helpful. Version: SB Pro PE v4.250 What?: Challenger 2 loader will not accept an order to change ammunition type from the commander's position, either from the drop down menu or from key binds. When?: When ammo controls have been changed from the default. In this case, I'd changed ammo selection from 'Insert' and 'Delete' to '1' and '2'. Steps to reproduce: Change ammo selection controls to '1' and '2'. Workaround: Restoring to the default controls for ammo selection resolved the issue.
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