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  1. the 754th TF will like C Company. Me and another person (they may or may not be here so keep it there reserved for a few days)
  2. I honestly would love a Ukraine map if anyone could make one. Is there any map that could pass as a Ukraine map?
  3. Cheers, That was the main reason i joined this community, to learn and train myself a bit before i join so i can be that person who can excel and prove their worth in the vehicle.
  4. Not interested in our army, the working environment for my kind of people is a bit more rough.
  5. Well i plan to join the swedish armoured, so if you could assist me that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. You don't always need to reply if you find a answer. I am playing SB as a educational piece, just it has potential to be fun in the PE version as well as realistic. I honestly enjoy SB, this is just something that could improve. To educate along with having fun. WT does not do this. WoT is more fictional than realistic by tank series. Don't get me started on the RNG and health system. SB is my modern swedish armoured forces simulator. It is nice to get a hang of their vehicles internals before applying to even look at them. Just learning could be more enjoyable so when i do eventually go into
  7. Maybe see if the community is willing to get a server going, make it so there are 2-3 servers which people are running (Not SB) with set missions and people who feel like making missions for it. I would back this as a Australian and a CV 90 fan. This would likely require a discord server or some form of chatting application for people to communicate over and staff members in case some rogue person decides to kill all AT in your team with a IFV. I doesn't need to be active but the AI need to be set missions and we would need about 10-30 different missions in a loop and more added weekly. This w
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