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  1. When I connect to host it`s looses frame rate.Works great on it`s own.Nothing playing in back ground.Reboot did not work.
  2. Second day frame rate went to hell.When connect to host rate goes to 2.00 and lower?Turn down all every thing no joy.Works great one single player.Have 8 GB.
  3. The states need`s a VU.I want to see my flag there.
  4. Trying to program my j.stick,using the right hat for#+ key gives me Unity sight.I want toggel TIC.Any help?On controls pannel there is no Unity sight.
  5. Version 1.0


    This chart has the drivers possion on it.
  6. Is there a new Steel Beasts keyboard chart?
  7. Smitty


    This a second joystick I built.I use a second stick for driving only.The first stick is for turrent. Why I built the second one I cant stand punching the keyboard.I use a interface to controle the keyboard.
  8. Can any one guess where the blue wire goes?
  9. Tones of great photos.I`m looking for the springs.RAM controle has them,but wants a arm and leg for them.The photos there showed me the front area,which I did not see befor.Tring to build on the cheep. Thank`s Quagmire:biggrin:
  10. I build thies things for fun.This one is for my friend Gofer. They said that Steel Beasts could not take two joysticks. But I built one.Photo below.:biggrin: It took some time,sottering,building a c board.Placing all the bottons in the wright place.A verry fun project. Using the key board Sucks.Now I am lost with out it. The second stick is only for driving. My first stick is turrent duties.
  11. I seen your plans.How did it turn out when using.The main spring looks like a problem.Or should I say the only spring.
  12. I am trying to build one.I started with the star wars sight to get some ideals. The spring in this one is to loose.I ben changing springs tofind out which one is better.Will not return to center the way I want.
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