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  1. I am in, Wednesday or Thursday (or both).
  2. Thanks for the answers. Quite busy at work right now but I will definetly join some MP sessions.
  3. Hi, I am having some difficulties in the instant action sessions. Simply put, it takes at least 3 hits to be sure the target is not a threat anymore, basically when the T72 stops or is in flames. This takes some time and will allow some sneaky BMP-2 to have a shot at me with an AT-5... Looking at the AAR it looks like most of my shots are logged as "heavy damage". My question then. Do you fire twice at a target, solid hits, and switch or do you stay on the target until it's a piece a burning steel?
  4. Bonjour, Email envoyé à esim hier. Je te contacte via courriel.
  5. Thanks for the answers. @Gibsonm I watched the beginner's guides, I am neck deep into Steel Beasts partly because of that. @Stevo That would be great, my Dutch is maybe not up to the task though, I am French. 🙂
  6. Hey! New to Steel Beasts. I went for the timed licence to check if I would like this simulation, I let you guess the answer. I covered the M1A2 tutorials and keep on going through Byto and Platoon recon scenarios. I modified them to have M1s and let's go. Byto is survivable, getting crushed in the other recon but it's ok, one has to learn. See you soon on the forum.
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