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  1. Thanks to all who helped with this. We figured It out, It was an error on our part regarding the IP. We fixed It and have been having good fun with the game since then.
  2. Thank you for the help, I believe the problem Is because we're using a 192.168.X.X. style address from my computer. I will be on tomorrow to discuss further.
  3. Hello, my friends and I are new to Steel Beasts and we've just gotten Into the game and I am the only one that can host, we've run Into some problems where my friends could not see the server even though they have my IP and Its port forwarded. When they try and connect to the server all they can see Is join sessions, but there are no sessions to join. Any Ideas to what the problem could be? We've tried hamachi as well, but that doesn't work, as well as leaving the port section empty.
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