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  1. Ew... Yuk... It's one of those Scots Fiji's wagons...
  2. Nice! Wanna say thanks for making my skin specifically... I was on C/S 31 in Telic... All we need is the Rat on the TISH barbet and the Falcon on the turret... Hoof-i-tron! Jerboa on the TISH door, and Falcon just like in the real picture in this post...
  3. Ha! We affectionately called em "Cab rats"... If you moved the turret to the 10 o'clock, you (as the gunner) could kick them in the swad... Hehehe... I miss those days...
  4. Oh man... So wrong... So, so wrong... I know this lad as I served with em... We went out in Castle Martin and drank out of his prosthetic leg... Then he beat the crap outta a local and was getting done for GBH... Funny as feck... It was not an RPG at all... Some buallzy Iraqi put a shaped charge big enough to sink a frecken destroyer on the hull and blew it... If... Lets call em Steph-ahn was sitting in his seat properly he would have died... But, the lads got em out and now he's diffy a leg but prof'ed 2 houses and a couple of cars... Insurance... He's also still serving with 2 RTR in Shitwo
  5. Hmmm... Does not sound promising... Just as a ballistic idea of the pure power we had at our fingertips in '03 with the Chally 2 without giving away any OPSEC... We stopped using our (DU) FIN rounds and could fire the DST (FIN Training rounds) straight through Iraqi T-72's... Through the front armour, through the turret systems, through the power pack, out the back... We had to stop using them too because they were continuing to travel after hitting our targets in built-up areas, it started to get messy... I have seen DST rounds travel through 100m hills and still hit the center of the obse
  6. Was 2 RTR for almost a decade... Too bad my internet is so crap out here in this dusty armpit that is, well this place... Also left my blasted Dongle back home... Oh well 10 days until leave... Hey, did we ever get the Chally 2 into SB2??? I'll have to upgrade and see how accurate it is, if we did... I was asked some questions about it, but you know how that OPSEC shnit is... In Germany our German helpers down at the LAD weren't even allowed to look in the turrets even though they worked on the hulls, you know the nasty dirty bit us gunnery gurus looked at with disgust?... Anyways... Hope e
  7. Does anyone know how you could get the missions engine to go dynamic??? Is there a thread etc... Already explaining this... anywhere??? I'm trying to get BLUEFOR and OPFOR to continue fighting for strategic points? Tell both to hold the same town so they use units to funnel in and fight over it... etc... Maybe an example mission... Tried to tear apart the range missions and some others to no avail... Any help??? Cheers lads...
  8. "Seen" Heres an update for VISTA... In your search engine type: ProgramData One word... This should show it up and allow you to install maps etc... Make sure you choose advanced search options and allow the engine to find hidden folders... Alas Klar!?
  9. Roger you last mate... Still can't un-hide things, but I did find it anyways! Cheers for that...
  10. Version 1.0


    This is a Map that is a combination of Iraq and Afghanistan... a Heavy built up area, airfield, river, Allied Camp, Boarder, Port, etc... Are all modeled so far... As this is just a BETA, I will be continually adding to it. Also this will end up in a Mod package that will more then likely include not only Leopard skins but building and bridge skins as well. ENJOY!
  11. Your a legend mate... If you can make that happen... Here's some pics of the map...
  12. ANYONE??? I found that Ssnake had posted some info in German... Checked for the site links he left on how to find em in stupid VISTA but the links were dead... and Mine Deutch Ist Sehr Sheiz!!! Anyone got any ideas on how the "Windows built for mongs" un-hides hidden folders and allows access to this file area: COMMON_APPDATA: The directory containing application data for all users. A typical path is “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\eSim Games\Steel Beasts”. The COMMON_APPDATA directory contains Map files (Height and Terrain) Common (shared) scenario files ???????????????
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