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  1. I will give it a try. I chose a desert map and maximum visibility because seeing is learning. I'm not ready for Fulda Gap, but since I live there it is my goal to be good there one day.
  2. Visibility (in the weather settings) is set to the maximum, graphic settings are on standard. I have two screens, but SB runs on one only (resolution is 1920 x 1080).
  3. I run the game in German and I messed up the translation. It's "spawn if" with the random variable, not "embark if". I put serveral identical units all over the map and gave them random chances of being spawned.
  4. I'm very new to this game but had this strange thing several times already: When I turn out of the tank and pan my view sometimes the units disappear. They come back when I move the mouse sideways. Is this a known bug with a workaround?
  5. Thanks for your tips. I went with the "embark if" (see below) option and the third last radio button there (random number).
  6. Can I place opposing units randomly in the Scenario Editor or at least give them random waypoints (like in Arma 3)?
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