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  1. Hey, I‘m new and really want to get good at the game, but I‘m Not sure how to do this, I completed every tutorial for my desired vehicle the leopard 2A5/6, still spending a long time at the range to get good at shooting and my engagement time, but I can‘t complete any missions, I tried instant action but I die pretty much instantly before being able to kill an enemy, also I tried the „tanks! Again“ mission which seemed pretty straight forward but the same thing. First of all I just can’t spot the Enemy at all, I’m mostly unbuttoned with my binoculars but can’t see anything, I also try to use the TIM but I just loose situational awareness instantly and therefore am not able to really navigate through the terrain, so I get shoot at multiple times and have the Enemy marked at the map but still can’t find it and die. How should I progress, as it seems these missions are still to hard, but what should I do? Should I just simply try these missions, or similar until I get it? Greetings Spuky
  2. First of all thanks for all your replies, really appreciate it and didn't expected so many of them And your tips are all very helpful, I think I can work with that 👍
  3. Hey, I'm new to the game and am really enjoying it so far. However theres one thing I'm wondering, is it possible to designate a target to my gunner while I'm unbuttoned? Most of the time when trying to find targets I'm looking from outside with my binoculars because it just gives me the best situational awareness, however if I spot a tank the procedure to engage it is really time consuming, in my case (leo 2a5/6) I need to go down, select the TIM search there for the target I found, designate it with ARROW UP wait for the identify from my gunner, press the middle mouse button and then space bar to let him fire. This does work but it really takes ages where I could get shot too, so is it possible to get my gunner in the direction of the target so he fires or do I have to do the above procedure? Or maybe my procedure is wrong could also be the case Greetings Spuky
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