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  1. Awesome, awesome I see, i got a Logitech Extreem 3D PRO Joystick(and a Xbox alike controller) good for driving Dirt and such. But the joystick should be the better chooise i guess. Hope that helps a bit. And i run pretty tough games on this Gaming-Laptop, so i take my chances that it will work out And dropping, grapichs settings and stuff like that will help i think. Ahh yeah, thx just read the Screen resolutions replay 👍 (Consider one-year licenses a viable alternative). There is a pinned thread in this forum (Which license is for me).. I will go through that thr
  2. Hey ya all. A 45 years young NorseViking from Norway here.. Damn, a buddy of mine recommanded this sim to me.. So i thought i check it out. And i pretty fast got totaly sucked in here from some youtube stuff :) Looking like an awesome Sim.. Not been readying to much about it, just checked a few YouTube vids.. Gonna see a couple more ofc.. But i guess this is for both Coop play, multiplayer online play?? and Solo play, or am i totaly wrong here now.??? Anyways, i am really thinking about buy in on this.. A month for first to get a feel for it, if it is as cool and good a
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