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  1. Yep - that's it. Two seperate subscores. Hadn't thought of that.
  2. That's the way I saw it and did exactly that the 1st time. Doesn't work. See 1st post.
  3. Where is Survivors on the strength scoring screen. Everything says destroyed if I'm recalling correctly. So when I see % friendly destroyed I originally thought anything over 35% I would penalize for. Doesn't work that way. I tried it DA's way and it seems to work. Still confusing and even more so when I read the SB Pro Manual.
  4. I'll give that a try... Thanks
  5. I just don't get how strength scoring works so I'm just gonna ask how to set this up. If less than 35% of total friendly forces are destroyed I want to give the player 50 points. For every point over 35% I want to take away 1 point to a max of 50. Friendly forces are mostly tanks, a couple of scout hummers and a couple of trucks. I set baseline at 35% and max points to 50 Set to friendly forces destroyed Set penalty to 1 % I've played the scenario multiple times. In a number the friendly forces are completely wiped out well before the mission time limit. With all forces destroyed I still get 22 points. WTF!!!! It seems to me once 85% of forces are destroyed that ZERO points should be earned. Start with 50 and lose 1 for (85-35=50) ends up with ZERO. Not so it seems. So what's the deal? How do I set this up so that if the player loses all but 15% of his force he gets jack?
  6. :diable: Where the heck were ya...
  7. FWIW I could see big improvements in any type of real time wargame where one core handles the mechanics and the other the AI. Don't know if code like that could be written for a dual core processor but if not I've just got to ask - WHY NOT?
  8. And there in lies the very reason that the NATO/Warsaw Pact war never happened.My father was privy to war plans for various reasons. Around about '95 or so we had a talk about this when I claimed that NATO could not only have held but defeated the Soviets if they'd launched a mid 80's war. He told me that the NATO plan was never to go toe to toe with the Russians because all the studies said we'd get our asses kicked. If the Russians crossed the border they were gonna get nuked. We told 'em that thru various non-public channels and they not only believed it but knew it was true. The Germans didn't like it but what choice did they have?
  9. Version 1.1


    Eagle 6 this is Hawk 6 - approaching Area Alpha. Awaiting orders. Hawk 6 - Eagle 6. Good job gettin' there so fast. Deploy your unit and conduct a retrograde operation. Prevent enemy units from crossing into Area Bravo for at least 12 minutes. This will provide follow on friendly forces time to set up a hasty defense in BP Cobra. Be advised that a platoon of Leopard tanks from the 121'st PzrGren Bn Company E is in your area and is all that's of the force defending the entrance to the valley. They've been given your call sign and signal frequencies and are awaiting your orders. They're pretty beat up, low on fuel and have been fighting continuously for the past 18 hours. Hammer 6 - 3 tubes of heavy mortars have been assigned to you in direct support and are now on call. Enemy force is a Category A Soviet Tank Bn. They've been spotted coming right down the valley headed SW. These guys appear to be a fresh unit and consist of two companies of T-80s and one company of BMP's. Expect that they'll have heavy artillery and plenty of it in direct support of their attack down the valley. UPDATE: vs 1.1 Tweaked Time Limit, default blue plan, victory conditions, red units and plan.
  10. Yep...The real deal is a very quick bright flash accompanied by a quick thump and some smoke. 1st time I saw a TOW hit on a junk tank at Grafenwoehr I was really disappointed, same for HEAT and APDS. Shooting a truck or something where you can get at the gas tank is much more spectacular but shooting a TOW at a truck type target would be a major waste - especially if there were tanks in the area. Real LIFE. Not nearly as spectacular as Hollywierd.
  11. Version 1.0


    A Patrol on the Plains - ACW2 Scenario 2 Designed and Presented by MJ Andress - Werewolf Overall Situation: The secession of Montana resulted in US military forces entering the state to quickly suppress the rebellion. The 1st battle took place in Western Montana when the people of a small town chose to resist rather than bow down to the police state that the US Government had become. The battle was considered a tactical victory for the US but a strategic one for the Rebels as it resulted in the subsequent uprising of most of Montana's citizens. Now most of Montana's National Guard units have joined the rebellion. Many citizens have armed themselves from raided USA Reserve unit armories and have formed small bands of militia units determined to fight the forces of tyranny. Your Situation: You command a company of wheeled vehicles consisting of LAV's and Hummers. A small militia unit has been operating in the area to your east harassing military convoys moving troops and supplies into Montana from the Dakotas. The leader of this unit is turning out to be very effective both in conducting military operations and in raising troops and forming additional militia units. You have been tasked with taking your force into the insurgents' area of operation and destroying it with a particular emphasis on locating and destroying the command unit. The command unit is known to be in either the area known as Lawson's Compound or at Sutherland's Ranch. Satellite reconaisance has detected the heat signature of what may be a Bradley IFV but it's presence in the area is intermiitent. It is not known whether it will be in your area at the time of mission execution. The local insurgents have at their disposal a number of mortar units and are armed with RPG-7, Milan, AT-4 and Dragon AT weapons. It is important that you preserve your forces to the maximum extent possible. A pyrhic victory will do us no good.
  12. Along the same line - it sure would be nice to be able to set embark if on routes created while actually in game. Kinda like tellin' the 1st platoon leader go over there but only move to there if this happens.
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