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  1. just a reminder ... like when I was a kid and we would step on a "cockelbur" that fell from some kind of tree whose name I can't recall... but hurt like heck and reminded us to be careful where we stepped when going barefoot. shadows (pls excuse any spelling errors)
  2. Blender can import-export to many popular 3D modellers. 3DS, Lightwave, Dxf, etc etc. (20 different formats). I plan on starting with spacecraft design for another sim I use. Blender is an open source package with a large following. For a freebie, it looks impressive but what do I know, I haven't even loaded it yet. thanks again
  3. You actually answered my question. It appears from your reply, Blender can be used to model objects that "could be" imported to SB. I know I'd have to get a SB developer to import. The question had a multiple purpose. Another sim I'm using can import Blender files; I was wanting to pick a software that could be used with it And SB Pro PE (and maybe others I'm interested in) before I invest time to learn how to use it. Thanks and have a nice day
  4. Is the freeware Blender a modelling package that would work with SB? Its one of the recommended s.w. pkgs for a space sim I'm also engaged in. If I'm to engage in learning something new, I'd like to know what sims I play are compatible. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. I should have done that before I complained. I have not opened the Mission Editor or Map Editor since I got SB Pro PE. I built several scenarios in the old days of the original SB and posted a few here for download. I need to start exploring the editors but I'm just having too much fun battling in the single player scenarios for now.
  6. Thanks Sean for the links. I read them all. I have an issue with a scenario. The PzGren Assault (Leo2A5) winter.sce battle doesn't want to come to a conclusion even when I've done everything it asks of me. I captured the first Objective (the coords are not right by the way). Then I took Hoth (or maybe its Hoeth) and I crossed the bridge and set up camp with what meager forces I had left (one Leo, medic, FO, and XO Marder unit). I moved the forces back and forth across the bridge to be sure I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. The other forces (AI controlled) who were suppose to advance to a phase line to complete the mission never moved past a click or two south of Hoeth (or Hoth). I let the sce run for 24 hours ... no completion. This happened to me three times but I did not let it run 24 hours those times (including one with the Leo1). That really tarnished the record of my good gunnery User. What did I do wrong? Just an observation. ... and yes ... I've been playing on the easy setting. I'm cranking it up tonight to Medium. ... think I'll move on to another scenario.
  7. Dang these single player scenario's are tough. I'm getting some wins but I'm probably losing 60-70% of my battles. Its Not a complaint. Its A compliment to the scenario designers who stuffed SB Pro PE with these excellent stock (and classic) scenarios. (if I was winning a lot I'd be less happy ... a real challenge it is to fight these battles) By the way what does the Difficulty level do? I looked in the manual but didn't see a section on it. The answer could be in there but I saw nothing obvious.
  8. What affect does the gunnery rating have on the accuracy of gunners in scenarios? I read on the gun range description that gunnery rating will set the rating for (all) the gunners in friendly MBTs. Is it only for the gunner in the tank you occupy or is it actually all gunners on your side? also, is the "hit percentage" affecting anything or is it just a running score of how you are doing when you man the gunner's position in scenarios? (I did a quick search before I posted this and found no good replies ... please forgive if its already here somewhere and I missed it) thanks and have a nice day
  9. What affect does the gunnery rating have on the accuracy of gunners in scenarios? I read on the gun range description that gunnery rating will set the rating for (all) the gunners in friendly MBTs. Is it only for the gunner in the tank you occupy or is it actually all gunners on your side? (it implies its for all gunners on your side of the battle) also, is the "hit percentage" affecting anything or is it just a running score of how you are doing when you man the gunner's position in scenarios? thanks and have a nice day
  10. Hank

    Teamspeak Problem

    Is the latest Teamspeak version used here 3.0.6? I'm 'fraid to say, I've never used TS. Back in the early days of SB I tried it but my puter just would not cooperate so I used typed comms during Multiplayer games. Are there any threads for TS newbs to view? I did a search and did not find any newbie TS threads. I've been to the TS website so I'm getting prepared to jump into the TS world. it will be a weeks or months before I try MP, I'm still having too much fun with Single player games but the day is coming when I'll want to do some MP battles. I don't want to be a burden to my team.
  11. So, if I have a MBT stuck in a mud hole and I have one of these on hand: Bottom line if you want something repaired, park it next to a M-88A1 MRV, Wisent MRV, M113 Repair or Ural-4320 Repair, ((not a M113 G3 / ENG)). ... I may have a chance of pulling it out of the mud? Or does it just repair things? Just a simple question, not an attempt at determining who is an engineer and who is not. In my world if you have a four year degree in civil, mechanical, electrical, or chemical, and you have a license to stamp drawings, you're an engineer, a professional engineer. Please excuse if I offended anyone with the previous post. No offense was intended.
  12. I was wondering ... can an engineer repair unit pull a tank from a swampy mud hole? In the Byto sce's 2 and 3, I got two Leo's stuck in a hole. I tried and tried to get them out but its impossible; its almost like quicksand. They'll even slide sideways down into the hole. (intended as humor ... but, just thought I'd ask)
  13. I was doing some research here before starting another scenario. I saw the request for shadows a few days back and looked again at the comments. On landscape with a lot of grass and ground cover its not too obvious if you're not looking for it. But on desert terrain with bright sunlight its very obvious. It does not kill my love for the game but it would be very good to have shadows. It connects objects to the ground. I play for the tactical / sim value. The graphics are great already but shadows would be a huge addition. In the old drawing board days, I did a lot of architectural renderings and calculating how shadows fall on ground and nearby buildings; it was tedious work to get it right. But it really makes a drawing pop out at you. (not to mention reflections in glass and water) ... of course the 'puter does all that for you now. have a nice day
  14. Nice thread. Is the trend moving toward front engine MBT's or AFV's ... like the Merkhava? I wonder how reliable the autoload mechanisms are for large rounds like what MBTs have. There was a tank in development in the US (I saw in a video) which I've read has been scrapped, that was a very low profile two crew tank with autoload cannon. I know autoloaders can be made reliable for smaller rounds but a 120mm is pretty large and heavy. I could search for this stuff but I thought I'd ask those who are in the know.
  15. I assigned the "Y" key to this and it works for me very well. I've gotten used to the different methods for the TC to assign targets to the gunner with this key and the shift+up/down/left/right arrow keys. It sounds like we've almost got this one figured out. I like the differences in the Leo 1 and 2's now.
  16. I don't have a precise answer but when I have my head out and I'm looking right at ~2 o'clock and see a target, I hit the Shift+right arrow key to tell the gunner to slew right ... I'm I'm looking more toward 3 to 4 o'clock I hit it again to get the turret slew further right (or clockwise). All the while hoping he Identifies what I see. I mainly wanted to say, I'm learning a lot from this thread. One of my problems is I'm using a two button marble mouse (no middle mouse button). I'm heading to the 'puter store to get one of the newer marble mice with more buttons. have a nice day
  17. Edit time ::: I did not understand that you had to hold the TC palm switch down to slew the turret, dragging the turret around. I thought I could look in a specific direction (other than where the turret was pointing) and hit a key and the turret would slew to my view point. this is how it is with the Leo 2s. ... one reason why I like the Leo 2's. I can scan for targets; when I find one I can hit a key and the turret will slew to what I'm looking at. thanks a bunch for the help
  18. Thanks to all I don't have the Joystick set as preferred. But, I don't really plan on using it. I tried using the joystick way back in the ancient days of SB1 and could not shoot as well as with a marble mouse and keyboard. Also, I play a lot from the map when I'm playing single player ( which is a not too often mention gem of this game ... commanding from map view is a lot of fun IMHO ) and its easier for me to jump between units, views, map, etc. with the keyboard/mouse. I've been playing with what Eisenschwein said. I think I've figured out what he means and I think it is a good way to operate as the TC. But, I'm not sure I'm doing it the way he described. I either use the Q and Z keys to pop my head out of the hatch and use the Shift + left, up, right, down arrow keys to tell the gunner to rotate the turret. OR, I use the F4 key and look out the copula openings and do the same (except this way you get rotated with the turret and lose sight of the target until you can move to an adjacent portal). Is that right? It seems to work good popping your head out the hatch ... at least till I get my head taken off. ... and the gun sure sounds good with your head out thanks again ... having a blast I am
  19. I had a thought after reading another thread about having a joystick and mouse/keyboard hooked in. I have a cyborg I use for LOMAC FC2 and IL2 flight sims. But to no avail, I tried using my joystick for TC control in the Leo 1a5 to scan and pass off targets to the gunner. I could not get it to work with any combo of keys, mouse picks and joystick buttons. .. I'll admit it may be that I don't read German very well ... a handicap of mine. ( I have thought of getting some language software to help ) I can scan around then rotate back and lock the gun to my TC reticle and force the turret to a target; but that's too slow. Its not a big deal right now, I'm having a blast playing my first low light sce "Advance to Contact" ... a user sce. I just thought I'd try it. As of now, I just play as gunner when I want to play a Leo 1a5 game. thanks
  20. I managed through a Leo 1A5 sce last night. I noticed in the control keys there was no key assigned to Leo1 palm so I mapped it to the Ctrl key. I have an almost stock control setup (reminder to me, when I get home from work to export that stock setting before I mess it up too much). I was able to hold down the Ctrl key and do some scanning with it held down and use the up and down keys to lock and unlock the turret slew. But not nearly as good as the Leo2s. Hope it gets fixed. Is it possible to fix it with controls tweeks? Something the user can just change? thanks to all ... have a nice Monday
  21. I just tried to TC in a Leo 1A5 and it is very difficult. I can't figure it out either. I did not realize the 1 series and 2 series were that different. Sorry for the misinformation. I hope someone can shed some light on how that one works.
  22. Hope I can help. I'm new and old to SB. OOPS, I just checked and the Leo 1 series does not work the way I've described below. The Leo 2 series does seem to work as I described. I jumped the gun a bit. Sorry for any confusion. I'm going to delete the post to avoid confusing anyone. My TC controls relative to slaving the gun to the Peri seem to be working ... for the Leo 2 series mbts. I'll check out the Leo 1. Right now I'm using a mouse and keyboard. ... Hope that helps.
  23. Thanks Sean That did it. It says two licenses ... same as the dump file. I'm good to go. ( I didn't think to look over there in the sys tray ) And I must say ... awesome. I had forgot how much fun the original SB was. I played it off and on since it came out up to about a year ago. SB Pro PE has advanced so much. I played a sce yesterday that had helos ... I did not think to click on it until I had destroyed quite a bit of the opforce. Then I found out I could jump to it. That was a blast riding above the battlefield on a Hind. I got to get more seat time now to learn all the new stuff. Thanks to all for the help
  24. thanks for the help Not sure how to run the CodeMeter Webadmin but, I found a CmDust-Result file and under the heading Dump of CmContainer there's a couple of lines that say: License Quantity (Dependency 0x07) 2 ... ==> License Quantity: 2, Network Mode: UserLimit NoUserLimit Exclusive StationShare Is this an indicator of having 2 licenses? tutorial? What's that ... ;-) Fun it is
  25. the old manual did the trick. I just forgot the sequence and button combo to lase lead shoot. ( lase and blaze ) Still looks wonderful
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