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  1. Hi there I would recommend learning the Sim vehicle by vehicle and getting into the online play asp. The community are quite forgiving and can offer lots of advice. Good luck!!
  2. What it is and what it is doing!! Plus the time should always be an actual time not 2 mins ago etc as this will stick with the report as it is reported onto higher formation nets and can also be used as a reference.
  3. Hi Nike as a former Combat Net radio user and instructor I agree all reports should be given in a specific format, this helps not only the sender but also the receiver as they both know what is expected. May I offer an example contact report card which is the format that the British Army use.
  4. The document that you copied the the Tabular orbat from has a comprehensive list of units listed in text. The orbat that you posted is inaccurate in that both 4th and 7th Armoured Brigades were "Armoured" and not Armoured Inf/Mech Brigades. As well as the fact that a whole Armoured Battlegroup, The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars is missing from 7th Armoured Brigade. But as an example, its not bad, but still inaccurate!!!
  5. So at 1.21 in the video supplied we shall break into song using the following lyrics. I'm a soldier in the Queen's Army I'm a galloping Queen's Hussar I've sailed the ocean wide and blue, I'm a chap who knows a thing or two, Been in many a tight corner, Shown the enemy who we are, I can ride a horse, Go on a spree, Or sing a comic song, And that denotes a Queen's Hussar. There you are if need be we can have a practice on TeamSpeak before the mission starts LOL
  6. And anyway, how do you know I'm called killer?? That was from a long time ago and was never ever proven!!!
  7. Not at all, the point has been made and that is sufficient. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for posting this Hedgehog. Later when I get home I will post the words that go with this music ie The Queen's Royal Hussars regimental song. Then we have till Sunday to learn the words and practice so we can "Charge into the valley of death" in true Hussar fashion.
  9. For your information. The 4th Light Dragoons, later called the 4th Queen's Own Hussars and the 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars both took part in this Glorious military disaster. They were later (1958) amalgamated together to form The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, the regiment that I joined in 1980. Then in 1993 The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars Amalgamated with the Queen's Own Hussars to form the Queen's Royal Hussars who I served with until 2003.
  10. Hi again not wanting to distract from your post that is why I removed my last post. However an incorrect post like yours, which does not include the names of units which took part in this campaign can cause offence. Specifically to those that served in the omitted units. Just saying
  11. Hi Breakthrough The ORBAT that you have posted, is this supposed to be an accurate reflection or is it a modded ORBAT for your scenario?? The reason I ask is you have 1UK Armoured Div listed with two Mech/Armd Inf Brigades and some of the tank units rerolled into Recce or even not listed.
  12. As one of my former Squadrons it would be an honour to crew a CR2 please.
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