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  1. Hi for our Brothers in Arms over the ocean please follow the link. https://www.facebook.com/britisharmy/videos/266811314551024
  2. That would be cool. Thanks
  3. Hi Mark thanks for the prompt response. I would presume its a little late now so perhaps tomorrow would be better. best regards
  4. Hi all I attended an online brief yesterday about how the British Army are using disaggregated training using online simulations. It was quite an eye opener considering I work in that field and was totally unaware of quite a large project called "Fight Club". They are a group of academics, military and gamers who are using whatever sim they deem fit in order to practice the art of wargaming. At the moment I have downloaded a demo version of Combat Mission Shock Force 2 (CMSF2) which is one of their Sims of choice. My questions to this community are: Are there any others here that are aware or are participants of this group? I do believe this is all open source and is gaining quite a momentum. Are there any other users of CMFS2 who could give general advice on how it works?
  5. Hi my favourite from way back when, early to mid 90s, has to be M1 Tank platoon by Micro Pose using the Amiga 500 as a platform. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJG487uW8wY
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