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  1. When using Sim products as opposed to real CNR, we tend to use "SimSpeak".
  2. Hi there so one of my jobs at work is entering ORBATS into our Simulation system. Again to get around classified ORBATS and the fact that it is not known who the next adversary is we use GENFOR templates. These are available for all forms of conflict from High intensity right down to terrorist cells. I might add that the templates used are mandated by NATO so they are quite comprehensive. If you were to give me an idea of what type and level of enemy you would like I can see what I can do to help. So having a quick look on the internet I found the following "Unclassified" document which backs up my earlier post. https://wss.apan.org/3084/Decisive Action Training Environment/DATE_3.0.pdf I have not drilled down into all the detail but if the actual vehicle types and quantities aren't listed I can help with that. The document would also help with setting the actual scenario narratives.
  3. Hi again so I think I have managed to create a "Discord" account my 4 fig number is 6986.
  4. Hi MD I have registered an account with Discord however it all seems a little daunting at first. With regards to my TeamSpeak issues they sorted themselves out after a while, could it of been the case that as I had TeamSpeak open as a standalone program and Discord open it was two instances causing issues??? Anyway once again thanks.
  5. Thanks to all for allowing me to participate. I had a lot fun and would like to do more "events" Regards Irish
  6. Good to see your still with us!!!
  7. Hey you old Sasanach!! How you doing???
  8. Ha I will be on holiday in Germany!! Maybe I should drive by and pick up a hard copy LOL
  9. So in my office at work I have the misfortune to work with x 3 Ex SMIGs (Sergeant Major Instructor Gunnery) from the British Army. One of the main limitations of using bomblet is if your friendly forces are intending on occupying there ground where the Fire Mission landed. Although the bomblet is designed to self detonate after a specific time there is a very high % failure in this and can therefore pose a significant danger to your own Troops.
  10. Hi all anyone going to ITEC 2019. Just got my travel authorisation sorted. Would be good to meet up. KT???
  11. Hi there can anyone please let me know what type of media file is required for input into the control logic menus??
  12. Hi again having not crewed the Shot Kal either in real life or in virtual I thought I should have some range time under my belt. I have discovered some important info which should be dispersed in that the cents HESH graticule in Sim is not that aligned to the modelled ballistics. ie, Tanks positioned at a range of 1000m on the map are hit with applying 875m on the graticule, 1500m = 1100m - 1125m and 2000m = 1250m-1275m. In any case Hesh gunnery, in those days, nearly always required bracketing etc.
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