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  1. Is there any mileage in myself asking for a server licence as it seems there are no active participants in the UK running with one at the present time??
  2. That was the Badger, obviously I couldn't increase the smart ammo count till I made room, thanks
  3. Having read through the releases notes I see the intro of new smart munitions. My question is how does one access these? In the mission editor in some equipment it lists them as a munition choice but the quantity set as 0??
  4. Had my garden refurbished over the winter just topped it off with my new "Tiger Tank" robot lawn mower!!!
  5. Small panels of different shapes are often used on tank ranges to indicate the different lanes and the various firing points (bounds). Who knows maybe we will even get range targets in the futre 😉
  6. Thanks and good luck to the whole team at eSim.
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