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  1. Hi could I please reserve C21 - Irish Hussar, C23 - Connaugh and C24 for Major Duck.
  2. RIP Sir Mente et Manu God Save The Queen!!
  3. Could I please crew 1/II/PZAufkl. 2/11 ? Could you also place Major Duck in the Plt Sgt's Tank?
  4. Joke, please remove if found offensive!! War in Europe! The Russians mobilised and invaded Poland and the Baltic states. The EU responded by mobilising their armed forces. Well, they would have mobilised them but first they needed to approve the weapons and ammunition that the armed forces would use. After an emergency meeting of all twenty-six states it was discovered that there was enough ammunition for the German Army to create a defensive line on the West Polish Border. However, this meant that there would be an unequal distribution of ammunition to other member states.
  5. With the advent of TerraSims world map sever, does Esim have any plans to utilize their services?
  6. Not sure if this has been asked for but the ability to filter in the AAR. ie apply filters so you can see only the reports for a given set or individual person or vehicles.
  7. Is there any mileage in myself asking for a server licence as it seems there are no active participants in the UK running with one at the present time??
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