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  1. Hi most indirect shoots are above 3000m, in order to get the elevation required you cannot in use your graticle pattern or balistic aiming marks. On the real vehicles you would then use equipments like a quadrant fire controllers which allow you to find the true horizontal level of the gun barrell and there after apply measured angles of elevation. This then gives you the ability, after accessing the fall of shot, to apply measured corrections in order to bring accurate fire onto the target. In this sim we dont have that pysical equipment so true semi indirect or indirect fire is not really possible.
  2. Hi are any of you guys travelling to this event??
  3. Thanks MD, I can confirm my intention to take part this week!!
  4. Hi having sorted my map issues, reinstall along with map installer, I now have the correct map I will be attending tonight!!
  5. Hi Im trying to connect to the Kanium TS channel but I am getting an error returned, it is a while since I have joined. Have you moved channels as I can join the Steelbeast channel ok??
  6. What time??????? lol lol in fact LMFAO
  7. Ha gotcha!!! Cut from another thread but your words, "4. Steel Beasts is a tool for a - gunnery and crew procedure training; here, the accuracy of armor models is of lesser importance" Only joking!!!
  8. At the end of the day this is a wish list, a place to ask for future inclusions! Your reply is a balance of argument against that request. Thank you, I understand you argument but I dont personally agree with you. "It's also possible to play music with a saw, but no saw maker will start redesigning the tool based on the input of musicians." Bearing this in mind how tools are designed to be used and thereafter how they are used could be classed as intelectual developement. To hinder the use, albeit for unitended applications, is akin to burning books, well nearly. The use of the items requested is not even non millitary specific and Im sure the time to implement it is thousand times shorter than getting an individual to change his mind.
  9. Q1. WHY would anyone possibly want to combine the disadvantages of live firings with the disadvantages of virtual gunnery? A1. I would like them included in order to make realistic range scenarios. Q2. You can have realistically looking targets for free. Why replace them with crude cardboard cartoons? A2. If virtual scenarios can be made to look realistic against a mandatory task that he has to do in the real world then they have value. If nothing else SB could be used in its basic form as a "Troop Fire Control" trainer saving thousands of pounds for the Army by bringing Troop/Platoon size units upto speed with economic use of ammunition. Q3. I thought we were training for combat, not other training events. A3. In todays modern Army soldiers do train for many events other than Combat. In my 23 years service, 1979 to 2002 a did more annual firing camps and training events than I did war fighting from my tank. With that experience I can assure you that using SB Pro and PE as a training tool for range periods/annual firing camps would be a very useful tool. Also a soldier in todays army has his ability to command an AFV measured, in part, by his performance on the range. I do see your point about the degradation of the simulation from a tactical trainer to something of lesser tactical input. I disagree with that point as I am not asking you to delete anything but just to add a facility that is already built. Can I ask who and how these "crude cardboard cartoons" were justified for the Professional Edition??
  10. How about range target screens??? I would like that feature transfered from the Pro Version to the PE version please??
  11. That's an awefull lot of Senior NCOs per each Plt!!
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