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  1. Hi again having not crewed the Shot Kal either in real life or in virtual I thought I should have some range time under my belt. I have discovered some important info which should be dispersed in that the cents HESH graticule in Sim is not that aligned to the modelled ballistics. ie, Tanks positioned at a range of 1000m on the map are hit with applying 875m on the graticule, 1500m = 1100m - 1125m and 2000m = 1250m-1275m. In any case Hesh gunnery, in those days, nearly always required bracketing etc.
  2. Hi if possible could I have Comd of a Tank please??
  3. I intend to make this event but have some realtime issues that are conflicting. 50/50 I will be able to resolve these distractions and hope to get my boresighting done by 1745hrs on Sunday.
  4. Graffenwehr Map

    Reme useless LOL
  5. Graffenwehr Map

    Thanks for the reply, the Map I'm looking for is not listed. I was hoping someone had produced it as an "After Market" map. That is unless it is contained in another map with a different name of course. Regards Irish Hussar
  6. Graffenwehr Map

    Hi all I'm looking for a map of the Grafenwehr Ranges/Training area in Southern Germany. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere but a quick search through the downloads doesn't show anything. Regards
  7. New WW2 Armour simulation.

    That was the problem with Market Garden, they couldn't "Get down that road" ;-)

    So with ref to the blue ORBAT, am I right in saying the Armour unit in the 1980s would've been the 8th Canadian Hussars???
  9. F4 vision blocks view with binoculars enabled

    As a Challenger 1 loader/operator I used to assist the gunner and commander in acquiring targets by looking through a small civilian set of Binos through the x1 loaders periscope. It has a practical usage in the real world, not too sure about in sim world??
  10. Best music for PRE-combat ?

    In Gulf War 1 my crew and I went through the breach with Cliff Richard blasting out from the intercom, singing "were all going on a summer holiday". There did seem to be something more suitable ;-)
  11. Mouse gone

    I had this problem ages ago, Posted August 10, 2016 · Report post I also had this problem. I fixed it by going into the controls menu and selecting or deselecting joystick. Hope this helps.
  12. A visit to Spain

    Congratulations to Esim, this could be a very important milestone. Hope other nations sit up and take notice.