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  1. I am available this weekend, where ever you like MD. I have just spent two weeks at the heart of the Heavy Panzer Training area in Sennelager and after reading the book Tiger Battalion 507 feel honoured to be walking the very cobbles they trained and formed up on!!
  2. Sorry to disappoint you all but I don't go away until Mon 25 Apr. I come back on Mon 09 May so unless something else gets in the way I am still available 😉
  3. Lt Gen Henry Lord Paget was in Command of Wellingtons Cavalry at Waterloo. He is famous for after having his leg shot away by a french cannonball he is credited with saying to Wellington " "By God, sir, I've lost my leg!", to which Wellington replied "By God, sir, so you have!" In True British tradition the leg was buried with full military honours.
  4. Not even the RTR call themselves "Tankers" Sarge!! Sarge, Sarge!!, do you mean sausage???
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