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  1. So just to clarify a few points for you. SB Pro PE models the Challenger 2 tank, Operation Granby units used Challenger (1). The FCS are drastically different between the two vehicles. I can't give much informed input about CR2 FCS as I only used it for a short time over 20 years ago however on Challenger 1 I know the facts inside out. Challenger 1 when firing Hesh would give you a full balistic calculation out to 9999 metres. Further out you could use the Quadrant Fire Control (QFC) out to 14500ish.
  2. Hi tanks for your patience, yes I will hopefully be back online for Sundays mission.
  3. I am available this weekend, where ever you like MD. I have just spent two weeks at the heart of the Heavy Panzer Training area in Sennelager and after reading the book Tiger Battalion 507 feel honoured to be walking the very cobbles they trained and formed up on!!
  4. Sorry to disappoint you all but I don't go away until Mon 25 Apr. I come back on Mon 09 May so unless something else gets in the way I am still available 😉
  5. Lt Gen Henry Lord Paget was in Command of Wellingtons Cavalry at Waterloo. He is famous for after having his leg shot away by a french cannonball he is credited with saying to Wellington " "By God, sir, I've lost my leg!", to which Wellington replied "By God, sir, so you have!" In True British tradition the leg was buried with full military honours.
  6. Not even the RTR call themselves "Tankers" Sarge!! Sarge, Sarge!!, do you mean sausage???
  7. Its not my month, Jan 22, first my 2 week trip to Canada is postponed then my week learning VBS4 is cancelled. Hopefully the new bike will still be delivered on Fri and also I will now be able to participate on Sun!! Anywhere in A2 please??
  8. Unfortunatly I cant make this week as am travelling to our land warfare centre to take part in a VBS4 administrators course.
  9. Please confirm this is not the case, ie we are not using this Sweden map and we are using the map that is in the mappack just east of Fallingboestel?? Kanium Sunday 12th of December OPS Lohen, by SwordsmanDK IMPORTANT !!! We are using a new mappack this Sunday. We dont usually do this but this is an exception. This is the link for it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FoHfmTB93u-mjtIJ8bXchOOkh-Hw5Oqf/view?usp=sharing
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