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  1. Wow had no idea they were added awhile ago! Thanks!
  2. I'll say it again: On map artillery and AAA 3D modelled guns!
  3. I’d be more than satisfied if additional map objects used the existing footprint of objects of similar size and design. I.E. houses, factories and apartment buildings. Just give us different skins with more variation on existing objects! Even some color variations would be great in breaking up the repetitiveness…
  4. Ok that must be it then. Is there anyway to get the Map editor to use more memory?
  5. Hmmm... Is it possible now that the new terrain engine is running out of memory on the Map Editor? Oddly enough, the same map in the Scenario Editor with all units also added does not have this issue...
  6. Can anyone advise as I haven't tested them extensively yet... Can a mine plow Abrams push or destroy the barrier or can they be destroyed by cannon or .50 cal fire in order to clear a breach? Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Tired this and it works but still having same issue.... Never saw this before the 4.1 map update.
  8. I had completely reworked this awesome map and scenario from satellite imagery. I added the proper roads, Highway 8 and overpasses and made them into strong points based on the book Thunder Run. Added the new buildings, gas stations guardrails and even traffic signs all based on what I could get from photos and google earth. Added civilian traffic (cars) travelling and parked and recreated the Raid as historically accurate as possible, almost from scratch. Unfortunately, I never saved the map file, so my scenario which I was still working on, was not useable after the upgrade to 4.1. Daskal created an excellent map for its time but so many new objects have been added which really add to the playability. His work on the newer map seems dead so I would like to continue the effort! The map is an excellent foundation for me to work from and the overpasses themselves lend to some excellent strategic options as hardpoints. I would really like to be able to rework this map again but am running into this mysterious blue area and can't seem to resolve it... In the meantime, I'm methodically working on a historically correct Operation Curly from the existing map and am completely changing the map based on satellite imagery (since it's one of the few sections of the map that doesn't have this blue area).
  9. It's an import of Daskal's Baghdad.flat map and converted to a new Map Package from the .terr file.
  10. Nope looks like it's Dead in the Water unfortunately....
  11. Why is this happening on my Map that I'm trying to edit and how do fix it?
  12. Doah....! You're Right! Now I remember converting the Map in the Mission Editor last time! Now I can't locate the Old Legacy Baghdad Flat.Ter map... Anyone know where I can find it? I have installed the Legacy Maps converter. Thanks!
  13. I have the SCE in the "My Scenarios" folder but can not get it to show when trying to open in the map editor. Reinstalled this sim on my new PC. It's been awhile since I've converted an old Legacy Map so does anyone have a suggestion on what I need to do? Thanks!
  14. I would love some additional and updated sounds! Seems we still have the same flat audio and voices from the original SB...
  15. Very Nice! Loved your original scenario! Do you still have it posted for DL? Would love to give it a "Run" again!
  16. What's the best option as I have dozens of now incompatible maps to convert? I don't really want to have to go through 40-50 scenarios to hand edit them/convert them... I'd rather convert a few key ones I was editing and start over! Should I uninstall and reinstall SB to the latest version and if so will it add any "New" compatible scenarios or should I delete my entire scenarios folder and start over? I also see there's a newer "Maps" installer and a "Legacy" maps installer which one do I need to install or do I need both? Thanks!
  17. Sounds Great! Will the release announcement be posted her in these forums?
  18. I'm still hoping for untowed non Technical mounted/non SPA, Artillery and AAA guns! Any scenario involving N Korea would have to include a couple million of these... LOL!
  19. Any Ideas when the new Terrain Engine will be released?
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