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  1. Thanks! I will test it out! Can roadway guardrails also be curved to match?
  2. I'm really interested in experimenting with all the different options in setting Victory and Failure conditions for scenario's but all of the tutorials I've seen are only on how to build a basic mission/scenario. Is there a repository somewhere where all of the scenario END state conditions are explained and possible options for same given, with regards to Victory and Failure and how the points are distributed. Thanks!
  3. Would love to! But would look silly sitting on some of the roofs...
  4. Agreed. I really need parked/stationary civilian cars available as a static object instead of a Unit... Is there anyway to remove the drivers in such objects or at least default them to civilian dressed drivers in civilian vehicles?
  5. Yes very nice... Now if we can just get a ground based version
  6. Ok, so in order to add additional "Neutrals" I guess I will have to switch to Purple now?
  7. Here you go Baghdad Raid_updated(My Version)RED Update_autosave_2015-03-31_2234.sce
  8. Trying to Edit an old mission..... For some reason I'm unable to add any new units at all when I switch to the "Green" side in the ME. It's been awhile since I've edited missions and for the life of me am stuck with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. The stand alone AAA Guns or the technical w/ .50 cals.? I've seen and used the technical w .50 cals but not the stand alone AAA/ FLACK Guns?
  10. I would love to see more SP Scenarios'... I know I can make my own with the excellent mission editor but lose the element of surprise when you know exactly what's going to happen and when...
  11. I would love to see stand alone non-self propelled artillery and AA guns as well as AA guns mounted on pickups (technicals).... A simple Technical with a AA gun mounted on the bed could be very dangerous to light skinned AFV's and other vehicles!
  12. Any news on release yet? Really interested in the improved Highway ON/OFF ramps . I'm remaking the scenario with a lot more accuracy (satellite imagery etc) creating civilian vehicles and adding a ton of random events to ensure the same mission never plays twice!
  13. Nope, I did a brand new install and pointed the install to my (X86) folder in my Program Files. I deleted the game first from my regular Program Files Folder first. You shouldn't have a problem deleting and reinstalling as long as your doing it on the same PC you purchased the license with.
  14. Object request: Highway overpass, curved, "ON" Off" ramps.
  15. Just a Heads up on how "I" fixed this exact issue. Windows 7 {64b} For some reason the install wanted to automatically put the program in my "C:/Program Files" section of my HDD. However, my 64-Bit Folder is located in C:/Program Files (x86). Once I installed into my 64-Bit folder and let the install run the 2015 C++ libraries, the program worked... Bottom line make sure you are installing into your 64-Bit location on your HDD and running the program from same. DO NOT let the program default install to the default location, which for me was the non 64-Bit location. Hope this helps!
  16. Kilo60


    Yup, switch Unit selector to "Purple" units for instance and make the "Neutral".
  17. Highway overpasses with elevated on/off ramps for urban maps... Right now have to use bridges which are impossible to connect to elevated on/off enter/exit ramps.
  18. Please don't forget crews for the trucks and vehicles.... Those ghost/unmanned, open top, jeeps are pretty scary when they drive all by themselves!
  19. Yup, I bulk created civs clicked and dragged a box around them selecting them all and gave the "Armed If" command. I checked and they all had the "Armed If" command enabled but only the first civ ever armed himself... There were no other units that were nearby that would have been highlighted by mistake.
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