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  1. Ive found that when bulk creating civies and using the armed if option only works on one of the civies leaving the rest unarmed... Weird. However creating a rifle squad and changing their look to civ and using armed if gets them all displaying weapons.
  2. Yup, cant get it not to work now! Weird... Thanks!
  3. Hmmm, I will have a look. Guess its just the HMG's that wont engage?
  4. Yes, I am running 3.025... Hmmm, after loading the .sce and testing they now all have weapons...
  5. yeah.... A few thousand rds of .50 cal should shred any tree trunk instantly!
  6. The other issue is MBTs treat all civ vehicles as solid objects and will go around them and get stuck when pushing it out of the way is the only reasonable way to bypass due to terrain or buildings adjacent to the road w no room to go around...
  7. They have ammo and shoot at enemy units and have "arm if" condition set to see any enemy but they still have no visible weapons....
  8. Good info! Thanks! Too bad the suppress command won't override this behavior.... I'm sure an RCL technical would still fire on a MBT given a favorable situation or out of shear desperation!
  9. M1with plow Will Not push any vehicle! Also tried again shooting through a palm tree trunk w a .50 cal and never hit infantryman directly behind! Never goes through tree for me with M1 .50 cal.... Same w/ roadside guardrails.
  10. Is there a way to have civilian troops display weapons? Even if the Arm if option is used and they are shooting at an enemy they never display weapons??? Thanks!
  11. I've noticed when I've applied a Navmesh it adds perpendicular waypoints all along the road routes for units. It appears that this would overly confuse the AI so I haven't been using the Navmesh at all lately...
  12. Can you place infantry directly on roofs? Ever time I've tried they are inside a building...
  13. AI civilian traffic getting confused on two parallel two lane paved roads separated by a 10 meter median. The AI cars sometimes travel in the planned route down the correct road and other times they want to jump the median and use the other two lane road instead. Yet other times they will just sit still and not move at all. Is there a method to getting AI civilian cars to use the planned road rout without getting confused?
  14. AI civilian traffic getting confused
  15. Any chance we can get true highway overpasses with elevated on and off ramps? Right now bridges work as an alternative but can't be curved and have no options for elevated connecting roadways...
  16. Even when troops are onboard they won't fire.... I did notice with troops embarked the HMG continues to rotate and track my M1 even though it won't fire.... Tried to recreate in a blank mission and only time HMG technical fired on an M1 was after the M1 was destroyed by multiple RPGs.... Are the technicals designed not to fire on undamaged MBT's out of self preservation? I will upload/ email scenario when I get home later...
  17. And destructable/ moveable objects! Why can't a MBT push a small sedan outta the way or drive through a small obsticale and shoot through a palm tree trunk?
  18. Ditto! More irregular type of fighters with balaclavas and mixed uniforms and carriers/vests... And some SF type troops!
  19. On a side note I'm thoroughly impressed with the options in the Mission Editor... Definitely the best mission editor I've ever seen! The amount of options for randomness is amazing the parameters for spawning random damage etc... I'm having a blast designing the mission and have completely reworked the map with the help of google earth. The addition of guardrails and overpasses has completely changed the map and the list of new objects is outstanding!!! The ability to place all kinds of random civilian traffic intermingled with mini busses and trucks containing troops has added a whole new dynamic to the mission. You might see the same vehicle twice, once as a civilian and again transporting troops. Even have civilian vehicles as VBIEDs! Best of all every unit is now random so you will never play the same mission twice. I made it to the airport with minimal damage and next run I lost every single tank! I remember the days when I'd write campaigns for Jane's FA-18 and had to use a DOS interface to add random dynamic branching elements in the campaign missions. Now its just a simple click!
  20. So I'm working on an updated Thunder Run scenario using Daskal's excellent base but for the life of me can't get any enemy technical to ever attack or drop their troops in the case of the HMG Technical (troops) or attack with the RCL and mortar versions. I've placed engage waypoints and given dismount troop commands during route if any enemy is seen and /or if unit is under direct fire but the damn things drive harmlessly by and stop and wait to get pulverized while the troops just sit in the bed and get raked by .50 rounds! Are the technical functional or just eye candy? If its the latter what's the trick to get them to fight and drop their troops? Thanks!
  21. PLEASE! More 3D objects for scenarios like: Guard shacks border posts and Gates Chain link fences with and without barbed wire Barbed wire obstacles CIVILLIAN INFANTRY/ INSURGENTS AND The ability to destroy and move objects!!! Why the heck can't an M1A1 with plow, push a small 2dr hatchback outta the way when it's in the middle of a road in an urban environment! AND trees such as palms that don't stop .50 rounds when trying to hit infantry behind them! So frustrating when a damn tree trunk from a skinny palm provides infinite cover for any troops directly behind them and in your lane of fire!!! Not to mention the damn roadside guardrails that will stop a sabot and infinite .50 rounds!
  22. Just noticed after firing up 3.0 that flame sprites are still used when MBT's are firing their main guns... It looks so out of place now that the world and vehicles are so richly detailed. Any word when we will see an update to 3.0 for the particle effects? Thanks.
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