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  1. Hopefully, we will be able to use the topside loaders M-60 at some point with this!
  2. That was probably my order! Seems to have finally gone through! Thanks!
  3. I can't seem to order 3.0! Every time I enter my CC info I get this error screen? Is the server down? Thanks!
  4. Are we going to still see "Ghost" vehicles in 3.0...??? I.E. Jeeps/trucks/cars driving around with no driver/occupants? and Tanks/AFV's with no crewmen?
  5. Very Sweet!!! Now I can design some serious real life urban maps!
  6. The ability to drive under overpasses without hitting an invisible wall everytime!
  7. The ability to drive under overpasses without hitting the invisible wall!
  8. Please let us be able to drive under overpasses! Please let us be able to drive under overpasses! Please let us be able to drive under overpasses! Please let us be able to drive under overpasses! Please let us be able to drive under overpasses! Please let us be able to drive under overpasses! Please let us be able to drive under overpasses! Please let us be able to drive under overpasses!
  9. When adding a Neutral Civilian vehicle to a mission how do you keep the vehicle as "Neutral". As of now I've been assigning Civilian vehicles to the RED Team so they won't show on the map but do not want them sighting for the RED Side so do I also have to make them "Blind"? Whats the best/ simplist way to add "NEUTRAL" civilian vehicles? Thanks!
  10. When assigning a RANDOM Variable to having a Unit spawn what is the "New" < command line mean in the "SPAWN IF" selection? Could someone please explain how to properly assign a percent variable to having a Unit spawn in the Mission Editor? Thanks!
  11. Now that we have 3d infantry.... I'd like to see personel actually visible when tank is unbuttoned. Kinda weird seeing the TC hatch open but no crewman sticking out. Also kinda wierd seeing open jeeps driving around with no occupants...
  12. Love the new objects for the sim but am stumped on making vehicles be able to drive under overpasses. It's as if they are hitting an invisible wall. Although tank rounds easily pass through this invisible wall? Any suggestions? HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  13. So will there be a "Summer" Update release comming or only an Update at the end of '11. A bummer if the latter cause I was really hoping for an Update this summer.
  14. Since tis thread has turned into a "WishList " of sorts I'd like to see 3d modeled gun flash effects and the elimination of the "sprite" based, 2d gun flash effect, models. This would add to the realism, IMHO, as the "Sprite" based gun flashes are completly blinding in total daylight with no translucency whatsoever.
  15. Any chance we're gonna get some additional static objects to place around buildings such as debris piles or large garbage dumpsters...???
  16. At some point could we please update/remove the 2d Sprites for all muzzel flashes... It just doesn't look right nor feel very realistic. Eyecandy aside; IIMH, it's more blinding the way it is now than would be if they were truly 3d modeled being, somewhat translucent. Really liking the new buildings and MBT's!
  17. Any chance the "Loader's" top hatch position could be included for the M1A1, to man the top MG... like the screen shot of the upcoming M113A1-4...???
  18. Does this mean Real Time "Shadows" are on the Horizon...??? Those apt bldgs look great but are screaming for some shadow shading.
  19. I agree with everything your saying... However, you are a company that creates a product for your Non-Military customers for a fee... At some point I would believe that your business would have to listen to your customers (Non-Military) a little more and try to adjust your business model accordingly. This is the BASIS of running a successful business. Therefore, I honestly believe it's only reasonable to expect, At Some Point, some customer frustration with, "certain", "repeated", items that have been repeatably mentioned and are constantly promised as being "On the List" for, yet, another "FUTURE" paid update. Anyway, I think you have to realize (again from a business standpoint) that this wouldn't be such a passionate issue for your customers if this 'niche' sim wasn't so good and didn't have soooooooo much potential.
  20. I agree.... But remember our upgrades are based on the "Military Contract Requests" so what "We" gamers (Sorry, but those playing this at home are "Gamers") want added to this sim depends on what the various Military Contracts request and we get those same additions added as a paid addon... So, I really doubt we'll see that crewable T-72 anytime soon or anything that's strictly graphics related despite the fact that this payware upgrade is being released and sold for "Gamers" (No offense to those that think thier in the Military and using this sim for real life On-the-Job-Training).
  21. I know asking for shadows is probably a stretch at this point but it would add a lot to this sim the least of which would involve the MBT's/AFV's not appearing to "Hover" over the landscape. What about main gun recoiling animations? Heck even the arcadey "C.O.D." series has had this down for some time. Could this be added at some point without too much trouble? Lastly I would love too see the commanders/gunners visible outside of hatches (I believe I saw this in a screenshot somewhere?) and jeeps/trucks with visible drivers instead of the ghost driven vehicles we see now.
  22. Speaking of the "August Update", Ssnake, is it going to be payware or freeware? Reason I ask is I just got the latest version mailed to my house and would hate to think this new CD will be nothing more than a coaster in 60days... as I had no idea at the time that a "newer" version was on the way.
  23. Is their any way to set up my X45 Throttle and rudder rocker or seperate rudders pedals to work in sim via the in-game controller configuation utility? Right now it seems that I can only set "keypresses" and not slider axis's (i.e. for throttle and rudder for left right steering)? Or is this only possible with the Saitek Profile editor? Thanks!
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