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  1. O.K. So do I need to completely delete my 2.328 install prior to purchasing and installing 2.460 or will 2.460 overwrite my old install? Thanks
  2. If I plan on purchasing the 2.460 UPGRADE do I need to add the 2.370 Beta on top of my 2.328 install? And RE: v2.460 notes; Why does it specify "ยป Uninstall all previous versions before installing." What does this mean exactly? Does it just refer to the BETA Patch install??? Thanks!!!
  3. Excellent!!! So I guess you'll get a new key license as well? B.T.W. Just saw this posted in release notes... "Like the release version of SB Pro PE, the upgrade version requires a CodeMeter stick with an existing SB Pro PE license to run." I'm confused as to whether the codemeter stick is the license or if you get an additional numeric code assigned to your account that also has to be input by the user and registered....
  4. I have my original game disk and codemeter stick/dongle. I don't have the game installed on my new pc as I was waiting for the 2.4 upgrade... If I purchase the new upgrade can I just install it from the new mailed disk with my current codemeter stick/dongle? Also I can't seem to locate my original License Key (Doh!!!). Will this matter before I spend another $30-$40 dollars or does the new disk/upgrade have it's own unique License Key? THANKS!!!
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