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  1. A video I made recently when I was toying with starting up 2nd Dragoons again.
  2. doesnt do it on the hind but so far everyone i did it on has crashed on 4.363
  3. You have met the headless horseman, now time to meet his younger brother, the Headless Tank Gunner
  4. I love steel beasts, but I would not sit through a video that is long of someone doing a battle on it. Now maybe snippets of said battle would be ok, like maybe a 10 - 15 minute video of key events or engagements in battle.
  5. I suppose one work around for that would be to host your own network session, I just did that and the game went along while i was out of it, altho might not be the most optimal thing to do but its something
  6. Maybe he was the black knight in Monty Pythons quest for the holy grail
  7. yep that did it thanks I always used the f2 key to use the sights didnt know there be special one for the optics as well
  8. Was doing a mission today, and was using the specter on the 50 cal. on a humvee. it worked fine with the initial rounds, but after reload, it does not go to specter sight when you go to it, it goes to reload view. here are screenshots of initial rounds and after reload. and I did a test sce to see if it was the scenario or what. also tested it on an m113a2 and had same issue. I did search for specter and didnt find it in forums so if this had been reported already my apologies. specter test.sce
  9. Of course Norton flags mine as being unsafe and wont let me download it
  10. Awesome. developers are doing an awesome job. Keep it up
  11. I heard we were getting a john deere in the latest update
  12. ok, think it time to see this in steel beasts now M104 Wolverine
  13. ok, here it is, i took a screen of the same location, with the emplacements where I had them, and then again, same area, after I moved the emplacements. third screenie is the map showing where i moved them to and marked where they originally were, So guess the work around is to not have them where the direction of the emplacements look into the map itself.
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