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  1. still here, just dont have the time anymore for online simming.
  2. Yea, I used to hate taking out the hull batteries. turret batteries were much easier to deal with.
  3. Bradley bites to us cavalry soldiers were only when taking the 25mm down, the cuts and scratches you would receive when you are reaching your hand in to pull out the receiver and also unlocking the barrel when your helper was ready to pull it and were most common when unlatching the feed and eject chutes. As you got more experience doing it, the less bradley bites you would get. As far as the gun elevating automatically, that was more so the barrel didn't hit the hatch as it was so the driver can get out with ease.
  4. I do that when I am testing the engage distance for each vehicle that are in positions. Instead of having to re-start the sce each time a vehicle is destroyed, I circumvent that by creating a unit that spawns outside of the engagement distance of the first vehicle. that vehicle is used to test where I want the vehicle to be when a unit first engages it. and I do that for multiple vehicles at a time to cut down my creation time. I don't use vehicles for scenario to test I create a sole vehicle to do just that.
  5. I don't use zones, when im testing, I make all vehicles repair all if this unit is this unit once im done testing and sce is complee, I take off therepair all if condition, altho that does have its disadvantages
  6. I think it would depend on the mission. Would be good for urban warfare I would think. They could dismount the infantry before getting in the buildup areas and use the infantry to clear the buildup areas before moving the tanks in.
  7. I also created a Bradley Table VIII Scenerio that is in the downloads section. Again, not perfect, but as close to FM 23-1 as I could get. May one day take last three or four scenerios and make it night sight only
  8. Wildbillkelsoe, is that the Bradley table VIII scenario? if it is, I am the creator of it. I will be updating it and reuploading it to the sce files.
  9. I believe only time you have to upload map like you say is if the map is a new map. If you build a scenario on a map that came with steel beasts, or other players happen to have, you don't have to
  10. They are calling that the future of simulation? graphics look more like history than the future
  11. if you haven't already reached a waypoint, why not add a route to the waypoint your already on your way to, then adjust the original waypoint to where tyou wanted the waypoint added at example. unit 4/1 route to wp 1. waypoint 1 add route to waypoint 2. move waypoint 1 to where you want the waypoint added to, then move aypoint 2 to where waypoint 1 was originally. if that makes any sense.
  12. ok it should show up soon in the downloads section for mods skins m1a2 series
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Decals for the M1a2 for 2nd ACR bumper number (back when 2nd ACR had bradleys and tanks in Germany) and the G2 removed
  14. @delta6 Like this? I can send the decals file if you like, altho it has the 2nd ACR bumper number on it
  15. one of these days I need to fix that one on mine as C troop is in 1st Squadron, not 2nd squadron and being it a tank, it would be either 21 or 41 31 would be a Bradley in the scout platoon
  16. @Rotareneg if you go in gunners spot, it will work with reload all also
  17. you take your lowest ranking crew and send them thru an area to see if it passible. if crew disappears, then it not passible. on a serious note, look at the steepness of the bank maybe? not always a clear indicator in SB, but it a start
  18. would help if you put when it failed. So far installing fine on mine UPDATE: installed no issues
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