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  1. Actually if you think about it, it is fair. those upgrading from 2.0 or 3.0 or even now 4.023 already have licenses, so why should they have to pay for the license again? Look at it like this:, initially you are paying for the license and the software. Once you have the license, now your only paying for the software. How is that unfair? Remember, those of us upgrading already paid the full price. If I already have a license ( I have the lifetime one myself) Why would I want to pay for it again? I mean, that might not be how it actually goes by esim games, but that is how I look at it
  2. you are all wrong, that is the new test stealth tank. it is designed to make the enemy think it is destroyed so they will get close enough for you to kill them
  3. Consider it as you were taking your tanks to the washrack
  4. the lines are Velcro where they used to attach the miles sensors for training.
  5. we used it like GO said for bradleys too, if the bushings were gone on the track shoes, then they were considered dead track and had to be replaced
  6. I would get the stick. I got mine back in 2006 time frame when SB Pro PE first got released, only had to have the stick replaced once (stick got damaged, and no hassles getting a replacement), but still have that same stick and still works. I have changed machines many times. at one time had a laptop and desktop so was handy to be able to switch the stick from the desktop to the laptop. Now tho I only have laptop.
  7. music sounds similar to that of battlefield 1942
  8. gives a new meaning to being high
  9. Merry Christmas all and happy new year
  10. also make different routes and use embark if commands on them so they do not always take the same route every time you play the mission.
  11. I have the file. is it ok to give away or is it still copyright protected?
  12. yes that fixed it for me too, once I changed it from http to https it worked fine. good think I was on the sb appreciation society on facebook, I never would have found out had I not asked there
  13. it gives me that when I initially go to site thru internet explorer and chrome. once im in and click link it works fine I have to find the forums link initially
  14. ummm is there something wrong with the site? home page shows error
  15. would be nice to have a place to download it since I do not have the time to play in tgif but oh well.
  16. all over not having the terrain engine? please. I hope you never played the silent hunter series from Ubisoft, because the support there was ten times worse. yes, I was looking forward to the new terrain engine. but, being a former software developer, and now tester, I know that stuff happens and priorities will have to shift at times. And you have to remember, their primary customer is the military, not the personal user, so in all actuality you should be happy with the support that ESIM does provide, cause in my years of online gaming and simulator using, Ssnake and Co has been way above standard when it comes to customer support. If they late on something, so be it, stuff happens, ill get over it and I will enjoy SB Pro pe the way it is now until the new one does come out.
  17. meant to ask, where can u download the battlezone sce at?
  18. we all did, but stuff happens. I don't complain because even up to now I have never been disappointed with any of the paid releases that came out. So if I have to pay for the next upgrade to come out with it, then so be it. Ssnake already said he was going to try to reduce the price of the next upgade, so why cant anyone be happy with that?
  19. first off, congrats on making it this far. Tell the 1-81 armor commander hi for me (I know him personally) I was a cav scout myself, from 1986 to 2008 (LTC Nelson was my TRP Commander in Iraq in 2007, that how I know him) The tow kicks butt. I loved firing it when I was a Bradley gunner. Remember this quote "The infantry may be the queen of battle, but its the Cavalry that keeps that B*&ch from getting raped".
  20. on a Bradley, the drivers hatch and the back door are locked with a padlock. the commanders and gunners hatches cannot be opened from the outside.
  21. don't let your dingle dongle dangle in the dirt
  22. ohhhh ok I was B 1-9 cav 2005 - 2008, last unit I was in before I retired, well, if you don't count the last month after they reflagged to 2-13 cav before I left
  23. Did you use to be in 9th cavalry at one point tse419e?
  24. actually, market garden was Arnhem, nimjem or whatever the spelling is, and some other town. market was the airborne attack and garden was the ground attack. and yes, 82nd and 101st were there
  25. the Bradley, at least the a2 and earlier, you still could traverse the turrets in power even if stab was off. not sure tho if stab became inop but I wouldn't think that would make a difference
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