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  1. I think it would depend on the mission.  Would be good for urban warfare I would think.   They could dismount the infantry before getting in the  buildup areas  and use the infantry  to clear the buildup areas before moving the tanks in.

  2. I also created a Bradley Table VIII Scenerio that is in the downloads section.   Again, not perfect, but as close to FM 23-1 as I could get.  May one day take last three or four scenerios and make it night sight only

  3. if you haven't already reached a waypoint, why not add a route to the waypoint your already on your way to, then adjust the original waypoint to where tyou wanted the waypoint added at


    example.   unit 4/1 route to wp 1.   waypoint 1 add route to waypoint 2.  move waypoint 1 to where you want the waypoint added to, then move aypoint 2 to where waypoint 1 was originally.  if that makes any sense.

  4. one of these days I need to fix that one on mine as  C troop is in 1st Squadron, not 2nd squadron    :D

    and being it a tank, it would be either 21 or 41   31 would be a Bradley in the scout platoon 

  5. you take your lowest ranking crew and send them thru an area to see if it passible.   if crew disappears, then it not passible.   


    on a serious note,  look at the steepness of the bank maybe?  not always a clear indicator in SB, but it a start

  6. 17 hours ago, stormrider_sp said:

    Talking about CM sticks, how long do they usually last? I have been thinking about this these days: They're in the end simply pen drives so one of these days they will eventually fail. What's the SOP for this case?

    Ive had my cm stick now for 12 years.   hasn't failed yet (knock on wood)

  7. 5 hours ago, Japo32 said:


    Also is totally unfair if at the end one person that comes from 2.0 or 3.0 only pays 40$ to upgrade the version to 4.1. I had to pay 40$ + XX$ for the same 4.1 version (not a 5.0). Until when we are going to have free updates of this "new" product? as maybe soon we could have the 5.0 and be charged again? (this is a 4.1x version. Not new 5.0) 

    Again, I repeat that I understand that devs don't work for free and was a big ammount of work done, but it was promised for free as features of 4.X, and pay for those "free" features plus a rework of plants and framerate, don't make me happy at all.

    As I said, I would pay 40$ happily if it would be a dramatic change from the very old dx9.0 to dx11-12 or Vulkan, but I don't desire new tanks added, and of course I think we never should be charged for frame improvements (really 4.023 goes really bad in some situations with good computers.. and that is not our fault).


    I had to say it. 


    Actually if you think about it, it is fair.  those upgrading from 2.0 or 3.0 or even now 4.023 already have licenses, so why should they have to pay for the license again? Look at it like this:, initially you are paying for the license and the software.   Once you have the license, now your only paying for the software.  How is that unfair?  Remember, those of us upgrading already paid the full price.  If I already have a license ( I have the lifetime one myself) Why would I want to pay for it again?  I mean, that might not be how it actually goes by esim games, but that is how I look at it

  8. I would get the stick.  I got mine back in 2006 time frame when SB Pro PE first got released, only had to have the stick replaced once (stick got damaged, and no hassles getting a replacement), but still have that same stick and still works.  I have changed machines many times.  at one time had a laptop and desktop so was handy to be able to switch the stick from the desktop to the laptop.  Now tho I only have laptop.

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