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    Ex. tanker, ended up in the Airforce somehow.. ??
  1. A bit of video from Sundays live fire demonstration at Ă…ben Hede 2015, featuring Leopard 1 and 2, Centurion, CV9035, and other cool stuff that goes boom :helmet: For the impatient souls, the real shooting starts around the 7 min. mark. https://youtu.be/ubvQG_jKHvI
  2. I have not really been using SB for some time now, although I did upgrade to 2.5 when it was released. Hey, you have to stay current, one never knows when the balloon goes up, right? I also have 3 secondary licenses, bought for 2.4xx I think. Now, the question is, do they need upgrading too, and if so, how? I know I read something about it a while back, but I simply can not find it again... :confused:
  3. Just posting to confirm the above.. NoGo with 2.328 but the Beta runs just fine!
  4. I doubt keeping your 4 tanks together will do much good, if all 4 end up driving straight into a well setup killzone! Or a guarded minefield? Then they will all be caught, with a stationary enemy blasting them from prepared positions. They will probably never know what hit them! Don't forget observation is much harder when moving, all depending on the terrain ofcourse! If however two were left behind for cover, the two point tanks might have a slim chance of getting back out, depending on how quick the cover tanks spots the enemy moving into fire pos. and puts fire on him. At the very least, the two surviving cover tanks would have a shot or two at the OPFOR, and coords for calling in arty. Then "only" two tanks would be wiped out, as opposed to getting the whole platoon killed, for no gain at all.. Ofcourse it all depends on what you expect to be facing, and what the priorities are..
  5. Glad to hear its a good movie! I plan to go see it sometime next weekend. I sure hope they make it a triology, like the books are. I was sort of afraid they would try compressing it all into one movie, that would really be a shame! Come to think of it, theres also a fourth book, about the time after Arn has passed away. Its not really a part of the series though. More like an afterthought by the author, but definitely worth reading.
  6. Then maybe this will be something for you, allthough it is fiction. http://www.arnmovie.com/ I have read the books, and I must say, its really good stuff! I sure hope the movie doesn't dissapoint, but I bet its going to be real hard getting those books filmed just right.. Crossing my fingers though!
  7. Yes, I meant the Vector expansion for TIR 3 Pro. I don't believe TIR4 offers enough of an advantage over TIR3, to make it upgrade time for me, just yet. Think i'll wait for TIR 5, if such a thing is ever made. So TIR4 comes with Vector right out of the box then? Cool!
  8. Yes, in some sims/games it can be hard to keep the view still, in order to push buttons. I never been able to use TIR in FS2004 for cockpitwork, but in one of the new Falcon4 versions (RV), it gives a good steady view. Just have to ask, do you have the Vector expansion ? That was a major improvement, over the vanilla TrackIR 3 pro and the standard reflective dot. Really helps to steady the view! That being said, in the event it gets implementet, I imagine the TIR will be disabled in the GPS, GAS, and the other views that simulate you have your head "in" the optics. It would be kind of wierd to control the turret with head movement, after all its not an Apache sim ;-) Where I believe TIR will be usefull, is only in the positions where you are able to look around freely, e.g. out of the hatch or while sitting in the 3D interior, looking at the TC's screen in a Leo2A5 or CV90. You would still have to control the turret with mouse or joystick. Oh well, one can dream..
  9. I disagree there Skybird. I believe if it gets properly implemented, TrackIR will be a great advantage when standing in the TC's position. It will, IMO, make scanning the landscape much easier and more intuitive (SP?) Also one might be able to stabilize the Bino view in a somewhat more natural way, but it all depends on the implementation, ofcourse. Could be usefull inside the 3D interiors too, when looking for switches and dialing in range. Maybe even using the TIM in the 2A5 by simply just looking at it, and not have to "select" it. But hey, thats just me.. I also like to use TrackIR in GTR, so obviously we have different views on this. Tried the mouse/TrackIR thingie too, didn't like it one bit either!
  10. Dachs

    The Skin Catalogue

    Great idea, already used it. Thanks a bunch. :drink: I bet it will be rather time consuming, keeping it up to date though..?
  11. It's CZ Studio's "T-72M1 Soviet Nets" from the "CZ_Studios_T-72M1_Pack_Rus_and_DDR.zip" package. The 2A4 in background is also a CZ work, muddy Fin with nets I believe. Fantastic skins, thanks CZ Studios
  12. A snapshot from a knife fight on a forrest trail, in Zipuli's exellent "Platoon in Attack" scenario. Haven't beaten it yet, but getting close now :gun: Nasty T-72's hiding around every bend on that trail!
  13. Dachs

    CZ Studios Skins

    Nono, it was just an observation, not a hidden request. No Sir, not at all..
  14. Dachs

    CZ Studios Skins

    Those muddy T72 and T80's with nets, really looks like they have been in the field for some time. Great work, it makes it much more fun to put holes in them. :biggrin: But.. now all the other OPFOR vehicles looks too clean and new..
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