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  1. 1 hour ago, Red2112 said:


    Thank you very much. Will be giving it a test soon. The only downside for most Is that some menu options are not In English as you stated. I understand this Is a test build, but hopefully you can sort this out too soon. The more the merrier...

    Experimentally, I set that the localization is partially stored in the datapack.cd archive. I don't have an archiver for this type. So you have to wait until the developer makes a fix. In Russian, there are only control settings. The default control is available in the manual. The default controls are very strange, but given that the developer's studio was called "Crazy House" everything is quite logical xD

  2. 14 minutes ago, Poofydoodle said:

    You can also set a time delay so the mission doesnt end the exact second that unit dies as it might be a bit jarring and confusing.


    You could set the option that is "after true delay" or something like that for 15 seconds.


    Then make an event on the player side that activates on the same condition that has a message that says something like "Objective neutralized, mission complete, return to base." so the player will get a quick message at the bottom of the screen and then the mission will end shortly after so the player knows exactly what happened and that they were successful


    This is the first thing I did after setting up the kill condition! You're right, it was annoying.

  3. 1 hour ago, Red2112 said:

    I have the Steam version. I Imagen most will have this version as most PC´s don´t even have a CD/DVD drive any more. But one can still find a CD/DVD second hand copy of IW If needed to.

    Steam version is fine. I found a bug when installing on it a couple of years ago. Together with the author, we solved the problem :)

  4. 35 minutes ago, Red2112 said:


    That would be great and very much appreciated. Very kind of you, thank you!


    On stand-by... 😉



    What version of Iron Warriors do you have? Steam or CD/DVD? The mod will be installed on any version, but with minor differences.

  5. The modification does not affect the localization files. So with a high probability it will be launched on the international version.


    The author provides support in Russian. But I can try to help. Over the weekend I will be able to check the functionality of the mod with the English version, write installation instructions and perhaps a small FAQ.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Jartsev said:

    Here is a quick video:


    I will try to apply it today.


    I don't remember how these items are called in Russian localization. But for some reason, I did not come to this option. Although I mastered other, more complex (nested or branching) scripts without problems.


    Tnx all for help!

  7. This is my video :)

    I'm not the developer of this mod, I just made a review.


    Panther and Abrams have not been added yet. The developer plans to add them. And the panther appeared like this: someone on the forum asked if it was possible to add a Panther. And since the engine is very old, it was with the panther that difficulties arose. (Too many rollers). The author simply took it as a challenge. :)


    sorry for bad english

  8. Yes, I understand how to work with conditions. I don't understand how to set such a condition.


    Example: there is a mix platoon HQ-01 in a mission. What parameters should be specified in the condition editor so that it would work when HQ-01 is destroyed?




    I made it!

    I used check:

    Unit [HQ-01] < unit [] strenght + [1]

    It was not obvious to me that the:


    field could be left empty.


    Thanks for the help!

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