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  1. Hi guys Some ideas: Egypt/Syria/Jordan vs Israel Cuba vs South Africa (Angola 1980's) as an aside; we (myself and 5 other South Africans) would love to join in. We are currently training on OpFor/PACT kit. I'm browsing around the MP forums looking for H2H events for us to join in on.
  2. I would have thought the Badger IFV (or at least the Finnish Patria) a better fit for the UKMOD.
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    Thanks Marko
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    Hi guys If I want to buy and gift a time limited license, is it as simple as processing the payment and just forwarding the mail with the license / key?
  5. Ratel


    ARM jou bliksem :bigsmile: Yeah look, I understand that it is a low priority, but for those of us that are minus a limb *cough* it really would be a great help. So as long as it doesn't fall off the end of the list... :clin:
  6. Im using ACRE as an example (of what can be done) and saying that the benefits of a similar system such as TARS is worth the squeeze :-)
  7. We use something called A.C.R.E in ArmA2/3. Makes a huge difference and avoids the PIA of having to setup whispers etc in TS when you have a 100+ people in sections/platoons etc. It adds to immersion and the RTO role is a skill and an art form all of its own. fQIOQ-zRuM8 This obviously won't work in SB, but my point is that the pro's far out way the cons and counter arguments given here. I have not used TARS but IIRC it also models; - Realistic terrain affects for radios . Signal lose & distortion from buildings, hills, trees, and other objects . Realistic power output and antenna length considerations for all radios that effect signal . Realistic frequency wavelength falloff; higher frequencies do not travel as far . Real-time positional calculation for fast-moving objects
  8. Any way this can be setup/ be made available? Our ZAR/USD exchange rate is going for a ball of Sierra Hotel India Tango...
  9. Sorry, don't mean to hi-jack Relics thread, but thought I'd ask here instead of creating a new thread. I've been perusing the MP forums, but can't find any info that answers my specific q: Can new/inexperienced players sign up as drivers (instead of TC's)? Myself and a friend ( bflyblue, he is waiting for his dongle to arrive) would be very keen to join up for some MP, but not confident enough as yet to be entrusted with TC slots. We'd probably end up here... 1BxFlmb6S6E
  10. Correct, off their last release "Invaders must Die"
  11. Thanks for the tips Eisen. I guess its practice and getting used to doing it with my X52 Joystick
  12. Thnx for fixing my post and the reference Lt
  13. Not sure where vids would go, just a quick and dirty I made this morning. Apparently gunnery is not like riding a bicycle :biggrin: http://youtu.be/5bD3nyyX2oQ 5bD3nyyX2oQ
  14. Hi guys Just need some help/info before I start the process tonight. 1) I still have my dongle and disc, but no disc drive on my new PC. Is there a (free) digital download I can use that would match up with my dongle? 2) I'm running Win 7, anything I should be aware of on terms of updates/patches for the game/dongle? 3) The upcoming update, what is the cost going to be? Thanks in advance.
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