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  1. I never said never expect it , i just dont think it Will Be in this upgrade. Seems that some wishes have Been granted after exesive wining and some are not . So Maybe thats The way to go for The next upgrade.
  2. Obviously not . And if so , there not telling anyway. But wait for next upgrade i supose?
  3. I do know that SBP models suspension to a certain degree . But how accuratly this is Done i dont really know .
  4. More interestes in The citv really . The ivis was kind of allready modeled by The map view.
  5. oh look , another troll reply. How predictable.
  6. Man enough is enough allready , your a exellent Guy . But Please stop spammjng The forum with your personal wet dream for crying out loud.
  7. Dynamic weather conditions that is .
  8. Well , there Could Be a kick or a Locked session function. And after all , most Console kiddy gamers wont spend a 100 euro,s an a " game " like steel beasts. A 24/7 server wouldnt Be a bad idea if you ask me . It would increase the community and thus make more profit for esim . Its not that easy to get a game going you know? It can take some time to hook up with someone . And it depends on how Many people are on teamspeak or reply to a pm invite.
  9. Then why make a engine grafics update and not invest more time in other more appealing features?
  10. I didnt start posting about bouncing roadwheels , i just commented one . But i should of thought twice before even commenting on such a sensative and outrages uterly foolish subject . My bad.
  11. To Be honoust , ive Given up The possibilaty of bouncing roadwheels . Its not high on The list , and it seems there is a whole community that lobby,s for not implement it in favor of other features. Also susspect that Its just to hard to do because of current engine limitations or it would just take up to Much coding time , and is thus shelved for The sake of more other features that take up less time and trouble to flesh an upgrade.
  12. Like i said in another post , The best is likely yet to come and The new patch Will bring some good stuff indeed . But i,m just hoping the patch Will have some groundbreaking stuff As Well. Yes new playable vehicels and non combatants are very welcome . But Its Nothing we havent seen before really .
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