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  1. How about a marine M1A1 with IR dazzler like we saw in OIF. Would that be hard to do?
  2. wow i must admit those workstations look really cool and i,m sure it will give you the edge in online play. But i have yet to see some real hardcore fanatics that have created ther own home simulator for SBP like the ones ive seen on youtube for FSX.
  3. Minus the loader? I would think its cool if they throw in a loaders position as well!
  4. You are kidding right? Holland and the Netherlands are the same thing.
  5. I do think vehicles ending up in the drink are less frequent then before , however it really depends much on how big a scenario is. You can counter the problem by micro managing your units but when the shit hits the fan and you got tons of vehicles to micro manage and also try to fight of the enemy then you are actually fighting 2 different fights at the same time and will most likely result in 1 or 2 vehicles ending up in the water . Its can be a frustrating bug at times , but personally i can live with it as it is right now..
  6. Hmm thats weird! I never seen anything like it before.. But i guess if they win the vietnam war , they might as well PT-77/t-55 hybrid right while there at it..
  7. Yes found it thanks. Why not make a turret skin for it as well (if thats possible)
  8. Is this skin gonna be released soon? or is it still WIP?
  9. Looking good! My advice though make the red markings on the front mud guard black and remove the red flag on the engine deck . I would also add another white V to the turret as seen in the first screenshot of the ti-67 model. When is ready for download anyway?
  10. How about a playable Ti-67?
  11. I,m all for it . Even though its a what if skin , i still like the idea .
  12. You guys should hire this guy to redo all the maps that need a new look!
  13. Haha , I allready working on version 2.0 . But since its i need to put in 36 new events and redo 36 existing events to simulate real life Range procedures and i no longer have vacation it might take some time .
  14. Oh my god ! dont even mention the WORDFEUD . My girlfriend never stops playing it. But i guess that should be in the you know your girlfriend doesnt get it when thread.
  15. Hmm you got a point there. Well ill see what i can do. Maybe ill update it anyway , that is if i got some more time to do it since i,m a little busy at the moment
  16. would it be possible to connect a normal pc to such a screen?
  17. I,m not really sure if its worth all the work redoing this scenario. It doesnt seem to be well recieved by the community.
  18. Thanks for the info. I,m kind of obsessed to make this scenario as hard core as possible. The way the scenario is now is how i thought it would be with some artistic freedom. But since i,m not a real tanker i worked with the information at hand. So i encourage real m1 tank army and marine corps to try the scenario and tell me what could be improved. Offcourse within the limits of the scenario and sbp because i think i wont build the scenario from scratch again. One drawback on making the scenario more realistic is that it will lose a lot of its random elements . But i guess thats real life tank training is , repetitive and with stickt sop,s and rules..
  19. now that you mention it , i noticd that the t-72 gunner cannot look out of the hatch..
  20. I,m changing the radio simulated communication with the range tower to reflect a more realistic tank table like scenario and i have a question. when directed to a static battle position communication would be like this , Charlie 92 (range tower) to 1 Alpha (you) , scouts report enemy armour bound for BP-1 , engage and report , out. But how would this communication be like when fireing on the move insted of a static battle position?
  21. Well at least you were not on his busniss end of his 120 MM while trying to duke it out with him in a T-72?? It made me wonder though what you can bring to steel beasts if you are a real life gunner . Is one just good at gaming or is it the real life tank experience.
  22. the highway is just to make the scenerio more alive, its in the mission briefing and i know the railing on the highway was causing problems but it was to late to remove because it would mean i would have to redo the whole map and the scenario from scratch. Also if you read the briefing it says you must destroy 15 out of 36 targets I will change the range to reflect a more realistic operational procedures with the help of assasin (who was a real m1a1 tanker in real life) so when i release verion 2.0 i will also correct the m1a1 skin for the scenario BTW the skin is also downloadable in the download section here. Also the emplacements dont have to be taken in any certain order , its just numbered to that you know what emplacement you have allready had because it will give targets only once abd after 15 targets the scenario ends As for the 3 o clock position , its just to make it more interesting and to make the player scan for targets then just the 12 o clock position. I think i might have released the scenario a little to soon and i must admint it could need some fine tuning.
  23. I finished my second tank range scenario , this one is for the M1A1 lovers and i based the scenario on the United States Marine Corps(i got my inspitation from the USMC Tank school clip on youtube) . I made this one a lot more complex then the challenger 2 tank range. Now you will be notified when there are no more targets left in any given engagement and there is a lot more feedback. I also added Daskals Green hornet M1A1 skin so you can add it to simulate a Marine M1A1. If you want to know more read the readme in the download and i hope you enjoy the scenario. It took me allmost 4 days out of my vacation to finish it , please be so kind to leave comments good or bad . I use this to improve scenarios upon the next one. Upload should be available shortly. Enjoy
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