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  1. On topic: GeForce 6800GT and 2GHz Athlon64. Runs 60fps+ smoothly at 1280x1024x32 without AA. Off topic: I disagree with you there, Bluewings. I had so many headaches with ATI's forsaken windows drivers that I cannot count the number of times I've slammed my fist on my keyboard in agony. We're talking about outright bugs and levels of incompetence that you would not expect from a gfx company. Like earlier versions of their drivers hard-crashing Windows on mipmap generation under certain circumstances. Turns out that what they implemented was "something similar" to OpenGL, but not quite exactly the same. As for NVidia drivers, I am a little irritated at their latest "artificial incompatibilities" that lock out older/mobile chipsets from their unified drivers, when in fact those drivers work *perfectly* after you do some .inf file modifications to force the install. Other than that, they are immensely superior to what ATI releases to customers. Let's not forget which company outright cheated in the Quake3 benchmarks... and still cheats by using less precision throughout a wide range of operations. At least NVidia had the common courtesy to put up a slider where you can select whether you want such "optimisations" or not from the very beginning.
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