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  1. Jena73, I experience a similar issue if I used a text size scaling larger than 149%, (150% no pointer, 149% pointer) Others players with 4K displays also experienced the same issue.
  2. Malakie, What text size are you running at this resolution? I experienced the issue running at 1440, when I set the text size to 150%, (strangely 149% doesn't cause the issue?) If you can run full screen and change the text size to something below 150%, post back as solved so other users can find it in the future.
  3. Try setting the text size to 150% I was trying to identify a common application or driver that impacted my Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 images when I stumbled on the fact that setting the text size to 150% causes the point to disappear. (Oddly, I can set it to 149% and not have it happen.) I think it's pretty obvious: Esim hates old far-sighted people Hopefully, the work around should help the people suffering with it until some future update can address it.
  4. If the command line arguments aren't working, is there a registry setting or config file that supports the same mode?
  5. Ssnake, I had a chance to track down what was causing my application freeze when I tried to switch to full screen. It is software that ASUS includes with their motherboard. It's in the Realtek driver/software suite: Sonic Radar. I initially dismissed it as a likely cause because I assumed it was an audio utility. It not, it's a visual overlay for in-game use. (I didn't deliberately install it and have never used it.) The version that came with my board is: SonicRadarSetup version: SonicStudioSetup version: 2.2.2201 I expect that only a small subset of SB users might have it installed, but it's possible other similar in-game overlays could cause the same behavior? Now, if I could only find what is causing the disappearing mouse pointer?
  6. Ssnake, For me it was a software conflict with SB. I've been busy on an other unrelated matter , so I haven't had a change to try to narrow down exactly what software "broke" full screen? The game worked in windowed mode. After I started removing extraneous programs, it started working in full screen, (unfortunately with the missing mouse pointer.) I do have a clean install Windows image that runs full screen with the pointer visible, so that problems also appears to be software related . I had previous tried removing my antivirus software to troubleshoot and it had no impact. By "no data", I meant the log file didn't have any entries that were different than logs from a system with working full screen functionality.
  7. Ssnake, Hopefully, that will work for Stevo. When I experienced it, I could start Task Manager, but never switch to it, (or the Desktop to kill the SB process.) I also tried Safe Mode and debug logging, (with verbosity), but there was never any data that was different than a session on a system that didn't experience that problem.
  8. Did you try CTRL+ATL+DELETE and select Logoff? For me, ALT+TAB will cycle through the applications on my desktop, but I couldn't get to a point where I could close the program. I'd consider it a conflict. I'm trying to find a list of program I uninstalled in case you had any of them too?
  9. I had that happen to my primary Windows 10 image. I wasn't able to access the task manager to kill the process, but could log out to end the program. A clean install on another drive proved it wasn't a hardware related issue. I started uninstalling non-critical applications, (mostly benchmarks), and it cleared up. Unfortunately, I still have the no-mouse pointer in-game. (Oddly, it also effects a Windows 8.1 OS on my PC?) Ssnake, Was the no-mouse pointer in-game addressed, (mostly), in this version? Was there ever a list of know addressable causes that user can check for?
  10. I agree that the default spring tension is problematic for SB. Fortunately the "warthog spring mod" is pretty simple, (and reversible.)
  11. Have you tried one with the spring mod? It's very simple to do and pretty low risk.
  12. Just think of all the time and art work this will save. Now all the tank interiors will be identical: "transparent!'
  13. Does this mean we have to get support for Oculus rift now? http://www.tu.no/tutv/forsvar/2014/05/05/norwegian-army-driving-armoured-vehicle-using-oculus-rift
  14. deees

    Shop security

    The URL in the address bar is for the main page, not the frames inside. If you look at the page source, you'll see plenty of UR: with https:// headers. I can't state authoritatively how that page functions, but there is no reason to believe that you’re at risk. Also, doesn’t the previous page state that they are processing payments through Paypal?
  15. I'm not sure about the ping to an application port. I believe Windows 7 and 8.x ping is limited to ICMP, (that's why you're getting a "host not found" instead of "destination host unreachable".) The ping command does understand that the concatenated IP Address and port number isn't a hostname. Windows typically uses a space instead of the ":" that UNIX does. Ssnake may be using a third-party tool that supports this function. In the meantime, to test whether a specific port is reachable from another machine, you can use telnet: c:\>telnet 22350<Enter> You'll probably need to "enable" the telnet client via the "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features". "Turn Windows feature on or off". Scroll down and check the box next to the item named "Telnet Client" Once "enabled" you can run the command line above. If you connecting to the port the command windows will be blank with a blinking curser at the top left corner. You'll need to X out of the window to close it. If the port isn't open or is blocked, you should get an error like: C:\Users\user>telnet 22350 Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 22350: Connect failed You can verify this by trying a port you know is probably closed, (like 22355) just to see the difference. BTW, Have you tried adding the server IP address to the search list on the client CODEMETER WebAdmin? (Configuration, Network, Server Search List.) You also may want to check the Windows Firewall "Advanced Setting" inbound and outbound rules to ensure that CodeMeter components are not being blocked.
  16. The solution for me was to select only the upgrade first. Then the secondary. The webpage checks both, even though it doesn't work. The verbiage on the web store mentions it, obliquely.... (once you actually figure it out.)
  17. Anyone know what causes this error? Of how to solve it? Full text: "The license cannot be transferred into this CmContainer. Please choose a different CmContainer and try again. Error Code = 0x1808000" Both from the webdepot and the offline method. CM firmware is: 1.18 Codemeter is 5.00d Capacity is: 98% (58758 Bytes) OS: Windows 7 64bit and Window 8 x64
  18. I use the Warthog for Steelbeasts. If you're not planning to use your Warthog for heavy flying, you may want to consider doing a "Big Spring-cetomy": It greatly reduces the resistance, making tracking easier, (it's also non-destructive and easily reversible.) I'd also recommend grabbing xpadder for programming the stick to simplify the process: http://xpadder.com/
  19. The ability to dismount the vehicle to reconnoiter.
  20. It runs fine. You need to upgrade your codemeter. See: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?p=211403#post211403
  21. 1. Browse to “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers” 2. Right-click on the game controller ICON 3. Choose “Game controller settings” 4. Click [Adavanced…] 5. Select “Prefered device:” from drop-down list 6. Click [OK]
  22. Here is my button mapping for the stick. The graphic is for the CH, but thanks to Superbus's recommendation of XPADDER software, I've ported the functions to the Warthog. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/whsteelbeasts.jpg The HAT on the lower right controls crew position and has some macros. The gunner switches to the GPS automatically, and the driver toggles the Coolie HAT to mouse movement so the driver can PAN his view.
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