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  1. Perhaps the lack of videos is due to the fact that the terrain is not distributed yet.......
  2. Brilliant as ever Ssnake....!!!!
  3. Thanks guys - changed the stuff now and it works. Not top notch, but enough for "replayability" Basicaly i just added a very short Route 4 with no conditions in a loopback to the waypoint. In case no conditions are met it picks this one and go for a recheck..... "Drivebycoding"
  4. Hi guys Can you explain how a logic ever can be true if the number is 100. I'm working with routes where the tank can choose one of 3 routes. Route 1 logic: 0<= Random Variable NEW < 45 Route 1 logic: 45<= Random Variable NEW < 90 Route 1 logic: 90<= Random Variable NEW < 100 But then at times Random Variable hits 100, and the logic falls apart as it only pics values under 100. There is a missing = or a way to hit a max value. Any good ideas as i have a LOT of routes to alter to fix this
  5. Hi eSim Can you guys help me with two of my missions that I password protected. I can not for the love of god remember it, and its not in my saved list of passwords..... Attached is the mission files "Irvington Series - Conduct a Hasty Attack" and "Irvington Series - Conduct a Movement to Contact" Best regards Irvington Series-Conduct a Hasty Attack.sce Irvington Series-Conduct a Movement to Contact.sce
  6. Not arguing any decisions you guys make codewise, but perhaps the "Set route pathfinding" setting "Cross-country (vehicles)" could be used to do that - That was what I assumed (wrongfully though) it did
  7. Sometimes you need to alter the formation at all the Waypoints as well. Or the AI will (how ever briefly) fold out when getting to a waypoint. Another thing about column formation - if the AI column pass a road on an angle they will start following that road for a while. Pretty irritating actually...
  8. Thanks Nike-Ajax. PM on the way. 4 eyes are better then 2
  9. wonderful - Thanks Mirzayev - ill pm it to you with a short description
  10. [SOLVED] Im in need of a scenario tester for the third of the Irvington series scenario. Scenario is a platoon sized defense that takes around 25-30 min's. Best regards Mav
  11. Map editor adition The opposite "Wadi" The ability to construct simple blocking berms - just like a wadi
  12. RFI New Waypoint action options Divide Unit Attach To (only valid for units that starts the sim as one joined unit and is later divided pr. waypoint action, thus they get their former wp callsign) That way you can have 1/1 go left around a forrest and 1/2 go right around the forrest and then join them up in a team again after that. Opens up a lot of possibilities with AI's
  13. My problem was before the website came to the point where an address should be entered. It failed right after entering the credit cards data (number, expiredate etc.).
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