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  1. Update........gheeee Well... so far it looks like I'm going to get this done soon Might say that's about time
  2. Defence in Sector

    Its a 7z file. a zipped up sce file. You can unpack it with https://www.7-zip.org/ Its a fairly common program format to pack up data. afaik you HAVE to pack .sce files up in either rar or 7z format to upload.
  3. Defence in Sector

    Thanks Grenny. Hope you have fun!
  4. Defence in Sector

    As soon as the file contribution is approved a new scenario is available. Defence in Sector, that is a very re playable scenario with a multitude of different OPFOR strength to choose from.
  5. Defence in Sector

    Version 1.2


    Hi Here is a pretty complex (red) scenario, that challenges your decision making in the field and your ability to read a map for defensive positions. You have control of a reinforced Danish Leopard 1-A5 DK-1 tank platoon. It has been reinforced with 2 more Leopards from B-company and 6 M-113's with 106mm mortar. Appart from that you have a couple of scout GD's and a support attachment. The OPFOR consists of 6 different levels ranging from 1 tank platoon to a brigade size force with support units. Furthermore the OPFOR can be enhanced with M-24 Hind airsupport, Mi-8 Airborne troops and/or a section of MRLS. So all in all a lot of different possibilitys of OPFOR. Blue force is conducting a Defence in Sector, and OPFOR is conducting a Meeting Engagement. Take your time in the planing phase so you don't get stuck with an element in the marsh or misplaced vehicle emplacements. Make sure you know how to get from one side of your sector to the other and have you your artillery priorities planed.
  6. SB 4.023 - Infantry not staying indoors

    Hi Gibsonm Thanks mate. It works just like i wanted it too. i did thou remove the three embark routes for the inf. Not needed for me. The infantry will stay close to the vehicle and mount it again just fine. I think it was a matter of separating the dismount if.. and mount if.. on two WP's that does it.
  7. SB 4.023 - Infantry not staying indoors

    Another Infantry related problem Ssnake Trying to get a PC to unload the troops, mount a vehicle implacement (tier2 type), make the PC stay turret down untill hostiles detected in a zone (that works fine), and then make the troops mount again (so far i have set a trigger to make that happen). I have tried to dumb it down, but no matter how i do it the troops will not remount the vehicle... It does not work either, if i place the vehicle in a defend wp without an implacement. Any help appreciated Small scenario attached - use red side test.sce
  8. Gotland, SE map

  9. Gotland, SE map

    Hi DarkAngel Any ideas if you will try a test with 2m LIDAR data for the map?
  10. Sights on what.7z

    OMG this scenario is fantastic...... no really - just give your feedback for improvements ----------------------------------------- Error fixed with the passwords... omg what a rookie mistake
  11. Sights on What

    Hi Got back in the saddle and started warming up with this little scenario. It's based on a Tactical Decision Game #06-5 from the Marine Corps Gazette. You can find the article here https://www.mcafdn.org/gazette/2006/05/tdg-06-5 but i dare you to try it out first - All needed info is in the briefing. Scenario is in downloads, and has been updated once to correct an AI behavior error. I will update it again later with a better scoring logic.
  12. Sights on what.7z

    Version 1.0.2


    Small fast scenario. You have 2x M1A1's at your disposal - yours are slow as f... as it has a mineroler See if you make the right decision the first time And you better make up your mind in a hurry
  13. Ahhhhhhhhhh:c: Your transaction was approved!
  14. Deleted because of an overwhelming attack of stupidity....
  15. Irvington Series

    I have now uploaded #2 scenario - Conduct a Hasty Attack. Again thanks to MatsW for the map!! You can find them here ( http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads...13_fileid/1803 and here http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads...13_fileid/1804 ) They are ofcourse necessary for the scenario. The Red defencive position in this scenario is a little better then in "Movement to Contact" and they have a vastly updated access to artillery. So keep them tanks moving constantly to avoid getting killed by indirect fire. Scoring is based on the real M-SIMNET scorings, where you do not get scorings for kills and shooting fast, but rather for moving the company correct and reporting when crossing lines and taking objectives or getting in contact with the enemy. It's all included in the summery. The briefing is held as close as possible to the original as are the placement of the enemy forces and support for both sides. At this point the download is up, but still not approved, so you will have to suffer for now with this link to the single player missions where it is uploaded. Mind all the scenarios in this series have the player(s) control a tank company of 14 tanks and a support section. They are not scripted in the mission, but its doable to make a simple movement plan before starting the scenario. You can find the scenario here ( http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/1808 ) Bellow a thumb and link to the overlay of blue