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  1. A spot in Leo 2 please. Also @Lumituisku Evil can gun for me if he wants.
  2. General Schwarzkopf explains the strategy used in Desert storm quite well in his famous news conference. Recommend a watch.
  3. Maic

    Uppland Defence

    try to query map uid: ac29cdfa-a24d-4f61-a5ed-0885e3332a95 At Steel Beasts map tools UI if doesn't work then: add these into folder "ScaniaSE" (create one if none present) in your maps's packages folder, location of which is something like C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\ metadata.mrf ScaniaSE.lnt ScaniaSE.ter
  4. Maic


    Allways had fun with this mission, difficult but manageable. Was finally able to pull off my first fictory with just minor casualties on this.
  5. Maic

    Uppland Defence

    Version 1.0.0


    Follow-up mission for "Taking the objective Steel" Defend against russian tank battalion Enemy: T-72B3, BMP-2 Friendly: Strv 122, CV9030 Company sized mission for single player or co-op Map: ScaniaSE MAP UID: ac29cdfa-a24d-4f61-a5ed-0885e3332a95
  6. You're absolutely right about the artillery. Had it on the list of bugs I was going to fix but forgot. Not sure what you mean about the camo, the tanks have standard strv 122 camo (right?) and CV9030s and troops have Finnish camo as intended. Anyways new version is up and I'm planning on making an follow-up scenario based on this one as I really like topography around the objective area
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Swedish - Finnish taskforce attacks against a Russian battalion in hastily prepared defense. Seize the objective, repel any enemy counter attack. Scheme of attack is up to the player to decide. Control 1 tank platoon and 1 IFV platoon Enemy: T-72B3, BMP-2, BRDM Friendly: Strv 122, CV9030FIN with NLAW troops.
  8. "Also important to remember is that in the Leopard 2, dynamic lead is to be used only if the target itself is moving. Apparent movement due to your own tank driving with the resulting parallax shift doesn't count. " I remember hearing, and I haven't been able to find any references to this from any other source, but instructing officer told me that certain crews in other armies (and I think he was talking about Swedes) would use ductape to push down the dynamic lead button in their Leo 2, to have it active at all times. He said they can still hit static targets when its pushed down, just by keeping the reticle in the middle (thus not applying a lead for the FCS). Now it could be that all he said is total bullshit just to make me confused or that he had missunderstood something. Or maybe Swedish gunners are just ex-surgeons with very very steady hand. Or maybe the FCS of Stridsvagn 122 differs in this regard...
  9. Yes. In order to activate the dynamic lead in Leo 2 you push down and hold the P button.
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