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  1. I could take A12 or A13 spot, @Lumituisku will also join as gunner
  2. Jaguar 1A3 is having really hard time shooting at targets. Tried on an open field and only managed to get the Jaguars to fire their missiles at enemy tank was when they were completing a move-order, engage or assault. If they were stationary to begin with they did not engage targets even if they had seen them previously while completing the said move-order. Even when shooting it took them 30s to open fire and sometimes they'd just jiggle their gun up and down. Sometimes they would suppress with their machineguns and sometimes they wouldn't. They'd often have harder time killing the 3rd tank in a platoon than the first two. Game version 4.268 Jaguar_1A3_test.sce
  3. Weird comment. Of course I give my binos away for the loader if im not using them. Increases changes of survival with the only "cost" being that the loader might lose them... Which he wont. Why wouldn't I trust my loader with binos if I trust him with loading ammo into the gun when we're in combat? back to thread's theme: I do like the idea of adding a loader as a role for more vehicles
  4. You can, however, bypass this by playing in the mission editor mode. I think for some purposes it may fuldill the @foxlarry's need
  5. Well obviously you cant do all that, as I said the result in 30 minutes of work is a lot better than the one after just three minutes. However what you can do is: Drive the vehicle off road, shut off the engine, take two nets net out from turret stowage, spread one net over the front of the turret and over the gun and one net over the back of the turret, and back of the hull and maybe even even find a birch or two to lift the net off the vehicle at some points
  6. I know of and have used nets that take closer to 3 minutes to set up or take down than 30. Now sure using the 30 minutes you get the net set up a lot better, but still you can have the vehicle under nets in just a few minutes. Now would bringin this improve the gameplay in any way or be a needed feature? That im not sure of.
  7. I cant seem to locate it. Is it blocked by resolution or smth?
  8. Where can I locate my own profile and find the lets say "Gunnery score"?
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