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  1. Thank you so much for this, amazing detail.
  2. Ok thanks for the clarification. I am trying to learn the Leo 1's TC position and it's a bit confusing. I tried to change some default controls for the Leo 1 and found that it's tricky and can kinda mess things up. Right now in order to override the gunner using the GPSE I have to press and hold the MM button, then click the LMB and then while continuing to hold the MM button (both as the palm switch and for dynamic lead) while clicking the RMB in order to lase. It is doable but takes a little effort and feels a bit akward so I was wondering what the real TC or gunner was doing in order to make this all happen.
  3. Ok that was the issue thanks. Is there some way of sticky holding down the Palm Switch? I thought I read somewhere there is an option for this? Also I'm a bit confused by the dynamic lead. I'm seeing that the palm switch and the dynamic lead are both controlled by the MM button, are they one in the same on the real tanks grip controls?
  4. It seems this is still the case, the TC is unable to override the Gunner when looking through the GPSE. When you press the LMB the arrow usually turns into the crosshair's pointer but when looking through the GPSE it only centers the arrow and the crosshairs don't show up. I have tried to override through the GPSE with the PANO both in exchange on and off, also with the PANO exchange on and the PANO linked to the gunner sight overriding normaly in the PANO view. Any ideas how to get this to work or is the wiki wrong is stating that the commander cannot override and control the gun through the GPSE?
  5. I don't know that this particular issue pertains to that previous post, in this case if you press A or D the helicopter spins in a continuous fast circle. I can't imagine this is how it's supposed to work and hopefully is just a bug.
  6. It's a bit embarrassing to see I asked the same question 3 years ago but it's impossible to remember anything as I get older and slower. Unfortunately I can't keep up with SB as it evolves over the years and I find myself relearning things over and over when I show back for the new updates. Thanks for your help again. The only issue I have with the way the system is implemented is that instead of replacing the skin of the Cobra one time I have to duplicate that skin in multiple folders depending on the theme. So it creates a bigger footprint in my MOD folder which is also located on my C drive. My C drive has windows and I really don't want to load it up anymore than i have to. I am assuming that there is no way to move the MOD folder to another drive and it must remain in the users documents folder?
  7. Ok I'll elaborate. So my example is the texture for the AH-1Q Cobra helicopter. The file name is "AH1Qcobra.dds" and if you look in the main programs folder you will see this texture occurs for the US Army variant under the folder "woodland". So from this one would gather that if I put my modified texture in the Mods\textures\woodland folder the program would load the modified texture which it doesn't. So I decided what the heck, I'll put the same modified texture not only in the Mods\textures\woodland folder I put it in the Autum, Camo and Winter folders as well, just in case but again I'm not seeing the new texture no matter what. The name is the same and if I replace the existing and only example of the AH-1Q texture in the main folder (the green US Army version not the desert or Turkish or Israeli versions) the modified texture file shows up just fine in game, so it's not a simple case of the file being misspelled or the file being the wrong format. It just seems that for whatever reason my personal mod folder isn't being looked at by the program. Perhaps there is a registry issue that comes into play after uninstalling and reinstalling the new versions over time?
  8. okay, I think I'll just stick with JSGME for now, thanks.
  9. I just installed 4.195 and also previously uninstalled my older version which was 4.004. It seems that my older mods folder under 4.004 was left intact and some modded textures that I made are still there however nothing is showing. I did a simple test where I re-textured the AH-1Q cobra and put that file in every conceivable folder and it never shows up in the sim. I kinda remember resorting to using JSGME and using it to move the textures into the main folder in the past, but I"d really like to just use the mod folder as it's intended. I have seen where others seem to be having the same issues in the past, anybody have advice how to get it working?
  10. ok, I think I have it now, the map installer information before the 6 parts kinda threw me off a bit, thanks for the help.
  11. Perhaps I am answering my own question but I see "SB PRO 4.159 Installer" in 6 parts, I assume that this is the full new installer and I should uninstall fully 4.004 and then run the 4.159 installer?
  12. I'm a bit confused as to what I need to download at this point. I have version 4.004, and I purchased the upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 for the dongle and have installed that so far with no issues. The question is what exactly am I downloading after I uninstall 4.004 completely? I only see a 4.023 installation and then the UPDATE 4.59 and also the two map installers. thanks for any help.
  13. Monkie


    Looking good thanks
    Very nicely done, and the weathering is perfect. Thanks. Will look nice alongside the M60 for some desert scenarios.
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