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  1. Wiesel and Leo in Urban Camouflage at GÜZ Altmark.
  2. oh, wow. Never knew that. Every day is a school day...
  3. Indeed! Also looks like we now have 'Eingeschränkter Winterdienst', ie snow on the roads. That is new right?
  4. More like a 2S19 or 2S35?
  5. For what it's worth, during a recent exercise (Heidestürm II, a NATO VJTF exercise at GÜZ Altmark) the Telemark Battalion had one 'TROPP' of Leo's with 5 tanks.
  6. rump

    We love photos

    That's what I thought. No idea how official it is.
  7. rump

    We love photos

    Wiesel and Leopard in an urban camo at GÜZ, June 2018.
  8. rump

    We love photos

    A Leopard 2a6 (M+ ?) of 414 Panzer Battalion equipped with a SAAB BT46 Training system at an assembly area at Gefechts Übungs Zentrum Heer, February 2018.
  9. rump

    We love photos

    Looks better when you set it free...
  10. Likely useless for military customers, but could in theory 'fantasy' terrain be user generated in this resolution? Enjoining the mouse mat, thanks!
  11. I get 55 FPS on a i74790K at 4 GHz, with V-Sync off and on.
  12. Cool! I'll be there the 18th, visiting my colleagues from http://saabgroup.com/ (stand no. 23) See you then!
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