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  1. Installation of old Steel Beasts

    Hi All, Thank you to everyone for your help and interest. I downloaded Version 3. It took me a few tries but I now have Version 3 running. It was a bit of work but I like solving software "mysteries".........sometimes. John
  2. Steel Beasts "Summer Camp"

    I am retired and Family will be visiting for Christmas. However, being retired, I am pretty much free but for Christmas Eve and Day. 22 DEC - 06 JAN is fine for me. I am in Toronto Canada so that is 5 hrs behind GMT. However I often stay up late so I may be able to attend as I imagine you will try to arrange timing to include the maximum amount of people. Thank you for trying to organize this.
  3. Installation of old Steel Beasts

    Thank you. That really worked well. It says I have version 3.00. I took a screenshot that I will attach to the email I send to Snake.
  4. Installation of old Steel Beasts

    Thank you Gibsonm and Rotareneg for your helpful replies.
  5. Installation of old Steel Beasts

    Thank you for your reply. I have watched some video of scenarios on youtube and they looked good and had the right feel. I will look at some of the AAR's.
  6. Hi, I bought the Steel Beasts Professional PE software quite a while ago. The manual says it requires Windows XP or 2000. The date on the CD is 2007. There is another number on the CD as well 01-0128-20500. I cannot see anywhere in the manual or on the CD what version it is. I have the my original CD and my original Codemeter. When I start installation there is no choice of installation path. The default is C: and my C: drive is only for my operating system. I never had the time to give the Game the attention needed to learn how it works properly. So I uninstalled it. Now I am retired and I have time. Here are my questions that I am hoping to be helped with. 1. Is there a way to choose the installation path for my current game version? 2. I enjoy using Infantry. As I recall in my early version the infantry model was not very comprehensive. If I upgrade I presume the latest version 4 has the best Infantry model. Is that right? 3. Can I use my current codemeter? 4. Perhaps someone can suggest the best way for me to go about upgrading, and if I should upgrade to version 3 or 4? Thanks for taking the time to read my post. John
  7. Mouse Scrolling Speed

    Thank you. I shall have to try that.
  8. Mouse Scrolling Speed

    Thank you for your reply.
  9. Mouse Scrolling Speed

    Thanks for your reply. I mean when you use the mouse to scroll around the terrain in the gunners position and for targeting before you lase.
  10. Does anyone know of a way to adjust the mouse scrolling speed?
  11. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    More optional views and optional floating coins to enable playing steel beasts as a wargame. Being able to open the map in a window while remaining in the 3d view. If the above were implemented then Steel Beasts could be, in addition to a detailed simulation, a great wargame. I believe lots of wargamers would like to have it.
  12. Infantry questions.

    Thank you once more Mark.
  13. Infantry questions.

    I have been looking, but I can't find answers to the following; The manual explains, under the specialist tutorial, how various "leg" units work. However it is not made clear how they move. Am I correct to think they move in the same way as vehicles? It is explained how helicopters transport troops but does not tell you how to load them. I am not talking about moving company's or platoons but an odd unit here and there. How is that done? Any help is much appreciated.
  14. Tips on Graphic Card Settings

    Thanks for your reply.