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  1. Yeah, we aren't exactly happy about that bug since we will never know how many scenarios are contaminated with it, and each duplicate ID has the potential to do bad things if undetected. Unfortunately there is no easy way to identify such scenarios - other than loading the scenarios in the Mission Editor, then unloading all infantry from all vehicles, and finally checking for the duplicate IDs in the Mission Debugger.
  2. Yeah, there seems to be something odd about that specific round (it's now bug #10215 ... and was filed as #9809 before, actually). What threw me off was that there were two vehicles with different behavior reported (that they had different ammo wasn't mentioned). Anyway, thanks for bringing this up; I hope to get this fixed with version 4.3.
  3. Interesting. As an HE round, the overpressure from impact shouldn't generate that much dust - more than a pure KE round for sure, but it'd be mostly the spray of fragments, not the barely three grams of RDX that it carries. I can see no inherent reason why it would kick up a lot of dust at the muzzle, except for the type of terrain tile you're on. Which, I suspect, is the real reson here. That twho BTR-60s are baheving differently can only be explained with variations in the terrain. The height of the muzzle above ground plays a role (but is identical), so the question is whetner one is standing on at tile with a high dustiness setting while the other is not. For this you'd have to change the terrain theme of the map you're using, or at least to inspect it. The following video covers mobility parameters, but dust settings are in the same dialog: Now, you can simply replace the theme in your scenario (Map menu), or choose to adjust the existing theme. It seems that if you're so surprised the one vehicle kicks up lots of dust and not the others, that the overall dustiness settings for the different tile types are highly imbalanced - something that I do not recommend. If you're in a dusty region of the world, the dust tends to be everywhere, even if some places are still worse than others. in any given map and scenario, the player should always experience only gradual differences.
  4. I suppose it'd be a worthy thing to have in SB Pro. If anyone plans to make one, I'd be interested in acquiring the rights to distribute it officially. Otherwise I will commission the work internally, but no guarantees as to how soon we can put it in.
  5. Editing costs time, however. All the more it's appreciated.
  6. Obviously not. But who cares, the end result is nice.
  7. Thanks for cutting them to resonable lengths.
  8. Seems to work again. ...and best wishes, by the way.
  9. The "Kill when hit" option is active in these missions, which requires a projectile interaction with something stronger than a coax bullet. However, there will be fragments from HEAT rounds that have more power ... so, it can happen.
  10. IMO, you want to have a tool for blending one scene into another. VideoStudio Pro goes totally overboard with a gazillion blending effects, but it has the three to five that you really need and you can, once in a while, pick another. The "big irons" offer handling multiple video tracks that you can blend into another. The number of occasions where you really NEED this, for hobby productions, is close to zero. So that's the main difference in cost between <100 and >300...700...5,000 ... needless to say, the time to render such a video with multiple blended video tracks increases exponentially with the number of track blends (possibly divided by the number of CPU cores that a video editor supports). So, among the hobby products line, the question primarily is, which of the products will crash the least while you're working on a new project because that's going to be the most annoying issue. Forget about long feature lists; just check which product has the reputation of being most reliable. There's going to be a small fraction of haters for every product, either because they happen to have one of the few hardware/driver combinations that simply produce errors, or because, what nobody will admit in a review, their PCs are badly maintained abominations with outdated drivers and possibly some virus infections. That's not to say that VideoStudio Pro will never crash. Occiasionally it does. The question is more, which of the lot will be the least unstable for you, relatively speaking. At the end it's always going to be a leap of faith.
  11. Steel Beasts shows the path to the map files that it uses under Main Menu ... Options ... File Paths You should then compare the contents of that folder with the one you thought you were using. Then copy one into the other, skip all identical files, and then either change the file path (if you copied from the current location to the desired folder), or leave things the way they are (on startup, SB will scan the contents of the map packages folder, and recognize the added maps). Once that you're confident that the file copy process was successful, delete the other folder, and you're done.
  12. Thanks, we're on it, bug #10210 if I remember correctly.
  13. No, we could at best create differen Dlta map without buildings (and so can you). Once published, it can't be retracted.
  14. I made all my 4.1 ad clips with Corel (formerly known as ULead) VideoStudio Pro (19, 21). 70 bucks, and a decent package. Adobe Premiere would be overkill IMO, especially since learning it will consume a considerable amount of time.
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