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  1. Ssnake

    Fullscreen Crash

    There should be crashdumps. In the Windows Start Menu | eSim Games | Steel Beasts Pro PE | Troubleshooting you will find a shortcut to the folder where crashdumps would be found (look for SBProPE.... .dmp files). Please zip them send them to me (Ssnake at eSimGames), along with the URL to this thread. If after switching to fullscreen mode Steel Beasts no longer wants to start properly, the Troubleshooting folder (see above) contains a shortcut to start it in "safe mode". Finally, at least as a temporary workaround, there's a command line option to start SB Pro in borderless wi
  2. Maybe Minden, which would be found in the western parts of the Hannover-Weserbergland map.
  3. Please circumscribe your question more. When relying on machine translation, context plays a big role in making the translation result understandable. It seems like you are talking about Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs). Per favore, circoscriva meglio la sua domanda. Quando ci si affida alla traduzione automatica, il contesto gioca un ruolo importante nel rendere comprensibile il risultato della traduzione. Sembra che lei stia parlando di veicoli da combattimento di fanteria (IFV). Also, please TYPE your text in the "submit reply" box of this forum software, or
  4. a. I'm sorry, but I don't understand your question. Maybe it's better to write it in Italian. That way I can try different machine translations, or pass it on to a team member who speaks it. b. Please paste your text as "plain text" rather than as "code", makes it much easier to read.
  5. Wouldn't these be better announced in the Calendar? (Of course you could do both)
  6. A joystick is a possible piece of equipment to use, but not essential. In the advanced properties of the game controller entry, make sure it's set to be the preferred device.
  7. No. The intended purpose of the function is to create traffic from civilian pedestrians and cars. It also works for military units, but it's hard to imagine an application case that could be considered tactically sound and realistic. I'm afraid so. But! You can copy such a route chain, once defined, and then paste it to the rest of your regiment:
  8. Not if you're willing to compromise on the screen resolution and detail level. With a GTX1050, 4K resolutions are right out, obviously. But you might actually get substantially better performance if you were willing to consider a 1280x720 resolution. I happen to disagree with the default settings for terrain detail. I'd reduce the ground clutter to 10...15% to boost the frame rate, and rather have a higher than 50% setting for the terrain geometry slider to reduce "mountain popping". Other than that, the user's manual describes which of the graphics settings usually have the biggest influence.
  9. As realistic as we can make it, based on publicly available sources, on a desktop PC. There are obvious limits to what you can achieve when the primary interface is a mouse and a keyboard. The user's manual contains a few appendices discussing the fidelity of the underlying models. I have yet to see other simulation games that offer a similar degree of transparency.
  10. We've been around for about 20+ years now. But progress has been made.
  11. I don't think so, but maybe as a representative of the company I'm not particularly trustworthy yet. And then this name...
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