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  1. as long as the waypoint on which the unit arrives has NO waypoint tactic assigned, the unit will, on arrival, check all routes leading away from this waypoint. It will test all routes with embark conditions first, and if no embark condition is met, take the ("first") unconditioned route. (...and since you have no way of knowing which of the unconditioned routes is the first one, make sure that there's only ONE unconditioned route and you're golden.)
  2. Well, if you can narrow it down to something specific, we'd very much welcome it (you seem to have the best understanding at the moment under which conditions it might happen).
  3. Abraxas is right. The values range from 0.00 to 0.99 It's 100 discrete values so we're not robbing you of a percentage point, we're just start counting from zero. Don't be ashamed; in programming, "off by one" counting is among the top five errors that programmers make.
  4. I'm not sure what this is about, TBH. The smallest coin of this game is the weapons team/half squad, and the training audience as far as SB Pro as a training tool is concerned are junior leaders of any army branch as well as AFV crews. From that follows that if we can't get the infantry AI good enough to handle itself reasonably well all by its own, we have to provide the means to a player in the infantry squad leader position to resolve possible deficits in areas such as target prioritization personally where needed. Since I took control of development we added a ton of infantry
  5. Ssnake


    The classroom version of Steel Beasts can import LIDAR scan data (ASCII Grid) as well as DTED and shape files. Some people here might be willing to do you a favor and collect the needed data from public sources if you can give the exact coordinate of the southwest corner, and the desired map dimensions. Whether the quality of the publicly available data matches your ideas of perfection is, of course, a different matter.
  6. Well, what can I say. I wouldn't expect micracles, but they may still perform fine.
  7. That's not easy to answer. - With stronger graphics cards, version 4.1 (and 4.2) runs generally faster than SB Pro PE 4.0. - Medium class graphics cards don't seem to profit much, but they fare no worse. - For rather old graphics cards, the optimizations that we managed to squeeze from the code have no effect, and some additional tricks to make things look pretty cost additional frame rate. So, your mileage will vary. Upgrading to a version 4.1 classic license from 4.0 would cost you $30.- (and you could participate in multiplayer sessions with the rest of the commu
  8. Allegedly it has (sensor resolution 1280x1024); this here seems to be the most detailed paper publicly available: https://www.ama-science.org/proceedings/download/ZGLlBN==
  9. There is a network experience to be had, just not at any given moment but during scheduled events. Mostly with people who are competent in their play and teamwork. Wouldn't that be a nice change?
  10. In another 15...20 years we may have reached the break-even point, with the expenses that we had to set this up. The expenses weren't great, mind you, but it's not as if a tank themed lifestyle is everybody's unfulfilled dream.
  11. Difficult to say. It's probably fastest and safest to plug in the CM stick, and then to run CmDUST. After it's done, please send me the "CmDust-Result.log" file by email attachment. I'll have a look at it.
  12. Happy to assist in sending out emails to both of you, if you both agree. Just drop me a line.
  13. Context would be helpful in cases like these. Did it happen in single player mode or a network session? On the host machine or a client? Was the infantry unit killed, or ownership transferred, did they mount a vehile or were on board of a helicopter that was shot down, ... we can fix only what we can replicate.
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