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  1. Ssnake

    Portable Dongle

    If you had a CmStick/C and would like to transfer your licenses, we would certainly assist in that.
  2. You have mail, but as suspected, I need to contact tech support myself.
  3. Welllll... not for the AI controlled members in your platoon. But since the AI Gunner will ask you to confirm targets that he spots rather than open fire independently, this kinda does change the fire control orders in the sense that it puts a human into the loop; a failure to confirm the fire order effectively is like a "hold fire" order.
  4. If a human player is in the observer's or commander's seat, a unit is automatically in assault mode (and it's up to the player to tell the vehicle (/platoon) to stop, assume battleposition, open/hold fire, etc. To that extent movement tactics-dependent behaviors are all disabled. Just so we're all working from the same page.
  5. Effective yesterday, license tickets can only be activated if you have the CodeMeter runtime software 7.10a (or later) installed. Get it from here: https://www.wibu.com/support/user/downloads-user-software.html
  6. Note that license tickets cannot be activated anymore if you haven't upgraded to version 7.10a
  7. CodeMeter runtime version 7.10a is now available.
  8. Ssnake

    CTD 4.167

    Yes, please! Keep 'em coming.
  9. Ssnake

    CTD 4.167

    Which slider? Also, if you can find the other DMP files, please send them anyway. We really don't like crash bugs in our software, even the ones that can be seemingly "resolved" with a slider adjustment. It's like inviting vampires into your home.
  10. Ssnake

    CTD 4.167

    Are you sure about the debug file that you sent? The file says that it crashed in Friday, July 3rd, 2 minutes (not 32) into running, and that it was version 4.162, not 4.167 as you described here...?
  11. Ssnake

    My toy

    Can you contact me by email with some details about you and your project?
  12. While I suspect that they could compete with the Leo 2 on a price level, I wonder what customers would purchase them. Those that have Leopards will continue using them. France will stick to their Leclercs. I don't see Italy giving up their Arietes for Polish license-built Korean tanks. That leaves Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria. Admittedly, that could be a market.
  13. After purchase the eSim web shop should send two emails, one of them being the license ticket with a more or less cryptic web link. This thread describes the details of the activation procedure:
  14. Ssnake

    CTD 4.167

    ALL the time with ANY scenario? Please send me the CrashDump files. See here:
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