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  1. Good ideas. This may actually be less of a topic for eSim Games specifically - not that I'm looking for an easy cop-out - since 30% of it seem to deal with established customs and practices of the community. Maybe you disagree, but I see our role more in "how-to" and "why" type of videos dealing with the simulation as a tool, less in "what to do with it". I guess, it's my long-winded approach to hint as politely and respectfully at that I wouldn't mind at all if someone would preempt us.
  2. Yeah, me too. Still a good way ahead, unfortunately.
  3. For version 5, we're planning to add integrated filter tools to help you search for certain categories of scenarios much quicker. Of course, automated scenario scanning can do only so much, if the forces you control gradually expand with events, or if they depend on random variables.
  4. We have these wonderful badges. Can we create a line for people who rate scenarios and provide feedback?
  5. I for one welcome requests for scenarios with a specific scope.
  6. Ssnake

    Crash to desktop

    Thank you for this very detailed report. We'll investigate shortly.
  7. There are obvious pitfalls in this business, and hidden ones. Not every detail is worth (or necessary) knowing.
  8. Well, doing the same old shit in exciting new ways.
  9. At least, there is no inherent function in Steel Beasts to adjust the joystick response function.
  10. Japanese and Korean would be very welcome additions. Italian, Greek, anyone?
  11. Don't want to hijack the thread but it seems to fit best in here (though even veteran players might still want to check it out):
  12. Still in Hanover, different street though.
  13. Still there, but I guess I don't count.
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