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  1. Yes... except, that it isn't quite so easy. In Steel Beasts, nothing is easy, ever.
  2. While we rate it as invalid, we're still working on a fix, and I think it'll make it into the next patch.
  3. Ssnake

    Monolithic Wall

  4. In real life, you'd see an MG there, yes.
  5. Yes... we will address it (already working on it). But it's one of those "big ticket" development items, right up there with "new terrain engine" or "new HE model". It will get done, I just can't give you a deadline by which it'll be guaranteed to be solved.
  6. Yes. It could be a hardware issue. They are rare, but not entirely impossible. More likely however is a bug in a device driver.
  7. It's at the edge of the possible, I suppose, but the MTLB isn't very well protected and HEAT jets start to particulate after about 10...12 meters of air gap, but even then the individual jet fragments might have enough residual power to perforate the armor. If enough of them do that, even low likelihoods begin to accumulate to the point where a kill is not longer entirely unlikely. Our old model completely (almost) ignored the effects of premature detonation because of foliage collision. Now it is the norm, so we need to get accustomed to seeing it happen.
  8. Every legacy scenario contains the TER map of the section of the map that is being used for the scenario. To that extent both HGT and TER are not "required" just to play the scenario. But usually it's better to convert the full TER map in one go rather than creating multiple variants from different scenarios that may be partially overlapping. In many cases it's even possible to convert a scenario without having either the TER nor the HGT map, as the elevation data would often (but not always) be embedded in the SCE file as well. But in that case you'd need to extract both the height map and the TER map from the scenario first before converting the result, and then use the "replace map" option to pick the new map package. Details are described here, and there:
  9. Have you tried changing the Windows settings for font scaling?
  10. There would still be a crashdump file. The link to the folder where they are can be found in the Windows Start Menu / eSim Games / Steel Beasts / Troubleshooting. There's a link to a folder "CrashDumps", and in it there would be files like SBProPE64cm.exe.16944.dmp where the "16944" is a random number that would be different from file to file. Please zip the most recent file(s), then send them to me by email, ideally with a link to this forum thread. I'll pass it on to the programmers for inspection.
  11. It has to. The projectile is clockwise spin stabilized, and slow, so there will be noticeable drift at range. Also, crosswind could be a factor?
  12. Yes, of course. How else would we get such detailed access.
  13. No, but of course each HEAT warhead also produces overpressure and fragments. That being said, I think it may be a similar case as one of the other bugs we've been chasing lately where a HEAT round fired on tank fronts would fail to perforate the armor, but still kill the tank due to certain old mechanisms still being in place.
  14. I suppose the enemy snuck in and mined your breach lanes while you were slacking off with your "sleep" and "food" (what's next in your list of excuses, "job", "family"?) Seriously though, sounds like a bug/limitation of the "save in progress" feature.
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