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  1. Yes, they still need to be updated.
  2. In the Release Notes, as always.
  3. ...and I'm glad that we never militarized our society to that degree. Sure, it's tank themed and that's the only thing it has it going for it. But it's got to be seen in the whole context of preparing children's minds from Kindergarten age on for the inevitability of armed class struggle against the proto-fascist capitalist oppressors to the west. That's how much they hated and feared individual freedom.
  4. How could I not like it.
  5. Jolly Roger Alway be yarrrrself, unless you can be a pirate. Then be a Pirate!
  6. Ssnake


    There's what's tactically sound, and then there's what's socially acceptable in a first person shooter tank game.
  7. We're going to review the whole feature; how quickly that will be possible I can't say at this point. I'd like to have the feature refined along the following lines: - For computer-controlled units, there should be party-specific behavior sets. - For player-controlled units, player preferences should apply (and not the host's settings for all).
  8. I added them because I got my hands on the necessary data sheets, not because they are vastly different. Their main property differences are: DM31: 10g HE filler, no tracer DM41: 8g HE filler, with tracer DM51: 6.5g HE filler, w/ tracer DM81: 10g HE filler again, w/tracer Since the amount of HE filler varies between "very little" and "even less so" the performance differences are probably rather subtle. I could imagine that the technical history was like this: In the 1950s, "We have this small caliber, let's put as much HE into it as we can, tracer be damned!" In the 1960s "Come on, let's compromise here and sacrifice just two grams of RDX for a tracer element!" In the 1970s, "Dammit, the fuzes need to be more reliable. What good are 8g of HE if they end up as duds?" (something that we don't simulate) In the 1980s, "Whee, we made progress with fuze construction, and we decided to have both tracer and no tracer rounds in mixed belts!" However, I'm speculating here.
  9. The design intent was to leave the actual behavior of own troops to the player, rather than let the mission designer dictate how everybody's supposed to behave. You can make the case for either solution, but if you consider the current one "messy", so is the alternative since it takes away the authority from the owning player to decide how his own troops are supposed to behave tactically. If in doubt, I tend to give the player more freedom of choice.
  10. Double posting is not required.
  11. See my reply here:
  12. No, SB Pro before 4.1 would read both raw and hgt files indiscriminately, they're both of the same data format anyway.
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