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  1. Pause the (network) session in Map view (Pause key), then open the File Menu, "Save as..."
  2. Ssnake


    We changed things a bit with, I think, version 4.1 already that may affect legacy Terrain Themes. To give you more variety of vegetation and rocks rather than the global 128 objects of prior versions, we implemented an object palette for each Terrain Theme so you can throw out the palm trees if you build a tundra Theme, or remove the pines if you go tropical, etc. As a consequence, some Themes may now have a somewhat wacky combination of objects. There's no way around it, you either simply replace the Theme in your scenario, or you edit it if you actually have saved it out as a THM file. Note, in the Documentation folder, the Map Object Catalog with the index number for each tree and stone.
  3. If it can't be found in your spam folder immediately after the purchase, it's rather unlikely that it will appear there. Rather, it's usually being held up by the shop software (as explained above). But we regularly check for torsos clogging the chute, and then Leroy will pry them loose with his digital broomstick. Artist's rendition:
  4. In cases like these, it's best to contact Shipping (@eSimGames); that being said, since we switched from our own web shop to that of a web shop company, there's a fraud prevention mechanism that, for example, triggers whenever someone's IP address is from a different country than the billing/shipping address; this could indicate something fishy, but usually it's quite harmless - when customers use a VPN gateway while ordering. As a consequence, a human must authorize the execution of the purchase, and we only have the time to do this maybe two to three times a day or so (we have no full-time employee to tend this web shop exclusively; Steel Beasts isn't that popular). I'm not saying that you shouldn't alert us early. When there was no such fraud prevention mechanism in our web shop, a delay in the delivery of the license did, indeed, signal some sort of a problem. As explained above, these days it happens more often but usually for inocuous reasons; so, keep calm, send us an email, then carry on. Eventually the email with the license ticket will arrive, or we will send you an email telling you that we just refunded your money for some reason.
  5. We need to differentiate between Callsigns (that's what's exposed in the UI and in the dialog mentioned by Mike further above), and CombatantIDs (which is what Steel Beasts internally uses). Dupicate Callsigns are bad for users, but as long as the CombatantIDs are unique, no problem for Steel Beasts.
  6. We cannot rule out (at this point) that they have a similar problem with unit IDs. If that user happened to be the only one to interact with a unit with invalid ID, it may be coincidence. Or we're dealing with more than one issue, that certainly is also a possibility.
  7. Invalid combatant IDs are a bit of a lurking horror just beyond your peripheral vision. Things can go about normally for a good while until there's some form of an interaction with them that changes their status (like, shooting them, or a collision damage). Once that this happens, the wrench is thrown into the gearbox with the associated "funny effects".
  8. In what way do you not get the multiplayer thing running? Did you try the Search function on this forum? Chances are, you aren't the first for whom this question came up (and was solved here).
  9. You have mail.
  10. I don't know if T, used from the CDR's position, really helps to make the AI GNR switch to the new target; its original intention was for the gunner to temporarily "stun" the AI CDR's attempts to redesignate or to change to a different target right in the middle of an engagement. But if it helps, maybe something happened in the last years that I missed, so I guess it's worth trying out. It may however just as well be that the fact that you're overriding the gunner and take the time to press T gives him that one extra second to recognize the new target in his sight, and simply switches to it because the intent is now clear. A super-quick target handover might fail if the gunner doesn't "see" the new target, and "because there isn't anything here" goes back to the location where he knows enemy to be hiding.
  11. FWIW, I've filed a Bugzilla entry (#11621) to allow the human Bradley commander to override the AI Gunner with launcher control.
  12. It was designed to be one, but the customer never really followed up on it after delivery. Other than your emotional discomfort (and I'm not mocking you), I really see no disadvantage in the AI always having the launcher ready. It's no impediment when vacating a position, and it's better to have it ready "just in case" than being surprised by needing it, and then having to wait until it's in position. 10 more seconds of exposure, plus missile flight time.
  13. Yeah, N means "lean forward" in 3D interiors, where "forward" is the direction in which you look.
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