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  1. Sometimes it's sufficient to resize the window (which however can't be done in borderless window mode; but maybe ... if you click twice on the Steel Beasts icon on the task bar Windows minimizes the application, and then if you restore the window by clicking the task bar icon one more time this might fix the issue too.
  2. If they are dead infantry, you can ignore them, even if it may remain a mystery how they were added in the first place.
  3. Ssnake

    License Failure

    Old time-limited licenses will be used up before a new one gets "opened", and will therefore report that it is about to expire. Once that it has expired, the message will go away (and the new license will be used seamlessly).
  4. Ssnake

    Start Error

    Please contact me or Sales by email. I shall respond as soon as I'm back in the office.
  5. The reason has been found, and fixed. Basically it can happen anytime to any vehicle, even in version 4.357, but it happens randomly, depending on what data are in your system memory ("uninitialized pointer").
  6. Yes, one case. A famous one. CMOH material, as Volcano labelled it. It shouldn't be the norm. The norm is that loader and driver decide that they have used up enough of their luck for the day, and that they need to care of the sticky goo on the walls and the charred pieces of flesh that moments ago were their crew buddies. Maybe we can apply a bit more granularity one day, but right now we can't, so a lone loader won't do much. You could rationalize this that he's busy enough administering first aid to keep the severely wounded crew members from dying, until an ambulance comes along to restore them. Which is miraculous enough for my taste.
  7. Uh, you can set different formations for units on waypoints now, it's a 4.3 feature.
  8. If it never happens with a stripped-down version of the scenario, that would be a clue in itself. We don't know when, where, or why it happens. You know THAT, and where it happens. Lead us to the case, and we'll investigate.
  9. ...to do what, realistically speaking?
  10. At the moment I don't have an answer, but needless to say, this doesn't sound good, if true. Are you certain that the units don't actually embark, but then fail to actually drive forward? (The battle position symbol at their location would still be there if the decision to embark wasn't made, but gone if it was en route but not making progress traveling).
  11. This is a good suggestion. It might get lost due to the circumstances (me on the mobile rather than in the office), so may I ask you to sebd me an email to remind me about this?
  12. We'll have to investigate - well, Volcano, mostly.
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