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  1. I've never heard of this specific causality (lower resolution forces higher brightness), so I think it's coincidence. But --- monitors/computers may regulate their brightness settings depending on power savings state. Starting SB Pro might force the computer from a "reduced energy consumption" mode to "full performance" mode where in the energy profile the monitor brightness level is set higher than normal.
  2. No, the 4.1 license will simply remain valid. And we're in "December territory" for the release. Too many urgent bugs still that surfaced recently, and we'd like to have one week where nothing major pops up and known major bugs have been fixed. And I'm sure, that how you'd like us to handle it.
  3. This here is the main one. The rest - it's a toss-up at best.
  4. We cannot give guarantees of full compatibility with every mod. Glass armor being one of those cases. But you could create road segments in the Map Editor where you want earth walls, then raise the roads (at least in 4.2 that should work more reliably), then delete those segments (but keep their embankments). Problem solved.
  5. You want a Headless Thompson Gunner?
  6. I suppose it's too late for the undo? 4.2 will fix a number of issues with all this. Also, there'll be a height cloning tool that would allow you to press those humps back in.
  7. No. Changing the graphics card will not invalidate your license. This basically only happens if you have to reinstall Windows. Take those extra 85.- dollars and either put them in the savings jar, or go for a slightly better graphics card than the 1030 that you're considering. I'm with Gibsonm here. Don't upgrade your machine. Go and play in a network session. Then decide if you want a new graphics card. while you play single player sessions, consider modifying them in the mission editor for low visibility settings. Trees that you can't see because of the bad weather are trees that the graphics card need not render.
  8. That map itself doesn't seem to be a stock file that would be included in the Steel Beasts Map Packages installer (at least I don't seem to have it among MY map packages). Which installer is this? Where did you get that map from? FT_Benning_10m_299vu [autocreated base]
  9. I should point out that we made the decision to not include the Vamtac with the Mistral launcher. It simply isn't mature yet.
  10. The Iranian Expat owner of a local copy shop, as it turned out, was a BMP driver in the first Gulf War (you remember, the one between Iraq and Iran where Saddam Hussein was still an American ally). He wasn't exactly happy about that job, but glad to have made it alive.
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