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  1. I can but recommend to run the 4.259 bundle installer one more time to make sure that you have the latest version installed, and that the installation is complete. At the very least, your Steel Beasts executable is still from January, not March, so probably 4.250 rather than 4.259. Who knows what else may have gone wrong.
  2. Not sure what you want to say with this command line script file, but it's not what I asked for.
  3. As a start, please run Steel Beasts in debug mode, do what you do to produce the error, then close SB and locate the fresh debugLog.txt which I will need when presenting your case to a programmer.
  4. That requires a lot more context, and possibly an email to me.
  5. I'll venture a guess without even watching the video, and say the answer is "No". I know, it's the age of clickbait titles, but jeez... A planetary renderer ist a nice gimmick to produce beautiful scenes for screenshots and ten-second video snippets, but at the end of the day you still need to fill it with players, and the bigger the area the lower the player density. And a planet is a REALLY BIG area. Landscape is one thing, but you also want (human) infrastructure - roads, houses, twons, cities, industrial zones, airports, harbours ... in short, objectives worth fight
  6. Both "Tanks! Again" and "Instant Action" are pretty much the opposite of a realistic scenario. So, I would not use them as the metric to rate your own competence. That being said, Instant Action at least requires you to seek hull-down positions along the north-south oriented ridge line, defending against enemy mostly coming from the south-east. Also, you can't stay for too long in one place. You need to shoot maybe two or three tanks, then back up to break line of sight, and displace behind the ridge to an alternate position; rinse and repeat. Note that there are a few natural choke points - t
  7. There's truth in both views. We can't easily dismiss the threat potential of loitering munitions and, especially, mass-produced and autonomously operating flying killbots. At the same time multiple vectors for defense against UAVs are possible - be they kinetic, electronic warfare, softkill systems, or attacks through the cyber domain (in case of autonomous, network-centric systems). Some light reading: https://www.japcc.org/portfolio/a-comprehensive-approach-to-countering-unmanned-aircraft-systems/
  8. Ssnake


    You have mail. Basically, since Brexit, we can only sell you time-based licenses rather than classic licenses. There are minor functional differences, but overall I think it's a viable alternative. At least, it's the one alternative that we can offer, and I'm glad that we established that option eight years ago already, so we could collect some experience with its reliability.
  9. I can't answer that question. But TO&Es don't change rapidly. You need to have new equipment to begin with, or at least you'd be restructuring forces with different number while keeping the same systems in use. I would expect changes in the SigInt and EW departments, possibly also artillery and air defense, especially against UAVs. But what these changes are, I couldn't tell. It's just that these are the areas with the biuggest changes in the threat profile, so some response would be to be expected.
  10. Well, I'm glad it's working out now. And I hope that Steel Beasts will do justice to the investment into a new computer.
  11. Future versions of Steel Beasts will reflect these emerging threats.
  12. There were changes, but these were definitely not intended. It was supposed to become easier, actually. It's now registered as bug #9748.
  13. ...and their all-time classic, "Hans ... are we the baddies?"
  14. Aside from the tips and workarounds as described above, No. The Leopardo 2E has a nifty feature where if you are in the vision block view and you spot a target, you can pull a cord that is mounted above the vision blocks which senses the direction into which you're looking, and this will steer the periscope into that direction. In Steel Beasts, that's simulated with Shift+Arrow Up, if I remember it correctly. Then you switch to the peri or TIM view (F3, or F2) fine-tune the crosshairs if necessary, and then override the gunner (Shift+Arrow up again). But, that's only the Leopa
  15. Ssnake


    We'll release a tutorial video about it which is still in production. In a nutshell, park your tank next to a supply truck and wait. You can't move while you refill, there can't be enemy in sight.
  16. Ssnake

    M1117 Stryker

    Captain Ed, as a young Lieutenant, also created the Hohenfels height map.
  17. OK. I suspect that it will show the right location immediately after the session, but not when loading a saved AAR. The question is now, does it get saved in the AAR by the Host, or the owning Client, or none of them. But this is something that we can investigate. This is now bug 9747.
  18. It has been registered as bug #8123, just FYI.
  19. ...and I presume the Red CO was a client, not the host of the session? Were you the Red CO? Or someone else? Did you notice the absense of the AT ditch immediately after the game session, or later when you loaded the AAR file? Have the game host and/or the Red CO client saved the AAR file from that session? Do their AAR files show the AT ditch in the right location? Is the AT ditch entirely gone, or is it still there, just in the wrong location (like, where it was at the start of the Planning Phase)?
  20. Was this a network session? On which map is the scenario based? Is the AT ditch immovable, or was it adjusted during the Planning Phase? (and if so, by Client or by Host?)
  21. Seriously, this scenario appears to be so simple, why not make one like it yourself. Pick a map. Right-click New Unit ... Infantry ... Missile Team; right-click again, Optional Weapon, pick one; right-click again, Set Ammunition, pick a missile. Change parties, Right-click, New Unit ... Tanks ... pick one. Right-click again, New Route, set something oodling. Right-click the unit one more time, Options, Set Status ... Blind. Boom, done.
  22. Try to keep it under 14 kilometers. Anything above 5...8km visibility at the ground level would be rare conditions anyway except maybe in deserts while not much dust is drifting in the air.
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