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  1. It seems like there's generally a bug that lets AI units keep engaging units behind terrain cover. This may be related to it.
  2. The same way, once that you receive the CM stick by mail. If you have the stick already, plug it in, visit the same ticket page, and select the picture of the CM stick on the right. This will let you then activate the license, provided you're NOT using MS Edge as the browser.
  3. In the future, they will orient automatically in the direction of the first route.
  4. Can you make a few screenshots maybe (Win+Print creates a screenshot in your "My Pictures\Screenshots" folder), and then load them up to some picture website, and then send me the links by email? - of the folder into which you downloaded the installation files - of the error message that pops up
  5. If I come across as less helpful, I'm sorry. I'm currently out of office so I have only little time to devote to customer support right now, and at the same time your case sounds very mysterious, so I'm not even sure what to advise unless I have a full appreciation of the situation.
  6. Even then, ...part1.exe of the map package installer is an executable program. Unless something's seriously messed up on that computer, there is just no way how an executable should be attempted to be opened by Adobe Reader.
  7. I would have thought so, too.
  8. I think we have a section in the user's manual about that.
  9. Yes, that was the idea. "[H][F]" would be the key sequence to break a loop of repeating ineffective fires. Your gunner shouldn't fire on his own anyway, unless you give the [Shift]+[Space] command to fire and adjust; rather, I recommend to scan for targets, override the gunner until he acknowledges the new target, then release him and press [Space] to order him to fire.
  10. I wouldn't even know why the Adobe reader would pop up when you start a setup program, unless it's popping up when you try to open the Release notes. Please clarify.
  11. The Release Notes for version 4.162 (to be found on the eSim Games Downloads page) have a step-by-step description to guide you through the process. If you get stuck despite having had a look at them, the best start in the support process is to describe up to which point you got and what it is that got you stumped now.
  12. Crank the ground clutter slider to max, increase the road detail level, add more units to a scenario. Eventually, something will give.
  13. It shouldn't be like that, I agree.
  14. Min range of the A1 is 7,500m (vs 5,000 for the M26).
  15. No, it seems like I confused the fact that squads no linger internally converge on a single point, but apparently platoons still do. This is the next step.
  16. You mean, "ever"? Probably September, October 2000, version 1.10 or so.
  17. If you leave out version 4.0 and use 2.370 and 4.162 only, at least the map data should no longer conflict as 4.1 uses map packages while 2.3 uses the classic HGT and TER files. Mods won't work properly. Scenarios are probably hit/miss. I would install SB Pro PE 4.1 first, then go in to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\sce\ and rename the subdirectories to "4-1_[old name]" with the exception of z_reserved. Likewise, maybe add a 4-1 directory in "my scenarios" and push all the new scenarios there. Then install SB Pro PE 2.37, and all the new files in C:\ProgramData... belong to 2.370. Now, you could repeat the trick and rename all the folders than don't start with a 4-1_ prefix (except z_reserved) to give them a 2-3_ prefix. That way you can later see from the file path whether a certain scenario belongs to 4.1 or 2.3 z_reserved is a special case since it contains tutorial files and similar stuff. For all the old vehicles the old tutorials are probably just fine, all the new stuff wouldn't work in 2.3 anyway. But they may still be shown as available, so be prepared for disappointment in some cases. There isn't really much that could be done here unless you systematically test every file and rename them accordingly.
  18. The best method is to use the overhead view (F8, then F8 again) - if available in a given scenario - then to move from the TOS unit to the target area, and then to use the "suppress here" command (followed by a "hold fire" command soon after) to let them rip a missile or two. If you're forced to do this from the TOS unit's observer position, the accuracy is usually not very satisfactory due to the (lack of) accuracy in mouse pointer positioning (where a one pixel vertical deviation can result in a depth error of 50 or 100 meters)
  19. They no longer should, actually. If they do, I'd like to know which version you use and how you give the commands.
  20. There will be an update this year, yes.
  21. Yeah, well, not at all. Clearly, if you have a legacy rifled gun some of the advantages of newer designs are simply not viable, like higher chamber pressure combined with more efficient muzzle brake designs supporting APFSDS rounds (think of the DF90). If modern MBTs are your focus, even 105mm is no longer adequate - period. But not every tank in every war that you encounter is modern. Quite the opposite, what is it that you see in Africa, Syria - old T-72s, T-62s, T-55s, and not even thoroughly modernized ones. But come without a large caliber gun, you better have your ATGMs ready or else even a T-55 can still ruin your day.
  22. At the time material sciences weren't advanced enough to offer growth in penetration power other than by caliber inflation. Since the late 1970s however improvements in gun tube and projectile metallurgy have taken over (and sabot design know-how), putting the caliber growth to a rest that has lasted 50 years now. Maybe not forever. But today's 90mm munitions are substantially more powerful than those available in the late 1960s.
  23. Please remind me in March about this.
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