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  1. It's, well, a design decision that's ultimately subject to opinion. I figured that trying to come up with structured statements that would follow Boolean Logic would occupy too much of a user's attention when there's usually a lot of things going on, and would subject to an effect very similar to target fixation. These embark conditions etc. are heavily "system 2" driven (following D. Kahnemann's terminology), which is the equivalent to "heavy work" for the brain. But tactical decisions, I believe, are mostly System 1 driven - gut feelings, a sense of the situation that factors in more elements than you can easily name. And you need to develop the System 1 for tactical situations because a. you're working from an incomplete situational picture, b. you're working under information overload and under time pressure. The precious few bits of reserve capacity for analytical thought processes should not be consumed by the simulation's user interface, ideally. You may disagree with that design decision, that's cool. But I hope that the answer above at least illustrates that we didn't make these decisions on a whim.
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    Gunner HEAT PC

    The way I see it, commercial considerations aside, the only justification for releasing an Alpha version of a software is to invite feedback from the targeted customer demographic. If a developer can't handle constructive criticism, they shouldn't release early. As long as the criticism is respectful and focuses on what the products attempts to be, it is almost always helpful for a developer. Of course, "feedback" from the the proverbial internet basement nerd with the impulse control of a 14 year-old is best ignored, possibly even silenced because really nothing good will ever come from that.
  3. A $9.50 one-month license will answer that question. I don't know the answer. I'm skeptical. But who knows, you may find the result acceptable.
  4. I can but ask you to submit your details by email; please run the CmDUST diagnostic tool and attach it to your email to me. (In the Start Menu | CodeMeter program folder is a tool named "CmDUST"; run it. It will open a Windows File Explorer window at the end containing the "CmDust-Result.log" file.)
  5. If you have a CM stick, then no, your PE license will never expire. As to what happened in your case, from what you describe I can't say. Maybe you should first look up what your CM stick says about itself in the WebAdmin, see here: The next question is, do you get error messages? If so, please tell us the full text of every error message that you get on startup. The CodeMeter Control Center may also be useful to visit:
  6. Don't get me wrong. It's all doable. It requires however a concentrated effort both in the visuals, the AI, and possibly auxiliary issues such as preparing/marking positions with glow in the dark paint for NVG equipped drivers, light traps against infantry etc. At the same time you can't make night "too dark" when 80...90% of the important clues to the player are conveyed visually. If you make it too cinematic and the player can't see shit except for explosions and other lighting effects, there's only very little to be gained from a training perspective. It doesn't help that all the techniques described above are largely obsolete these days because none of our customers still uses searchlights, except for deterrence in peacekeeping operations. Which brings up the other aspect, AI reactions to being illuminated - freeze? dive for cover? Pop smoke? Rush forward? They need to be able to detect it and, depending on the circumstances, react accordingly.
  7. At this point, I simply don't know. I suspect that what happes is that every soldier who dies retains the ID of his squad/team. If that is the case, then we need an option to filter dead units from the Duplicate ID list to that they don't confuse. After all, it's entirely possible that there might be "true duplicate IDs" mixed with "dead duplicate IDs" and it's intolerable to expect from a mission designer to find out which of them is which. If they are all (or all but one) dead, then at least no bad stuff (TM) is to be expected, but in order to verify that we need this filter function for the list.
  8. I wouldn't rule out that it's "possible" but I don't remember us doing specific work in that field.
  9. Yes, it sounds very much like a joystick axis assignment problem.
  10. Thanks. This is now BZ 8704. If we're lucky, what we're seeing as duplicates are "just" all the dead characters retaining all the ID of their original formation. But even then there should be a filter button.
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    Not saying that; "combing through" however means to open the Wiki main page and to type "lemur" in the search field.
  12. Ssnake


    Who complained, the European Escalation makers? This looks like a straight rip-off (uh, "clone", an age-old honored game development tradition).
  13. That should (TM) not be necessary.
  14. Ambulance vehicles will still work as usual, as far as I am concerned. The medic team is a bonus. But I wouldn't rule out that in a few years a future version of Steel Beasts will shift the necromancy powers from the vehicle to its crew/dismounts. But then we'd auto-equip ambulances with medic teams when loading legacy scenarios.
  15. Do you still have the original scenario file, and the new variant of it?
  16. In principle, the tool will generate a log file which may shed some light on the whole matter. But maybe you should install the Map Packages in the first place, as available for download on the eSim Games homepage; the recommended installation sequence is to install the map packages first, but if you stick with the recommended installation path then you may also install it after the Steel Beasts installation. This should eliminate hopefully 95% of all cases where you might otherwise rely on the Transfer Manager. Which will receive an update in a few weeks, though there are no ground-breaking changes to be expected.
  17. Yeah, we looked into this. Right now there isn't much that I can recommend that you cold do. Eventually we'll update the Steel Beasts installer which would then hopefully make the error go away.
  18. Hard to say what went wrong, but the safest method is to apply the 4.167 full installer. This guarantees that the CodeMeter software is in place as well as all the needed files are in the right locations.
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    I will admit that the page could use some expansion but at least 2 out of three questions were answered in the SB Wiki: https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Lemur
  20. When I looked into the log I thought "See something, say something". 🙂
  21. Thanks. Looks like this was a bug that we discovered earlier on our own, so it's probably not a matter of packet loss, and the log file doesn't seem to have anything like this recorded. Note however that the scenario has duplicate unit IDs among the infantry. This is something for which to keep your eyes open because this can cause all kinds of nasty side effects (flags synchronization along breach routes in network session is not one of them however). The Mission debugger would tell you which units specifically (you may need to unload them).
  22. We're not wizards. We're engineers. We try to come up with the best solution, but that doesn't mean that we're never wrong. We had the one or other row about certain munitions here in the forum. If someone can demonstrate that our numbers are wrong, we've demonstrated that we're willing to change our minds. But you usually have to cross a high bar to convince us that our own research is invalid. That it's implausible or that you read something else "somewhere on the internet" is insufficient grounds to change data. If we did that we'd be chasing conflicting claims of different fan groups and be accused of favoritism all the time. To that that extent you can trust eSim Games to do our due diligence. We prefer using sourced data over speculation. But not alway is all the needed data available, and then we need to close those gaps with educated guesses.
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