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  1. XBox1 controller on PC

    I don't think it's the controller per se, but the question is which one is registered under Windows as the "preferred device". For Windows 10: Hit the Windows key once, type in "Gamecontr" to start the Gamecontroller app. There you'll see the list of devices registered as a game controller (e.g. in my case, it's ALSO listing the mouse, which may be counterintuitive). Click the button "advanced properties..." or whatever it's called in English Windows versions (mine is German, sorry), then select the joystick that you want to use with SB Pro. If you don't want to use a gamecontroller at all: In Steel Beasts you can open the "Controls" dialog from the main menu (or hit Alt+C at pretty much any time). In the upper left corner there are radio buttons to select either Joystick, or Control Handle input; below them is a box to "Disable Joystick input".
  2. Editing Scenario Map

    The same Map menu in the Mission Editor has a "Map Info" item that will display some information about the map files used to create the mission. These may or may not be available to you; the map extraction option is kinda "last resort"; ideally you will have the original maps available. In any case, if you want to edit the scenario's map, and extract it, you will have to give it a name, and probably not the one that's stored in the scenario itself. So, once that you're done with the editing you will want to use the "replace map" function to, well, replace the map that is embessed in the scenario with your new variant.
  3. BMP-2 turret speed in TC's sight?

    Actually, it's there - and about as loud or faint as other smoke popping ... it's just that the BMP is a rather noisy vehicle inside.
  4. Hummer M2HB MG mounts damaged on game launch

    Well, I could be wrong, but if all the scenarios that you tried were made in SB 1.x, then it's likely that it is the same problem affecting them all. In which case we already have a test scenario and a procedure to replicate the issue, which should make it possible to develop a fix. I wouldn't want you to bust your guts here; chances are, we have what we need.
  5. Hummer M2HB MG mounts damaged on game launch

    This is now bug 6884.
  6. History of US Tanks.

    SOME power loss appears inevitable if you reverse the air flow...
  7. History of US Tanks.

    So, in low clean mode, 27 puffs of dust every 15 minutes? Or are the solenoids fired so rapidly that it appears as a single puff (as seen in the video)? And after 30 minutes, a high clean interval could be triggered (if in a high dust environment), with nine puffs of dust in 10-second intervals, if necessary continuously until you're out of the dust? I presume that this comes with a loss of average engine power output, as it would alternate between 1500 and 1400 rpm?
  8. Hummer M2HB MG mounts damaged on game launch

    Are the vehicles placed inside of buildings, if you open the mission in the editor? At mission start all vehicles get bumped out of buildings, but I could imagine that attached guns might experience a collision with the building in the process. That's all conjecture, however, so this should be investigated first. Since it seems to happen reliably only to you, RedWardancer, you're the natural candidate for this investigation.
  9. History of US Tanks.

    How often would that happen? Once a day, every hour, every other minute? It is an automatic filter cleaning, I suppose?
  10. Yeah, not a "nice" solution, but maybe better than nothing at all.
  11. Could be that you need to use the Home key instead, if the M830A1 is loaded, and it's therefore internally handled as "ammo type #3".
  12. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    Yes... in a perfect world. Like so often, this is a matter of choosing priorities (and choose, we must). In the big picture, this is a relatively rare occurrence (not so rare that you would never notice it, but also not something that happens "all the time"), so it's "somewhere in the middle" of a rather long to-do list.
  13. The problem is that we don't have them for the other localizations, so we'd need to re-record all loaders' and commanders' voices to keep it consistent. Which is a lot of work for, well, let's call it a minor annoyance. It's an annoyance, all right, I'll be the first to admit it. But the question is, how high should it be up there in the priority list. You can only have a handful of things as "the" priority, by definition. If everything is "important", then nothing is.
  14. I think that's our subtle hint that you have indexed something that isn't loaded, or, as a commander, that you ordered to be the next round to be loaded (but the current chambered cartridge is of a different type)
  15. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    Yes, they can.
  16. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    Well the GTX for example - buying it banks on the idea that the real-time raytracing will actually take off and be one of the next big "things" in gaming. Some games will probably go fo it, but NVidia has also shown that they can ruin a great concept like PhysX by reducing it to a mere visual effect. Likewise, the i9 processor is about the most godawful expensive CPU for consumers that is floating around. It offers some extra performance in the single thread department but whether that's worth the significantly higher price is a question that everybody has to answer for himself; personally, I remain somewhat skeptical on the following grounds: Single thread performance has largely tapered off over the past five if not ten years. The times where significant raises in CPU clock were following Moore's law are long over, and they won't be coming back anytime soon (if ever), simply because we're approaching the limitations of the laws of physics themselves. Therefore, future gains in CPU performance can only be found in parallelization. It is true that many programmers still haven't well adapted to multithreaded programming; especially rewriting legacy code to utilize multi-core CPUs is quite a task (believe me). But even if software is somewhat slow to pick up this trend, it is unavoidable in the field of high performance computing (and that's what top of the line computer games and simulations are) Therefore, programmers don't really have much of a choice. Intel has held back larger numbers of cores in their CPUs simply because they could, and to protect the pricing of their server CPUs. As soon as AMD came around the corner with Threadrippers' 16 cores, all of a sudden Intel releases the i9. They could have done that years ago, but nobody threatened their monopoly, so why would they? "You don't need more than four cores (plus hyperthreading)", they said. While I agree that "futureproofing" a PC is an elusive goal, I'd still go for a 12 or 16 core CPU that is a bit slower in single thread performance these days but costs half the money and offers more PCI-E lanes for I/O for much less money than the i9. But that's just my personal point of view. Another factor to consider is power consumption and cooling. Raw computing power is less appealing it if comes with the howling of a battery of fans at max speed. A $2,000 gaming computer may only last for the next six years rather than the eight years that you might squeeze from the $3,000 machine but the saved $1,000 will buy you more computing power in six years than they do today.
  17. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    The RTX 2080 Ti is already overkill for VR sets. But, if you have the money, I'm sure it'll be a damn fine gaming machine for quite a while.
  18. The commander will order the ammo. As the gunner, you only index it to the ballistic computer. If you index a slow ammunition but fire one with a higher velocity, you will inevitably shoot long as too much superelevation gets added. It could of course also be the issue of M830 and M830A1 being both announced as "HEAT" by loader and commander but still having significantly different trajectories. These should never be mixed in the same ammo loadout, unless for the LULZ maybe.
  19. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    Could be that it was fixed since 4.023. Or maybe I'm completely off the charts.
  20. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    Personally, I think that machine is overspecced. Even though the single thread performance is lower than the i9's, I think you're better off with a Ryzen or Threadripper if you want to go all out. Likewise, if you don't plan for playing with a 4K monitor the RTX 2080 Ti is a waste of money: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-buying-guide,5844.html
  21. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    The damage needs to be specifically the immobilization of the vehicle - engine, or tracks, or driver. In that case infantry will leave the transport.
  22. Mounted troops don't dismount if vehicle is immobilized

    They do that automatically, already.
  23. For all your daily tanking needs, we've decided to put our artists on overtime to design the things that, so far, your wives sorely missed in your homes. Like, tank-themed mugs. Collect them all! Well, that may be a bit excessive. But surely you'll find the one that was made for you. And order one for her, too. She won't know what to say! You may notice that the poster preview shows a lot of white frame. We've test-ordered the poster artwork, and can assure you that this is an issue of the way how the Cafepress web code enforces all previews to fit a quadratic preview. Likewise, we can't properly show portrait format posters upright, so they all appear tilted to the left or right. Of course you are at liberty to pin the posters upside down - it's your home, after all. but the portrait posters were designed to fit doors, like the entrance to a properly tank themed game room. Or a man cave. Because there's nothing manlier thank tanks. Magnets: Right now there are only three, but dozens more will follow, ready to provide crucial fire support to your next fridge raid. The Cafepress mousepads are of the floppy rubber kind. Sadly we cannot provide copies of the world's best mousepads that we so foolishly hand out to strangers at ITEC and on other occasions, but, well, this is what we can do.
  24. Mugs! Posters! Mousepads! Magnets!

    ...and then, which stats to compile, and for which vehicles. All of them? Admittedly, I'm lazy here. It could be done but it's one hell of a task, and I just know that we'd only sell a handful of extra mugs. In the overwhelming majority of cases the effort will be wasted. With the current rate we'll break even with the costs of the artwork in about 16 years. In all fairness, the Cafepress shop wasn't set up to make money. It's a "not too expensive" element in our marketing strategy. Maybe I should be more obnoxious in my efforts to promote it, by putting links to the merchandise in every SB Wiki article.
  25. Setting quality

    That's precisely why we didn't make it a universal setting. The quality is however stored in a formation template (I think). So you would simply create a few mech platoon templates with different quality settings that you could later call, so you won't have to worry about these menial tasks again.