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  1. If a human player is in the observer's or commander's seat, a unit is automatically in assault mode (and it's up to the player to tell the vehicle (/platoon) to stop, assume battleposition, open/hold fire, etc. To that extent movement tactics-dependent behaviors are all disabled. Just so we're all working from the same page.
  2. Effective yesterday, license tickets can only be activated if you have the CodeMeter runtime software 7.10a (or later) installed. Get it from here: https://www.wibu.com/support/user/downloads-user-software.html
  3. Note that license tickets cannot be activated anymore if you haven't upgraded to version 7.10a
  4. CodeMeter runtime version 7.10a is now available.
  5. Ssnake

    CTD 4.167

    Yes, please! Keep 'em coming.
  6. Ssnake

    CTD 4.167

    Which slider? Also, if you can find the other DMP files, please send them anyway. We really don't like crash bugs in our software, even the ones that can be seemingly "resolved" with a slider adjustment. It's like inviting vampires into your home.
  7. Ssnake

    CTD 4.167

    Are you sure about the debug file that you sent? The file says that it crashed in Friday, July 3rd, 2 minutes (not 32) into running, and that it was version 4.162, not 4.167 as you described here...?
  8. Ssnake

    My toy

    Can you contact me by email with some details about you and your project?
  9. While I suspect that they could compete with the Leo 2 on a price level, I wonder what customers would purchase them. Those that have Leopards will continue using them. France will stick to their Leclercs. I don't see Italy giving up their Arietes for Polish license-built Korean tanks. That leaves Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria. Admittedly, that could be a market.
  10. After purchase the eSim web shop should send two emails, one of them being the license ticket with a more or less cryptic web link. This thread describes the details of the activation procedure:
  11. Ssnake

    CTD 4.167

    ALL the time with ANY scenario? Please send me the CrashDump files. See here:
  12. You can script it during the planning phase but not after, admittedly. But you could never script anything after the planning phase was over, so this is no exception. You can however create isolated waypoints and routes at the edge of the screen with the waypoint tactics and embark conditions of choice during the planning phase, then copy them during the execution phase and paste them to routes of your units an an ad-hoc basis. Pasting routes and route chains will preserve these conditions and settings.
  13. You can have your loop; drive to the waypoint with the hitch, if... condition, and it'll pick up a vehicle if necessary. Then use the embark condition whether a vehicle is in tow to return to the repair point. Once that the two have reached the repair point, unhitch, then repeat the cycle.
  14. Yes. If there is no vehicle that needs hitching, no hitching will happen. If there's a case of a vehicle stuck in a difficult spot of terrain, you can't script it but have to perform the operation manually. Maybe one day our AI will be smart enough to distinguish between slow movement and "stuck". What's obvious for a human looks different to the computer. The binary decisions that can be made are if a track was lost, or the engine is out, or the vehicle is out of fuel.
  15. ...and yes, we'll try to make it consistent between human and AI crew.
  16. Not sure if there will be any, TBH. I'm not convinced that this will make a substantial difference (to justify the development effort), and in any case you could achieve the same effect by reducing the slider for ground clutter until there is no more grass to be seen in your 8x...12x sights. In your first screenshot on page 1, only eight to maybe 12 grass imposters were shown. It's not a convincing theory that a dozen imposters cause a frame rate drop from 60+ to barely 40, particularly since the grass would also be there in other directions where you DO get the high framerate.
  17. Well, Google found this gem in the version 3.011 Steel Beasts Release Notes:
  18. For what it's worth, some programmer feedback: We'll think of ways to get around the transparency issue but I think our options here are going to be limited. Reducing ground clutter generally, disabling VSync and setting the power saving mode to full power are probably your best options to get higher framerates in general.
  19. Okay... the text looked to tiny, I thought it was a higher resolution. But then again, the forum SW downscales images.
  20. Ssnake

    Install Problem

    Yeah... what else can we do (aside from a universal installer for everything, which isn't quite so easy as it may sound). Could we have frames with individual download links that expand and copntract depending on the selected setp? Ugh.
  21. The original post has been updated.
  22. We strongly recommend to install the latest CodeMeter runtime software 7.10a on or after September 17. Wibu Systems has just released a security advisory about it. This is especially relevant if you have configured your computer for SB Pro PE license sharing. Until Sept 17 we recommend taking down SB Pro license servers that are available to the public.
  23. Not an excuse, but SB Pro was never made for 4K resolutions, which results in these formatting anomalies.
  24. Ssnake

    Install Problem

    Maybe have pop-up windows coming from the base page with Step 1: Pops up the Release Notes Step 2: Pops up the Download page for the Map Packages Step 3: Pops up the Download page for the SB Pro PE Full installer (and the patch) Step 4: Pops up the Download page for the Transfer Manager
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