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  1. With Ctrl+Click you can also make a formation converge on a convoy starting point, create the conboy route, and restore the original formation once reaching the convoy designation waypoint.
  2. The network part has been registered as bug #10140, and is now assigned to a programmer for correction.
  3. At any given time the settings are global to the units owned by the player. But you can still change the settings, so you get different behaviors at different times. Irrespective of the minutiae of this particular issue, this discussion is, to me, an indicator that we have reached about the upper limit of infantry user interface complexity. Either there must be ways to visualize better in which "behavior mode" a unit is, or the AI must be improved to be more adaptable to individual situations - but that at the expense of user control ... or the tactical scale must be reduced. The desire to have a higher level of detail to control infantry is a profound design challenge. I'm not sure if everyone who demands more details is aware of such implications.
  4. ...and apparently the merging happens in chronological order, so my warnings come last.
  5. I'm going to split off 40+ posts from the "License Activation How-to" thread and merge them into this one. This will create the one or other discontinuity. But these are cases that are years old, no longer active, and they dilute the pure "How-to" purpose of the old thread. So, I hope that the old thread will become more useful that way.
  6. For the moment, please use this download link to replace the scenario manually: https://ssnake.org/PE42/(1st)Winged Dagger(2021).sce
  7. Yeah, I suppose the fuel consumption was adjusted at some point which may have broken the mission. I have made a modification now, but I don't know if it will make it into the next patch (because it would require a new installer ... which may be needed anyway, but I don't klnow that yet). Still, thanks for pointing this out!
  8. Yes, the moon and night sky issues have been fixed. There will be an update soon.
  9. We'll concentrate on developing the new engine and converting existing artwork first. That's the big one. Once that that is out of the way, I expect to shift our attention towards more atmospheric/environmental elements.
  10. I suppose you had standard behhaviors set for buildings and battle position tactics. So if the chosen tactic suggested to go into a nearby building, that's what they'll do. Suppose you set a "Guard" tactic behavior to stay outside of a building, then as long as you put the infantry on "Guard" they shouldn't enter. Of course, then you need to memorize with which tactic they will go inside and with which they don't. But it should be controllable. If it isn't, it's a bug.
  11. We're skirting on the No Politics rule here, but I think your argument is inherently contradictory. It's true that Poland made moves to join and that wasn't met with enthusiasm. But when, as you rightfully observe, even France and Germany haven't yet agreed on the tactical requirements, would adding a third partner make it more likely that a compromise could be found, or more difficult? So maybe it's not about double standards and preferential treatment, but simply was a pragmatic decision. And if the program is bollocks, then why did Poland want to join in the first place?
  12. Create a freeform Polyline. If you need multiple copies of an elaborate thing, create it once, then copy it to all parties. Then switch to a different party, move the copied object and copy again to all parties. Repeat for as many copies as needed. Delete the copy, switch back to Blue. If there's more than two parties in your scenario, you might need to delete the copies of your new map graphic from them too. After the cleanup you can mark, move, rotate, and adjust the copies as needed (line type, color, text label, ...). Note that holding the Shift key while using click & drage on the handles of many map graphic scales the object while maintaining proportions.
  13. Yes, but the document contains far more graphics that Steel Beasts does. Steel Beasts' stock map graphics are but a subset of NATO STANAG 2019 APP-6(C).
  14. What do you mean, map graphics? I suggest trhat you right-click the map, choose New Map Graphic... and then each submenu. Make a screenshot of each submenu (Shift+F12 by default), then you can rearrange the menus with some image editong software and have a handy reference.
  15. The relevant question is, will a potential adversary have a radically better tank available in the forseeable future? The Armata might reach maturity, and it's "radically different", I agree. But is it "better"? Is there a specific technological development that will make tanks obsolete in the next 15 years? If the answer is No to both (and I think it is), then the M1A2 SEPv3 certainly is among the better choices.
  16. No, mod files (if copied to the proper location) do not get uninstalled. They are (supposed to be) part of the user's personal files ("My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\..."), and the (un)installer will never touch these. Whenever a vehicle receives a facelift (a.k.a a new 3D model), that will inevitably invalidate an existing mod file. If the changelog mentions such an artwork upgrade (I don't remember one for the M1 models mentioned), then that would be the explanation. If the files are in the right location and the 3D models haven't changed, I agree that the mods should still work.
  17. So, every frame the cosmos was queried for sun, moon, and star positions. In the future, that will be done only whenever a set value changes. IOW, it's fixed now.
  18. As so often, Jartsev was much smarter than I and figured out what the problem was. It's now on the record as #10117.
  19. Okay, maybe someone found a way for an exploit of the emplacements. If you can solve the problem by removing the emplacements, so much the better.
  20. I think we had to revert the replacement of the joystick input software library because it caused a problem that we haven't yet properly identified. We didn't want to delay the release of this patch, so we decided to hold back the change that I mentioned before until the upgrade 4.3 next year, so we have enough time to iron out whatever kink may still be there. I'm sorry that I created false hopes with my premature report of triumph above, but I hope that you can still live with either no joystick, or joystick swapping for a few more months.
  21. This doesn't look like a vehicle replacement. Yes, the terrain profile has been modified. Maybe someone tried to create a drainage ditch parallel to the road, maybe the map maker experimented with road leveling. Either way, it need to be fixed in the map editor, possibly by using the height clone tool.
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