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  1. Ownership should be completely independent from waypoints (unless referenced in the ownership condition). I agree, this sounds fishy.
  2. SHP data can't be imported into a terrain profile; the data would have to come in ASCIGrid or DTED (as described in the User's Manual, in the Map Editor chapter).
  3. ...and the next update, coming February, will bring a revision.
  4. It may be "technically possible" (e.g. by creating spiralling roads and turning them into ramps), but I would still agree with the intent of the statement that it's simply not practical. As far as the addition of new tanks is concerned - I'm all for it. It needs to be understood however that much of our development - not all of it - is driven, and enabled, by the demands of our military customers. They decide if they need a simulation for their training, they decide if they disclose a tank to eSim Games, and which parts of it. The more access we're granted, the easier it is to create a faithful simulation. Conversely, without access we have to cobble together what we can find in open sources which is often not enough, or at least doesn't allow for a very detailed simulation. I'd love to have a playable Merkava, but will we ever see one? Unlikely. The other aspect is available time. Creating a playable tank for which there is no demand outside the Personal Edition invokes not only the costs of researching the vehicle, creating the 3D model, the programming, the testing. It also creates opportunity costs - that we could have worked on something for which we would have been paid, but didn't. That's not to say that we'd never do such a thing - we have a playable BMP-2, T-72M1, Challenger 2, Scimitar, T-55, T-62, BTR-60/70/80/82, BRDM, M1, M1IP, M1A2SEP, the Technical with the recoilless rifle, and more - and for none of these we had a military contract. Still, we need both - a pause in contractual work and the opportunity to investigate a vehicle in order to create a suitable model for you. Should the Polish or the Korean army decide that they need the help of eSim Games to create a K2 MBT crew simulator, we would of course render assistance. I suspect however that this is something for which an American-German company like eSim Games is only third tier, with preference for a Polish or Korean domestic solution.
  5. Yeah, but the .mil customer tasked us with allowing for a human loader, so we couldn't keep the old automated loading. Also, keep in mind that if you're having a protracted firefight, you're doing it wrong. The Centauro, after all, is a reconnaissance vehicle.
  6. Please isolate the incident, we'll investigate the scenario.
  7. You can always save the Theme of a map under a new name, edit its colors while remains otherwise unchanged, then apply the THM file to the scenario. The THM data will then be stored in the scenario file, no extra delta map.
  8. You can select the option in the Mission Editor to adopt the color scheme of the chosen map's Terrain Theme. And there, you could set the color of bog to anything within the RGM spectrum that looks appropriately alarming to you. Note that any terrain under, I believe, 25% traction will receive the hardcoded teal color (unless the "use Terrain Theme colors" option overrides), not just terrain labeled as "bog".
  9. It is possible to link scenarios into a "small operation". We do not yet have a video tutorial for that, just what's in the user's manual.
  10. Nomad, you have new mail. Since we can't identify the problem, we decided that we need better reconnaissance.
  11. Okay, I guess we can rule out the conflict of having multiple audio devices as the source of trouble. The debug log file has these four conspicuous lines: [18:56:11,437] CSound ERROR: Incompatible WAVE file format [18:56:11,437] CSound ERROR: Could not read wave header [18:56:11,437] CSound ERROR: File could not be opened [18:56:11,437] CGame ERROR: Could not initialize sound card! My next best guess is a sound driver issue. This seems absurd since Steel Beasts uses an about-as-generic-as-it-gets sound file format. Then again, there are these lines, and they're here for a reason.
  12. Also, be on the lookout for "network overload" messages at runtime, and in the debugLog.txt file after the session.
  13. I can only see a hole that I would attribute to "a" subcaliber kinetic energy round. I wouldn't dare to call caliber and sub type. It does, however, not look like a 100mm full caliber hole to me. I've heard that steel sabots create wider holes than late tungsten or dU designs, so maybe that's what we're looking at.
  14. Can you please create us a scenario where this can be observed (like, having a Leopard 1A5 in exactly that location with the same time of day (and possibly the weather conditions, although I don't think that they have an influence on this specific situation)). No other units around. We can then inspect if it's the terrain theme in the scenario, an artwork issue with these trees, or a problem with the way our rendering engine works.
  15. Now, in your DxDiag file I saw that the Default Sound Playback and the Default Voice Playback are assigned to different sound devices (the Acer KG281K (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) for general sound, and the Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) for voice). I can't say with certainty that this is the source of problems, but it's worth investigating. You could, for example, in the sound configuration disable either of the two and see what happens; note that this may be an intentional split for when you have a chat program on, and maybe you do want to have them separately. So be sure to document with screenshots or by taking notes what changes you make so you can revert them later if necessary. Even if this immediately solves the Steel Beasts problem, it may create a new problem elsewhere, so you may want to run some tests with other audio applications (voice chat in particular, but also other games).
  16. If you have a fresh installation of Steel Beasts and never used it before, the mods folder will, of course, be empty. For some people - those who like to use sound mods - it may be full of sounds, but not for everybody. I'm sorry that you were sent on a wild goose chase, but this wasn't even worth trying to be honest.
  17. Did you try it in windowed mode?
  18. Sadly, no. A new map editor is a high priority for us. For a long time we had reasons to hope that there would be an external application that could do it. Unfortunately that didn't work out. TerraTools is also less of a terrain editor and more of a terrain database management tool for the conversion of terrain data into various proprietary formats. And the license prices, last time I checked, were in the 50,000.- bucks range.
  19. Occasionally things could be improved if using "odd" values such as 149 or 151% rather than 150, though you may want to pick something lower like 125%. If values the work in Steel Beasts make the rest of your Windows too fine in print, the alternative would be to create a second (local) user account where you set the desktop resolution to something like 1920x1080 or even just 1280x720, or similar, and then to start Steel Beasts at those resolutions (our GUI is optimized for 1280x720; in version 5 we'll be a lot more flexible, but that's still a good ways off).
  20. ...and that is fixed, expect it in the next update in a few weeks.
  21. The Transfer Manager will (attempt to) download any missing base map if you query for a delta map. The question is, is this a hand-off problem from Steel Beasts to the Transfer Manager, or is the base map on our map server not the one that this Delta map needs (again, the only way to know is by comparison of Map UIDs).
  22. I mean, there is this dumpster fire of a thread on TankNet.org called "Kiev is burning" (in: Current Military Events). If you sample a few pages, I guess we'll both agree that we don't want this kind of discussion over here.
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