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  1. I just got the update to shoot the last takes.
  2. More than I'm bothering to count, but all in the ground clutter/tree department so we can have region-specific selections rather than a global 64 object limit.
  3. 105mm M735A1 APFSDS-T 105mm M774 APFSDS-T 105mm M833 APFSDS-T 105mm M900 APFSDS-T 115mm BM-28 APFSDS-T 115mm BM-36 APFSDS-T 120mm M829 APFSDS-T 120mm M829A1 APFSDS-T 120mm M829A2 APFSDS-T 120mm M829A3 APFSDS-T 120mm L26A1 CHARM1 APFSDS 120mm L27A1 CHARM3 APFSDS 120mm OFL120 F2 APFSDS-T 125mm BM-29 APFSDS-T 125mm BM-32 APFSDS-T 125mm BM-46 APFSDS-T 125mm BM-59 Svinets-1 APFSDS-T 125mm Vacuum-1 APFSDS-T
  4. You may want to post such requests in the Wishlist thread.
  5. ...all those new Russian vehicles shown in the Finnish Summer Day video series, or mentioned over at Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday.
  6. Rap, and Square 721 (with an extra tilt of 5.7°, if I remember correctly).
  7. Tech support for Steel Beasts Gold was suspended more than ten years ago. There's a multitude of factors to be considerred, starting with the fact that it's a DirectX 7.0A application, with 8 bit color mode (which graphics card drivers stopped supporting a decade ago), made for Windows 95 and 98 which could still be made to run under Windows XP in compatibility mode. Then there was the issue with the application launcher that the publisher created for it which alone caused extra trouble, and it's not even our own application. So - no. I can't help you. My only recommendation is to try out SB Pro PE, which is better in pretty much every single aspect.
  8. No crew positions among the Prototype vehicle class.
  9. Fair point, it's just that the CROWS II was added only fairly recently. This opens up the possibility to add it to other vehicle, eventually, but it still requires that you modify that vehicle to enable it. This works better if you have a customer for that, of course.
  10. No CROWS on the SEP, at least for now. Did I mention that we've been rather busy?
  11. NO. You can have Steel Beasts Pro PE installed indefinitely after a license expired, and to renew the license you simply purchase another one and then activate that license ticket. It's just that I wanted to make clear that if you install SB Pro PE 4.0 now and then want to play version 4.1, you'd have to uninstall version 4.0 before installing 4.1. The license will survive the uninstallation process, so you can "switch Steel Beasts versions in mid stream" so to speak, it's just that we don't have an auto-update function where Steel Beasts would check for a new version, and then you'd just have to OK the installation process and then go and fetch a coffee, and when you come back everything's magically on the new version.
  12. The license remains valid, but the old version would still need to be uninstalled, and the new version to be installed. Just as a clarification.
  13. They would be assigned from the 1st COY's (BN staff/support/logistics company) signals platoon; they're not an organic asset of the regular combat companies. 1st company is pretty large, about 3...4 times as large as the regular maneuver company. They had their own recce/liaison platoon with the "biker gang" (about a dozen motorcycles, and another dozen light off-road trucks such as Iltis (later Mercedes G)), the signals platoon, a supply platoon, and the BN workshop "platoon" which alone is about 1.5 times a normal company's size. Plus BN HQ staff members (less officers), etc. So, I'd make those M113s 2nd platoon of 1st COY. This is all from memory (I started my career in said biker gang), but the beauty of HS IV is that much of this is actually transferrable from tanks to armored cav, at least as far as the 1st company of a battalion is concerned. The TO&E for 1st companies in mech/armor/cav units is pretty similar.
  14. Yes. We cannot automatize upgrades for secondary licenses as it would mean two different prices for the same license type). Therefore we have to charge full price for each major upgrade.
  15. Dammit, spoiled again. Now I have to cancel that.
  16. With the PzH 2000 being an open secret, No. It's not used in real life and seems to be primarily a marketing gimmick. It's not used because of the loss of precision, especially in danger close situations (and these days pretty much all engagements are danger close) Not for this upgrade Not for this upgrade Will do; basically we're using a "general purpose mix" of proximity and impact fuze, with some exceptions (still tinkering with a few details, which is the main reason why I'm holding back with a video yet)
  17. I really can't say why Sweden and Spain wanted the default sight modified in the way they did. All I can say is that traditionally there are no two magnifications for the Leopard gunner's daysight.
  18. For the Leo 2A4, it's a pretty tiny flip switch at the base of the peri, probably not visible in the 3D interior. But it's not mechanical, the lense does indeed get inserted into the optical channel by other means (probably electrical). It serves no functional purpose and is, IMO, detrimental. But not every military customer is willing to pay extra to make sure that the reticle will always provide accurate angular dimensions. The question ultimately is where the maginification lens is being inserted in the optical channel - before or after the etched reticule plate. It may be easier (=cheaper) to do it behind the plate, meaning that it would not change its apparent size with the FoV.
  19. Selling SB Pro PE has never been about maximizing the audience; I'm not against moderate growth but we couldn't handle a sudden spike in new users without changing a lot of other things in the way how we run things, but that point is rather academical. I suppose you all mean well by giving me helpful tips, but Steam (or any other option that is highly privacy-intruding) isn't one of the options I would ever consider, period. You can't sell games through steam while keeping CodeMeter encryption. That alone is reason enough to stop any serious consideration. The very nature of what we're doing means that we have to protect our IT infrastructure and the product against very potent state actors that are being embargoed for various reasons. We have positive proof of that. CodeMeter is the only reason that you can have SB Pro PE at all.
  20. For the Leopardo 2E, there's the same button used by the loader to open the ammo door mounted at the gunner's knee. Obviously, it can't have a direct connection to the optical channel from there, so the lens shift must be done electrically. But I think it's been more than ten years since I last climbed a Leopardo, so I'll have to remain somewhat fuzzy on the details.
  21. The DFs may appear pretty much out in the left field unless you consider that armies under severe budget constraints are more likely to adopt Steel Beasts because a., they haven't much to lose, and b., in this specific case the volume of the contract barely raised interest from established defense contractors The officer responsible for the training program had an unspecific offer that was about five times more expensive than ours; his general asked whether it would be five times as good, and he replied that he could only guarantee that it would cost five times as much. ...so, in that light I think it explains to a degree why we're seeing so many remote weapon stations and IFV programs in Steel Beasts. (Also, because a lot of people were pushing us to do less about tanks and more about infantry despite the scientific fact that big tanks are so much cooler.) The new Russian gear - well, I suppose it can be chalked up as some customers being interested in simulating situations where they might be confronted with equal or stronger opponents rather than spanking pixeltruppen equipped with 1960s technology. It was an opportunity that I very much welcomed even if the question is allowed whether these specific vehicles will ever be seen in more than very limited numbers.
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