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  1. That the loader's MG mount is compatible with the TC's hatch ring is undisputed. But moving it to the TC's hatch makes it then the TC's MG. As long as it is the loader's MG the TC can't operate it. Not sure how widespread the practice to put the MG on the Leopard commander's hatch was, outside of Greece. For Germany at least it runs completely against the doctrine of relieving the commander from all weapons handling so he can concentrate on the task of supreme importance, commandeering.
  2. I moved this into a new thread so it's easier to keep track of this specific case. It may also happen to be related not so much to the buildings or the map, but certain vehicles.
  3. Can you replicate this? You know the map, the location. Vehicles should never clip into buildings (except maybe with the gun barrel. Maybe the unit was spawned inside the building? They should get bumped out to the nearest edge, but of course if there's another house nearby I wouldn't expect things to work out swimmingly all the time.
  4. That might be one solution.
  5. Like I wrote, we have registered it as a bug, and will investigate the case, then decide what remedy is appropriate. I agree that a disable ballistic computer - even if this may be a rare as occurrence in practice - should not result in completely dysfunctional crew behavior, expending all their ammo in salute shots.
  6. Well, we have the option to split scenarios into the different parties. But then you have to program your part blindly.
  7. We had a feature like that in SB 1, and we removed it - probably because people at the time didn't like it. The question is, should all units displace immediately on a general vector "away" from the opposing party (where is "away" on a 360° battlefield that seems to characterize modern conflict?). Should the enemy switch to a fighting withdrawal? where fast units stay longer to buy time for the slow ones? Once that you look into the finer detail, the answer to the question "what to do if you're losing" becomes shrouded in complexity. We decided back then that the mission designer s
  8. It's not always such a clear case, and our vehicles don't burn for days to relieve stress on the particle system to maintain good frame rates even at late stages of a battle, so: No.
  9. ...at the same time, the quantity of fresh scenarios has gone down significantly, so I'm willing to explore options if there's something that eSim Games can do to reverse the trend. I can't afford hiring full-time scenario developers. But I can at least show appreciation for scenarios made based on maps that are part of the standard Steel Beasts distribution, possibly with the scenario author's map modifications.
  10. Of course we have considered it, but we decided against it. That's not to say that we're ignoring the request that started this thread.
  11. Yo've been playing Steel Beasts in single player mode for a year or longer, and you're at the point where the standard scenarios are no longer fresh and new, and you've gone through the Download section here already. What scenarios did you like best, what would you like to see more of, what did you look for but couldn't find? Note to prospective scenario designers: eSim Games could accept your submissions only if they were based on map packages that are part of the official distribution (plus, possibly, your own modifications in form of a delta map)
  12. Have you been playing Steel Beasts for less than a year? What kind of scenarios did you miss the most? Note to prospective scenario designers: eSim Games could accept your submissions only if they were based on map packages that are part of the official distribution (plus, possibly, your own modifications in form of a delta map)
  13. At some point email seems to be necessary, yes. As far as the question is concerned "what kind of scenario", I'm not sure if I should be prescriptive. I think that single player scenarios work best if the player has no more than three disctinct maneuver elements under his control at any given phase of a battle. That's not to say that there can't be exceptions, or that there have to be exactly three, or that it must be no more than three in total. Like, if you have to cross a river you could be in control of a bridge layer, a platoon providing overwatch and security, and one platoon establishin
  14. It's a comedy - and a pretty good one - but not a documentary. In fact, I think that that in reality the good airforce major was actually of the class of highly dangerous individuals who are obstinate, industrious, and a complete idiot by having their mind dead set on a single issue; in this case, crew survival in the event of an impact, even if that meant to neglect any other aspect of the AFV's design. The congress hearing with "the villain's" (Kelsey Grammar) speech has all my sympathy. When you have limited funding for your development, destructive material tests are a bit of a probl
  15. Why should eSim Games get a 30% cut at all if we do just superficial quality assurance and put it into a web store (that still needs to be developed) to deliver digital content? The development of that web shop extension would be the time sink. As far as the idea of offloading the QA to forum members, we kinda do this already. Every forum member can download and rate scenarios and provide feedback about what they like and what they don't. And you get the scenarios for free. The problem is that people don't properly rate the scenarios, they don't bother providing feedback. I just don't see
  16. I'm trying to come up with a solution that invokes the least amount of extra work on our end because anything else has no chance of materializing unless I hire someone to do nothing but playtesting submissions. At which point this isn't going to be just a minor expense, but a money sinkhole. If someone here says that he'll be able to produce so much better scenarios if only he could make a little bit of money from it, I won't be the obstacle. I have paid in the past for map development (and it has produced some of the finest), so I'm not going to refuse paying for other content on
  17. Like I wrote, I wouldn't mind to negotiate a price if you wanted to make money from your scenario creations, provided that they are good (I'm not going to buy just anything). It may not be exactly the same as selling scenarios through our web shop in the sense that you'd get a fixed price rather than potentially millions as suddenly millions of new Steel Beasts players emerge from a parallel universe's dimensional portal where it is the hottest shit ever made in the games industry. But I'm sure that we'll come to a fair and balanced agreement.
  18. The scenario thing isn't so much a question of demand, we simply have no capacity to develop them. Where and when we come across good scenarios for which we have the permission to distribute them, we either integrate them into the installer or, most likely, they get uploaded to this site anyway. I wouldn't mind paying people for scenario development. I'm just relatively certain that we couldn't afford to pay scenario developers by the hour even at minimum wage.
  19. That's the customer reaction we're hoping for.
  20. A slight overreaction, but OK. Deleting the mutex should - normally - do it.
  21. If the target is stationary and allows you to fire more than one shot, hitting the target is n't what surprises me most. Identifying a target at that range, well... it's made possible with the magic map of Steel Beasts. Killling an M1A2SEP with a frontal shot from 7.2km distance - wellll.... here's where you probably have to be lucky.
  22. Okay. Well, the tip about deleting the mutex is of course still correct. I'm just surprised that it still happens.
  23. I don't doubt that either stick works. But the by far most likely reason that one is being recognized by SB Pro while the other is not is that only one of them can be the preferred device. Did you unplug the Logitech stick before testing the Saitek? Have you accessed the Saitek's Advanced Properties and set it to be the "preferred device"? Maybe try logging off from Windows, and then logging on again. This gets most services restarted, maybe it helps with the recognition of the device. The next question is the joystick settings in Steel Beasts. Maybe the axes are assigned
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