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  1. So, I split this off.
  2. It's part of our business model to not waste time on this; in many cases 80% of the time is spent on doocumentation and only 20% on writing code, with predictable outcomes for the pricing structure. We're not writing code for a weapons system. We're writing - for military standards - cheap training software that delivers 90% of the standard requirements at 5%...25% of the price (depending on how you do the math). Of course we document what we're doing to the extent that we need it for continued development, with comments in the code, how the code is structured, with internal electronic documentation, etc. But not every part of the code is equally often updated, and as time progresses, so does available technology. Which means that old parts that haven't been touched for a good while are eventually slated for replacement. Congratulations, you found one such candidate. There aren't many, but this is one of them. NOTHING of all this belongs into a wishlist thread, however.
  3. Thanks for your email, it's being processed.
  4. The whole area of infantry is slated for a do-over, as you can see from the last years of work on the pathfinding. But before we can do so, we have to create the necessary foundations; the pathfinding being one of them. Therefore I won't promise quick results. I'm all for transparency in how eSim Games works and how Steel Beasts works - up to a degree. After all, we still have competitors whom I do not wish to give free advice how to catch up.
  5. What I wrote above on Dec 7th is still valid. I don't know how good DirectX emulation has become under Linux but I suspect that it's still not a simple thing to get working, not to speak of working well,
  6. ...your point being? Do not bump threads if there are no open questions.
  7. Probably. Try an email to the Webmaster of this domain.
  8. One last detail, the suppression effect seems to be temporary, and they will eventually recover from losses. But yes, other than that there is no suppression in the Steel Beasts infantry.
  9. There isn't much to it, and I described it in as much detail as I could.
  10. I'm not going to dissect all the details in public. We chose different priorities for better or for worse, and we'll have to live with those decisions. Had we prioritized infantry behavior beyond the numerous improvements in the pathfinding field since 2014 - just one year after I assumed responsibility for software development - we'd still be stuck with the old lighting and low resolution terrain, and some would then complain about those issues instead.
  11. You have mail. The secret to swift help with CodeMeter issues is to attach a CmDUST diagnostic file to your emails (I would strongly suggest to not post them in public) to eSim customer support, see here:
  12. I fully agree, and we will do something about it, but that's a long-term project in any case.
  13. What are the size setting of your terrain cache (the slider in the Alt+D Details window), and how much video RAM does your graphics card have?
  14. Historically, AFVs don't seem to suffer from morale breakdowns that much. Not because they are inherently superior to infantry (which, of course, they are, anyway), but because in a platoon or company the individual crew fights relatively isolated and don't get to see mounting losses immediately. Within the crew, I believe that with losses we show everything down a bit (maybe we should do it more) and degrade efficiency, target detection etc. Good point about the lack of documentation, I have now added a paragraph to the User's Manual
  15. WRT VR supportm I commented in the following two threads: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/11869-virtual-reality-support https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12680-using-steel-beasts-with-vorpx-vr
  16. Ssnake

    4k display problem

    If you open a command line window in the Steel Beasts ...\release folder and type in SBProPE64cm.exe --help it will open a window listing all command line parameters along with their possible arguments. I expect the next update before July, maybe even around end of April/early May.
  17. Ssnake

    4k display problem

    There is no resolution to pick in Windowed mode because, well, you can adjust the size freely. (It will briefly show the chosen window size after adjustments.) As to why it freezes up on going fullscreen, I don't know. One particularity of Windows and it fullscreen mode in general is that applications in fullscreen cannot be debugged. Which makes it inherently hard for programmers to diagnose problems occurring only there (and fixing them). Short of updating the graphics drivers, I'm not sure what else I can recommend to address the problem. A coming update later this year will include an option to adjust the borderless window mode in a way to pick one display (if multiple monitors are connected), so that may help in some cases. Also, in all versions 4.1 the --fullscreenwindow command line option is broken (we fixed this a few days ago) - please excuse the inconvenience.
  18. The dud rate is certainly something that has been bothering me since we implemented ICM, but like so many other issues it never received top priority. Likewise I would love to build an ICM model from first order principles but again, this would be computationally prohibitive - and frankly, again we have a prioritization conflict since I know what else needs to be done.
  19. Ssnake

    Request: VIZMOD

    Yes. You can pick a different model (within the same vehicle class) to make your vehicle appear like it to other parties (except when you're very, very close). So you couldn't mask a Biber bridgelayer as a BMD-1 or an M1 as a BTR.
  20. Maybe we shouldn't be calling it "suppression" rather than "morale", and once could certainly make the case for a much more complex sociopsychological model, but this is how Steel Beasts has handled it since, well, about forever. That's not to say that we will never change it, but it's the explanation behind why you're often observing this hesitation with infantry.
  21. Uninstalling 4.161 will also remove a few common files (such as scenarios). You don't have to UNINSTALL 4.162, but you'll have to install it AGAIN.
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