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  1. Well, if you want a printed manual, and if you want a license, you'd just have to place a second order (for the license). It's different of course if you don't want the manual. In that case we can cancel your order, no problem.
  2. Did you pay $27.50, of $53.- ? Seems like you ordered only manual and USB stick but not the license. The preorder period has ended, and with it the bundling of upgrade license with the manual; they are now separate items.
  3. Interesting question. Haven't tried it.
  4. Ssnake

    Tactical FPS

    Not everything in the Games Industry is creative.
  5. ...and given sufficient reference from your end, the new particle system can probably be adapted to your requirements.
  6. Yes. No. The scenes were shot out of sequence, at times with different scenarios even. You can have jumbled, shaky, and incoherent in-game footage. Or you can have my attempts at telling a story in a way that is both visually appealing and coherent, but then you have to work like film people do and arrange specific sequences. Only now did I manage to get the perfect helicopter chase cam that shows a couple of hits without actually downing the helicopter. Most of the time nothing happened, occasionally too much happened. So, minor differences are to be expected. ...and you can do all this now, too! When testing a mission and in the tethered view (Shift+F8) or in the free-flight cam view, Alt+Space will open the "Camera Animation Window" where you can set keyframes for camera angles, and have smooth movement between them while you keep Fraps rolling (or whatever your favorite screen capture tool is). This can now be set up while the 3D view is paused (otherwise you could already do this in 4.0), so you can now be the producer/director/script writer/storyboard artist/camera man (and cutter...) of your own war movies. I for one am looking forward to seeing great Steel Beasts videos that I don't have to make. Maybe we should organize a Steel Beasts Film Festival.
  7. It's more a list of how much is available.
  8. There are a few more things that I wanted to show in a video first. So I'm working on the video now.
  9. Ssnake

    Sound problems

    Electro-Gremlins, I suppose.
  10. Good point. My first suggestion doesn't work with that.
  11. Send an email with your order ID and your new address to Shipping (at) eSimGames.
  12. There's yet another option, but that depends on the session host knowing what he's doing. You could create a Trigger for three, and one for four parties. Reference these Blue triggers in a Blue condition or event. The spawn condition for party Green could then be "...if Blue Condition/Event 'Trigger 3 parties'" OR "...if Blue Condition/Event 'Trigger 4 parties'" are true. Party Purple would only spawn on Blue condition "Trigger 4 parties".
  13. I've decided to cobble together some "scrapbook" video with bits and pieces that haven't been mentioned properly; I deliberately left a few juicy bits for another Youtuber but apparently that's not going to materialize. Creating something that is properly story-driven would cost more time than I have though, and probably force me to make two videos - another one in Finland, and one in Africa, and you wouldn't then get to see other terrain themes. So I'm not doing that.
  14. Ssnake

    Sound problems

    It appears as if the card can't mix different sounds, which indeed suggests a driver issue. OR, if you have a sound card with more than a stereo output, maybe the cable is plugged into the wrong port. (less likely, though)
  15. The CodeMeter WebAdmin What is it, how do I open it? The WebAdmin is a browser based interface to read data from your CmContainers (both virtual CmACT containers and CodeMeter USB sticks), and/or to configure certain services. Also, problems with runaway PC clocks can be mitigated here. Right-click the CodeMeter tray icon (yes ... Wibu Systems is blueballing us) and select "WebAdmin", or click the button from the CodeMeter Control Center (see previous post). Your first page may look similar to this: SB Pro PE 4.1 will have the product code 11111. The WebAdmin lets you set up your PC as a local license server. Other computers in your LAN could then use Steel Beasts license(s) that are available but currently not in use. This would be most useful if you purchased "secondary licenses" to play with friends and family: The WebAdmin can also be useful for more exotic problems. Recently a license would not activate on the WebDepot page with the infamous 0x18080001 error because, get ready for this, the PC's clock was set to some time in March 2119. (If your CMOS battery is low your PC clock may be seriously off (in both directions), and if it's off "too much" (and I assure you, the tolerated difference between PC clock and certified time server is chosen very generously) the license transfer to your stick will be denied. Here's the place where you can update the time in your CodeMeter stick. It does not solve the problem with your CMOS battery, or the Windows system time in general:
  16. The CodeMeter Control Center What is it good for? It shows you the connected CmContainers ("CmContainers" are both the virtual CmACT devices, and physical CodeMeter USB stick(s)). Physical USB sticks can be recognized by their serial code 1-, 2-, or 3- followed by a seven-digit number. Virtual CmACT license containers that contain licenses start their serial code with 128-xxxxxxx Empty virtual CmACT containers can be identified by serial code 32767-xxxxxxx When selecting one (left, top) you get to see the firmware version number (center, center), and next to it, if it's a physical CodeMeter USB stick, the button (circular arrow) to update the firmware: If a CmACT license is recognized but invalid, you may attempt to repair it. In that case (I don't have a screenshot for it) the Wibu Support team assured me that a button would appear to, well, repair it. From the CodeMeter Control Center you can also start the license update wizard (center, bottom) which generates the license request file that you would need for the offline activation (see page 1):
  17. The WebDepot page So you have received your first license ticket email from the eSim Games web store (or it took us such a long time to release that pathetic little "terrain patch" that you no longer remember how it's done), and you wonder what to do next. The email will contain this weird looking web link: AB1DE-PO3UZ-L5KS7-9D86B (not an actual license code). You clicked that link and see this (probably not in German, though): The following text assumes that you are about to activate a "classic license" for the first time, so your license ticket will contain two items - a time-based license valid for a month, and the permanent license that will go on your CodeMeter USB stick, once that it has arrived in the mail. You probably want to activate your one-month license immediately. That way you can play Steel Beasts right away while you wait for the mail from us to arrive. So, click that picture on the left because you're about to activate a "CmACT" license. This will bring you to the following page: In the meantime the button for the license activation has become bigger, turned orange, and is basically impossible to miss. If you're not seeing one you probably haven't installed Steel Beasts yet or your browser settings the the choice of your browser prevent a license activation (see page 1). Usually you just click "Activate my license(s) now" and you're done after a few seconds. In a few weeks your CodeMeter USB stick will appear in your mail. Plug it in. Click that cryptic license ticket url again, you arrive on the same WebDepot page, now you click the image on the right (that looks surprisingly similar to the CodeMeter USB stick that you plugged into your computer a few seconds ago. The activation procedure is just the same, except that the license will this time be stored in your CodeMeter USB stick, where it is very safe, unless you lose it/it gets stolen/destroyed by physical violence, a raging fire, a chewing dog, gun blast, or a cosmic gamma ray burst from the collapse of a neutron star in close proximity to the solar system. Your computer has a malfunction? The CodeMeter (and with it, the Steel Beasts license) will probably survive it. You need to reinstall Windows? The CodeMeter USB stick (and with it, the Steel Beasts license) doesn't care. You need to set up a local license server (with Linux - because, reasons)? Sure, go ahead. You want to run Steel Beasts in a virtual machine? The CodeMeter USB stick supports that, too. (The virtual CmContainer however does not (!))
  18. We have set the CmACT license to be "pretty tolerarant" to hardware changes. To the extent that the Windows installation survives the change - unlikely in the case of a mainboard change, unless it's the exact same type - I expect no trouble with the license either. If in doubt, notify me by email in advance of the change and we can work out contingency options.
  19. Yeah, we wanted to be ready in early July, but then a few last-minute bugs popped up, so we're only today ready to start the production of the USB sticks. On Monday at least the installation files will be available for download. If downloading 19 GByte is not an option for you then yes, there will be a delay before your shipment arrives.
  20. Yeah, it rings a few bells. Could still be legit, I don't think Wild Bill is a fraud, nor David Lagettie. But Warbirds was "a thing" some 20 years ago, haven't followed it much, but various other titles left a bit to be desired, which might indicate a shortage of cahs and staff. That Wild Bill is trying to revive Microprose at least is somewhat authentic, after all he founded it together with Sid Meier. But I think they are trying to capitalize on a brand name that was great some 25 years ago.
  21. If the whole world is your arena for a few thousand players, the Pacific will suddently appear as cramped airspace.
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