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  1. I suppose a first step would be to try and install SB Pro PE over the existing installation.


    If the problem persists, please check the CrashDumps folder (link is in Windows Start Menu / eSim Games / Steel Beasts / Troubleshooting) and send me the corresponding files after zipping them. I'll pass them on to the programmers.

  2. Wellllll.... it's "'possible' possible" - in the sense that with the right software tools and if you program your own DLL for terrain data export you could also export building 3D geometry and textures, but it's not as easy as simply dropping an fbx file into a map folder. You may remember the old "Terrastan" map from Steel Beasts 3.0; as hobbled by performance issues as it may have been at the time, it contained custom buildings and other elements to demonstrate that it could be done, in principle.

  3. In your picture, the CodeMeter stick is shown in red color. Usually that means that it is locked. You'd need to unlock it, in the CodeMeter Control Center. If you have set a password, you'll need to enter it. If you haven't but still get prompted for it, first generation CM sticks had the factory default password "CodeMeter" (note the capitalized letters).

  4. So, you have an old version of SB Pro installed?

    That changes everything.


    The user manual has actually a reasonably detailed section about "Mods". In a nutshell, NEVER change files in the original program folder, but copy them into the corresponding subdirectory of the Mods folder.


    Version 4.1 allows for map-specific custom textures, rather than a globat mod.

  5. Well, you have your map packages installed somewhere. You must. The path is shown in SB's Main Menu / Options / File Paths.

    So, "X:\... map packages\" stands for that file path, wherever it may be.

    "YOUR PACKAGE" then is the specific map package for which you want to add your custom textures, which is either a specific folder (if it is a base map), or a basemap\deltas\YOUR FOLDER type of (nested) file path inside of the "map packages" parent directory.

  6. I think with the new engine this is actually easier to replicate than one may think.

    First you need a map of the upper Jordan valley.

    Then do what the Isralis did - build a ramp with the proper gradient to add more superelevation to what the Centurion can do.

    Then have at least two players, possibly three - two observers, one gunner.

    Add variable crosswind conditions to make things more interesting.



    The difficult thing will be to calculate the necessary superelevations for these ranges. I might be able to help with that, but I need to know the specifics.

    • Which round do you want to use
    • range difference
    • height difference

  7. You may also want to create an unconditioned alternative route (though it needs an embark delay similar as to the first one). That said, I think you need an additional route and an additional waypoint. Here's why:

    Your route goes from WP#1 to WP#2. I presume you have a delay before checking so the unit can be reasonably certain that there is no enemy overwatching the route. Say, 30 seconds after it arrives on WP#1 it embarks on your route as planned and as described. It runs into enemy, and pulls back.


    Now, it will remember that the retreat back condition was fulfilled and if there is an alternative route that can be taken (e.g. because unconditioned), it will give that route preference rather than repeating the same mistake over and over again. You want it to wait for three minutes before trying the same move, essentially. But unless you apply a three-minute delay before checking for ALL attempts (including the first), this won't work. But if you add a route to WP#3 very close nearby which is unconditioned, after returning from halfway to #2 it will now go there. Here you can have another route with basically the same condition as the one leading from #1 to #2, except with the three-minute delay before checking.


    (Suppose on the second attempt it still runs into the same enemy and pulls back again. In that caser you can basically repeat the trick a third time if the situation is still no good, and move on to yet another nearby waypoint on an unconditioned route, but this time you try a "real alternative", a covered route leading to an entirely different starting point and an attempt to bypass the known enemy position.)

  8. I was invited to Grafenwöhr some time around 2003 to make the sound recordings of missile launches and other gunfire. Day one, I'm with the Americans for TOW launch recordings.

    "Hiya, great to meet you, let's move out. There'll be plenty of recording opportunity. The unit's in Iraq, so we're shooting all training missiles so that next year when they'll be back, they won't cut the allotment for training. We've got only eight hours, and 160 missiles to fire with two vehicles. It's going to be a bit hectic, but hopefully you'll find at least one undisturbed recording."


    The next day I meet the company commander of a German PzGren company and he beams with joy as we shake hands. "Man, I'm soo lucky! I've been granted two Milans, can you believe it? So, I can shoot one at day, and one during the night combat phase! Hey... this is great news! Why the sour face?"


    Then we wept.

  9. ...?

    I'm 10 minutes into his rapid fire jumping all over half the globe; maybe there's enjoyment in this for people who know the game in and out. But I'm not going to watch another 40 minutes of that. And frankly, from what I've seen with the submarines, it is so heavily abstracted that I just don't see how you would replay the battle of Midway with this game in a way that would adequately challenge the player with the kind tactical dilemmas that the historical commanders were facing when casting their decisions.

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