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  1. The map thing is more difficult to analyze. Basically, the only way to be sure that the folder into which you copied the delta map is the right one is to compare the map UID of the base map. Unfortunately that requires someone who has the map already installed in the right place, so he can find out the base map to which it belongs, then copy the map UID which you could then copy and paste into the Steel Beasts Pro Map Packages Download Manager (SBPMPDM...) to query the official map server.

    If you have that base map already, it won't download it.

  2. If you get the "duplicate IDs" warning, the recommended remedy is to open the scenario in the mission editor and to run it from there. Next, switch to the mission debugger, and check the tab for combatant IDs. Now, it may be that the tab shows no duplicates. In this case it's probably a squad of one or more of the PCs; have them all dismount and check again. And if it's not Blue, then maybe Red, or another party.


    Let me check, we have a help thread for this.

  3. 48 minutes ago, dsmart said:

    due to where I live (outside the US) I can't get the pro PE version I've drooled over for years..


    Unless you're from an embargo country such as Iran, North Korea or some such, we have no restrictions on sales. We don't ship physical items into every country, depending on the experiences that we made with disappearing shipments, but there's always the time-based licenses which require no shipment at all.

  4. The keyword to search is "optr" - Cycle active optronics (R). Then use the (Num+) hotkey to toggle between eye view and the sight's view. You can't use (R) while you're using either device (NVG, or JIM-LR). The basic logic being that you can't use binoculars with NVGs flipped down and vice versa.

    In any case, you need to switch to CDR position (F7) first, and you access it from the eye view (F1).

  5. No, map UIDs don't change.


    Hard to say what exactly went wrong, except for what I outlined in other threads, mostly this one:


  6. Our assessment of the situation so far is this:


    The 'weird tree' here is a 'wattle' tree and it only has a 'TIS' and 'woodland' texture, so there's no other texture to use if the environment (winter/autumn/etc) changes. In which case it gets replaced by whatever Steel Beasts deems "at hand" which can, of course, deliver surprising results. But it doesn't seem to be a bug per se, just the fact that the Australian wattle tree would never be found in a non-summer climate. They basically have two seasons, "hot" and "everything's on fire", and in some blessed regions also "we're drowning from rain".


    As 'Lumituisku' pointed out, some of the old maps (like Salisbury Plains) do actually have palm trees on them, it's just that the old models looked a lot less suspicious.


    I guess the only thing we could do would be to make sure that at least all official eSim 'European' maps really do not contain any palm trees (although Spain and Italy and even some places on the English coast, or Mainau Island on Lake Constance have them, and they are Europe, too), and just pick 'a' 'European' tree that most closely looks like the old palm tree instead - and then you'd all have to replace the themes in your maps :/


    Ultimately however I think it's one of the growing/transition pains where new approaches that allow for new things invalidate old tricks that are probably best described as hacks or poor compromises, requiring everybody at the time of their creation to squint - but everybody was squinting all the time, and the explicit goal of the paletted land objects in our new theme files was that everybody needs to squint less (creates wrinkles and makes you look unhappy).

  7. Chances are, it's a legacy scenario and you don't have yet the original map converted to the new 4.1 format.

    Difficult to say more without knowing more. But we have a number of sticky help threads discussing such cases here in the support forum. :)

  8. I think what you're seeing is allocated memory (which is not necessarily being used in full). Steel Beasts attempts to hold all relevant data in RAM and video memory for the best performance possible. But the AAR data, for example, are also written to disk - specifically, into a temporary file which gets then moved and renamed if you choose to save the AAR file when prompted for it; that's probably where the "swap disk usage" is coming from. If Steel Beasts really were to use the swap disk while running, the frame rate would no longer be in the 30s but rather in the low single digit range.


    For typical scenarios your RAM and VRAM amounts are absolutely adequate and I expect no significant performance boost by going to 32 GByte with RAM.

  9. I would be highly interested in map files which show no such thing in version 4.0 (or older) but which, on conversion, change other trees into palms.

    This was reported by @gibsonm too but so far we could not replicate this behavior. I am convinced though, there is a bug in tilemap conversions which seems to be rather good at hiding. That bug has a very high priority for us.

    • M713 Smoke is, indeed, a (red) ground marker (haven't gottent around to assign colors to smoke yet)
      Source: Jane's Ammunition Handbook (JAH) 2009, pg 149
    • M715 Smoke - same as above, but green color
      M716 Smoke - same, yellow


    So, yes: They're all ground markers.

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