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  1. Time-based licenses near the end of their expiration time will bleat about the end of their expiration time until they expire, sorry. Originally, if you bought a time-based license it would extend the existing license, but the behavior of the CodeMeter Runtime was changed a few years ago and since then the runtime creates a new license entry and uses up the current one first (which, in principle, is a good thing).


    Consider an external USB 3.0 harddisk. They are fairly cheap these days, offer decent transfer rates, and will solve your disk space problem immediately. You can move all the map packages to the external drive, along with video files and image collections. Consider installing WinDirStat, a small utility program (freeware) that goes theough all directories on all your harddisks and visualizes very quickly which directories consume the most space, and which file types.

  2. Your version is not "limited", except in duration. You can run any version since 3.0, and upgrade to any new version that might get released within the coming 12 months.


    As far as playable tanks are concerned (don't neglect the IFVs; if in doubt their successful operation is a bigger challenge) - anyway, there's more playable tanks than I'd care to list. May I kindly refer you to the SBWiki on this page (see the menu bar at the top of this page).

  3. Ah, the art of lasing.

    Last return will usually provide good and reliable results. If in doubt, aim a little bit lower so you have no "spill-over" with an echo coming from background landscape.


    In the Leopards, the center circle of the reticule shows exactly the limit of the laser beam (actually, a very narrow cone), so just make sure that the circle is fully inside the target silhouette, or if the target is too small for that, aim a bit lower so that the farthest object inside the circle is the target itself.

    You'll get a blinking range readout to indicate that you got multiple returns, but the range will be correct if you apply the proper measurement procedure.

  4. Well, there isn't anything about programming that I could possibly tell YOU. If the events aren't triggering, my first guess is that their conditionals don't do what you think they're doing.

    I would create a super-simple scenario that replicates (just) the event that doesn't behave and then investigate this "Event primitive" to find out what's wrong with it.

    Happy to inspect such a primitive if sent to me by email, I just can't review a large scenario.

  5. Asterisk in the name indicates a Tandem HET warhead. If all your targets have reactive armor, then RPGs without asterisk "don't work" probably because the enemy armor is considered too strong by the AI, and therefore they hold their fire until some weaker target trundles into the field of fire.

    Carets (^) indicate a top attack warhead. Just in case you were wondering.


    The detour with tying Events to a Condition may often not be required, unless you are referencing a condition by some other party. Hard to make a comment other than in generalities. There's potential to make mistakes in the control logic (happens in the best families), can't entirely rule out a bug (but hopefully not). The more complicated your construction, the greater the chance that the logic isn't what you think it is. The scenario debugger may be helpful in determining which condition is true, when.

  6. Good ideas.

    This may actually be less of a topic for eSim Games specifically - not that I'm looking for an easy cop-out - since 30% of it seem to deal with established customs and practices of the community.

    Maybe you disagree, but I see our role more in "how-to" and "why" type of videos dealing with the simulation as a tool, less in "what to do with it".


    I guess, it's my long-winded approach to hint as politely and respectfully at that I wouldn't mind at all if someone would preempt us.

  7. For version 5, we're planning to add integrated filter tools to help you search for certain categories of scenarios much quicker.

    Of course, automated scenario scanning can do only so much, if the forces you control gradually expand with events, or if they depend on random variables.

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