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  1. That would be terrible. Obscuration needs to be identical irrespective of graphics detail settings. This isn't just an atmospheric/aesthetic consideration; obscuration has a very real tactical effect. Any slider could only influence the looks marginally. But we haven't yet found a proper mechanism to do exactly that. But at least we're working on a solution that creates consistent results, irrespective of the artillery fuze settings (ground or airburst); right now, it's mostly airburst rounds that create dust - something that won't remain that way.
  2. Well, there's 18 pages in this thread, you could look at some of the first pages.
  3. Well, the question is of course what "a normal RTS game" is. If we take classic click fests like Starcraft, then Steel Beasts doesn't play at all like it. If we compare it to recent Combat Mission titles, there are clear similarities with the Overhead View mode although we don't show casualties in a similar way.
  4. You know that you can select multiple units before setting those conditions, right? Even with the lasso function, if you disable the display of routes, waypoints, and map graphics.
  5. Saying "it's a woodland theme" doesn't help at all to identify the issue. We don't know "which" woodland theme exactly unless it's uploaded here. But before you do that, review it yourself! The question is, what are the dustiness settings of the terrain type in question (both dry and wet), and what are the initial weather condition of the scenario (the determine the initial water saturation of the ground), and what are the weather conditions up to the point in the scenario where this (lack of) dust was observed. Only if all these factors are know we can make a statement whether this is intentional/a consequence of the conditions, or if it is a bug.
  6. No, tunnels aren't supported yet. I suppose you could end a railway line at each tunnel entrance and exit to represent that.
  7. These seem to be the result of the actual scanning process, IOW, they are raw data output of how LIDAR data are generated, and not the result of procedural bumps. I don't think that there's something that we could do about it at all, unless we increased the elevation resolution from the current 16 bit to soemthing like 20 or even 32 bit, which however would, once more, double the elevation map data sizes. In any case, there's nothing that you could do about it, right now, as far as I can see.
  8. While this video doesn't cover all cases, it probably covers more than 90% of all your legacy scenarios.
  9. Apparently not, but this seems to be a case quite similar to this one.
  10. Didn't you report that all your tracers were gone, too?
  11. There's a bug however, in that duplicate IEDs fail to carry over the information of their composition. They still have the same strength I believe, it's just that the information if it's composed of, say, two 120mm mortar rounds or five 81mm rounds gets lost. We'll fix that eventually, of course. Just FYI.
  12. Thanks, I learned something.
  13. Per the Release Notes the recommendation is to install the map installer first, then the Steel Beasts installer, possibly also the SB Map Tools and finally, if you have own scenarios and maps to convert, also the legacy map installer. The SB Map Tools, you may not find them overly useful for a good while, until the day when you actually need them. At least they don't take up much space.
  14. Definitely not in 4.2, so much can be guaranteed.
  15. They are on effin' Amazon Web Service servers (and not the "free" ones that take a good while to be called from the tape machine first). They should arrive with 300 MBit if your line supports this. if they don't, something else is broken. I don't know what is broken but since we're not inundated with similar complaints suggests that it's something on "your end" (not saying that it's "your fault", mind you, just that I have no idea what we could do to investigate, let alone fix it). There is, of course, always the option to order the USB stick with all the files from us (bundled with a printed manual). Not trying this as a sales pitch, but it's the only thing that _I_ can offer right now that's guaranteed to solve this particular problem. That said, I'll pass on your case to our IT wizards, maybe they can think of something that you can do to diagnose the problem, or that we can do on our end.
  16. Contact me and Shipping (at eSim...), as soon as you have confirmation that they lost it.
  17. ...and I just ruined the opportunity for an unboxing video. But then again, I never understood what the point of these were. Anyway, got my copies, and I have to say that the new manual is visibly thicker than its predecessors. Had hoped for a bit more impressive laser engraving; white on silver isn't optimal, I had espected something blackish. Still, all in all not too bad.
  18. Here, I usually have to visit the local customs office, a good 30 minutes ride one way, then waiting for another 30 minutes, unboxing, assessing the contents, waiting for another 10 minutes as they calculate the fee, taking the slip to the cashier, paying, taking the slip with the cashier's stamp back, driving home. Or, the mail man delivers your book with the words "we had to repackage it" and then you see that the barbarian from customs slashed the original package and cut the back of the book in half, along with the last dozen pages. Great.
  19. I'm not sure if there could be something like a "brief but comprehensive" introductory video (that's a formidable challenge. Hmmmm..); in any case, I know of no such video. You may be better off simply trying it out for a month ($9.50 in our web shop).
  20. Yes, we will replace broken CM sticks (this rarely happens). If it's a simple malfuntion, we'll replace it free of change. If it's negligent treatment and damage, we'd charge the material costs and shipping & handling (including, literally, "my dog ate it"). The only prerequisite is that you can send in the old stick (or what's left of it). If your house burns down in a raging inferno, chalk it up as something for the fire insurance. If you lose it/someone steals it, we have no means to verify if it is true, so we can't offer a replacement. But as long as you can still send something meaningful in (something that can be identified as having once been a CM stick, including, literally, if it has bits of dog saliva on it) you won't have to pay full price again.
  21. #4, I should point out the option to play from a bird's eye view and to give commands in 3D view in SB Pro, provided that the scenario designer activated the overhead view option. (Which is something that you could do when opening stock scenarios in the mission editor.) This may give more of an RTS vibe if that's your prime interest. By default this option is switched off, but that doesn't mean that it's forbidden to use it. Likewise, most scenarios can be edited (you may want to save them under a different name, though). It's your game. You bought it. We suggest a certain play style, but we don't monopolize it. WRT to #6, coming upgrades, I should point out that we release to-pay for upgrades only every two years or so, and then at a moderate upgrade fee (e.g. $30.- this year). Owners of time-based licenses never have to pay for upgrades. Most YouTube videos you would find probably still show old versions of SB Pro, keep that in mind when wondering why things look different. Also, most videos will show multiplayer action.
  22. Please notify Webmaster (here at SB.com), ideally listing the offending thread's URL.
  23. Yeah, hit Alt+C to bring up the Controls dialog, type "joy" into the search field, and there should be only a handful of commands left. One of them for the inversion of the Y axis. You need to do this only once, SB will store your preferences (even across version changes).
  24. If it's any consolation, I ordered my two copies on June 27, and still no sign of them...
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