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  1. Yeah, contact me by email.
  2. Ssnake

    Fast or Slow?

    We got to get the new engine working, write an entire new GUI, replace the network code, develop a new AI, facelift the 3D artwork, and convert all models of the various fire control systems to the new architecture. Once that this is done we can shift our attention to the fancy things again.
  3. No. While there is a chance that a unit might not be spotted, that chance is vanishingly small. I would rather suspect that certain spot report messages were lost in internet network traffic.
  4. Frankly, I do not expect Intel to achieve more than barely to keep pace, with a small chance of slowly catching up. They have never shown any interest in computer games, barely any in 3D graphics other than "it's necessary because our customers expect it". If there is no visible support from top management, rarely will the employees muster sufficient drive to do something extraordinary anyway (the Volkswagen Golf being one notable exception to the rule). That being said, currently our new engine delivers up to 5,000 frames per second. That level will never be achieved again, so please don't read more into this than is actually justified. As we add more and more fancy elements, there's only one way for the framerate, and that's down. Nevertheless, if we could preserve about 200 fps on a then top of the line graphics card in two years, that might still mean 60 or even 90 fps on an Intel ARC. At this point, it's all but speculation. But there's a non-zero, if small chance that the performance on low-end graphics cards may actually turn out to be quite decent.
  5. V5 will no longer use DirectX 9, but the Vulkan SceneGraph.
  6. Generally, if you think that a certain post violates your rights, or the forum rules, please report it to the moderator team rather than to drag a private feud to eSim Games' property. Specifically, they appear to be quite similar, but not identical as far as I can see, and could easily have been lifted from the same printed manuals to which, maybe, the Bundesrepublik Deutschland could lay claim for copyright. Both clearly are scans and screenshots, some with minor modifications, but not original creations.
  7. Ssnake

    Bug in AAR!

    I have a theory, but it's close to speculation, not something I would call a "solid explanation". If you still want to hear it, read on: We added the option to remove certain meshes if a vehicle gets destroyed. The vehicle did get destroyed in the process of the mission. Steel Beasts now holds the state of that vehicle in memory, the AAR starts. If there is no time stamp recording about the change of the vehicle, the old state at the end of the execution phase is still in memory and doesn't get overwritten. An AAR event wants to display that unit, so the render engine calls up the state of the vehicle from memory, and displays the Marder without gun tube. Or it was something else entirely.
  8. I think it's safe to say that Intel made a lot of progress with the ARCs over their previous generations. I haven't yet tested them myself (nor do I know anyone from the development team or QA who has one), so I can't make specific statements. I can say that we will eventually acquire one so we can benchmark SB Pro version 5 on it. My recommendation would be to hold on to your 1070 for as long as possible, and maybe start saving up for a new card in two or three years. With just five bucks per month that's up to 180.- by summer '26, which should be enough to replace the 1070 with something that's at least three to six times as fast by then. Generally my advice is to make the decision to replace computer equipment as late as possible, and buy it only when you really need it. That way you'll take advantage of all the technological advancements and the resulting price drops of previous generation electronics. Moore's law may no longer be fully applicable in the narrow sense in which it was once formulated. But it is very much alive when you look at the general (negative) exponential price decay over time for all electronic (entertainment) hardware.
  9. Ssnake

    Fast or Slow?

    I'd love to invest more time in this, but the reality is that the development of the new engine will keep us well occupied for a few years. Once that version 5.x is ready for general roll-out, I guess we'll look at this topic again.
  10. Ssnake

    Bug in AAR!

    This is now bug #11824.
  11. I've stated our priorities on several occasions, but that's no reason to not tell them again, 1. Contractual obligations. A contract is a contract is a contract. 2. Fixing critical V4 bugs 3. Strategic development, a.k.a. "Version 5". 4. Fixing annoying bugs 5. Feature development for V4 that adds a tactical dimension 6. Community requests, time permitting, if they don't align with any of the higher priorities 7. Other bugs, enhancements This is not to be understood that we can't work on several priority tiers simultanously. We can, and we do. But when there are two tasks competing for the time of the same developer, those are the criteria by which the decision will be made. For every thing we do, there's always about 1,000 things we could, but we won't, because there's always more to do than we have artists and programmers available. I should maybe point out that I pushed for more programmers since 2005; only 2009 we could get the first one to help Al Delaney, then 2010.. 2014 we assembled the current core team, which we then about doubled again in the last ten years. All that manpower needs to be paid, which sadly increases our dependency on government contracts. But I also think that the PE community got a few nice toys out of that deal.
  12. Yes, you have every right to ask for your your personal preferences. I just don't understand how you get worked up about this when there's already a practical solution to it, a 3rd party tool that you can use to achieve exactly what you want. So why even go on about this, unless solving the problem isn't what you're really after? It may be true that I'm not talking much about our other business, but it's not like it's a well-kept secret either. Obviously, almost all major combat vehicles that are simulated in high detail are the direct result of some governmental development contract. You can deduct with high confidence for which countries they were made; it's not like there's more than one country operating the Pizarro or the Ulan, and if a vehicle comes with a Dutch numberplate, chances are it's because the Dutch wanted us to add it. This isn't hard to figure out.
  13. Come on, that's really not fair. Volcano has given a perfectly adequate explanation about the reasons behind the original decision. It's not like we're completely wedded to the idea - Volcano is already on the record in this very thread that we might introduce an option to simply hold the arrow keys. The real question is about development priorities. You think it's one of the biggest issue that Steel Beasts has. I happen to disagree. First of all, there's MouseCrank that you can now use - problem solved. It's your prerogative to demand that Steel Beasts supports mouse traverse for all turrets without this external tool. But don't tell me that we are in an echo chamber when you keep complaining about an issue that has evaporated about a week ago. As 95% of our business happens outside of the Personal Edition, I just can't afford jumping through every hoop presented by special interest groups. There's a completely new engine to be developed for future Steel Beasts, there's a bloody war going on a few hundres kilometers from my doorstep, and our military customers demand that we adapt Steel Beasts to their new perception of the current operational environment, ideally by the end of the year if we can't deliver it yesterday already. If I understand it correctly, you're an active officer, or at least were so until relatively recently. I would like to believe that with the rank and the education comes recognition of which of these tasks are necessity, and which are convenience.
  14. Yeah, but remember that the Fennek's hand-cranked weapon station is rather awful.
  15. There's "the" radio voice, and a separate one for each crew member. Also, only radio voices come with a squelch sound. It is pretty clear, IMO.
  16. You have mail. The contact form sheet will send a copy to your own email address, that's how you could find it in your own spam folder. But it still reached me.
  17. Up to three out of five major components may be swapped (Mainboard, CPU, network adapter, harddisk, and one more) --- but typically a mainboard or harddisk replacement triggers a reinstallation of Windows, and that is the one thing that the virtual CM containers can't handle. This is an important reason why we use the virtual containers only with time-based licenses. It limits the damage from a license loss since, eventually, the license need replacement anyway. Ideally, computer changes can be synchronized with new license purchases and nothing bad happens to anyone.
  18. If you purchased a Classic license on a CodeMeter USB stick, the license will remain valid. If you have a time-based license, it can be "used up" if you keep the old computer around and connected to your home LAN, if you configure it as a license server, as shown here:
  19. Ssnake

    Fast or Slow?

    Surrender occurs on a very wide scale between absolute fanaticism of "fight to the last bullet" and "surrender monkeys" that hoist the white flag on mere suspicion of enemy presence. Therefore, it's left to the mission designer to determine the degree of resistance the player will meet.
  20. In all fairness, the dialog opens in "My Scenarios", which will be empty for anyone with a fresh installation. In the drop-down menu in the upper right hand, select "Scenarios" instead, then pick a folder, and select your scenario to play.
  21. I'm currently not in the office. I'll answer emails after my return.
  22. How can you ask how to play a Single Player Game when you ask me by email how to download the installation files. Consider asking for a refund so we can end this embarrassment.
  23. If you can't be bothered to watch any of the tutorial videos that we produced to cover exactly this topic, I can't help you.
  24. We call the fix "Steel Beasts version 5", but it will still take some time before it can replace version 4.
  25. Do you mean the CodeMeter container? It gets installed along with Steel Beasts, for all time-based licenses. Once thyt you purchased a license, proceed to activate it. Each license ticket email contains a link for the license activation page, and a short YouTube video that explains the necessary steps of the activation procedure. It requires, of course, that you actually watch the video and pay attention to what it describes.
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