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  1. Please contact Sales (at eSimGames). Ideally, provide a second, independent email address (like, different email provider). If there is a mail relay server that filters our emails to you, it might also filter our replies to you, so it might appear as if we aren't responding (we are).
  2. Gee, thanks for letting us all know, I had no idea! 🙄 Seriously, you're harping that point for a good while now, and it's not like I pretend that everything is fine the way it is. So then, what's the point of repeating the same thing over and over when I'm telling you - like I did before - that we're on it. It's begun to remind me of a petulant child. Keep going like that, and people will start treating you accordingly. All that this extra drama will accomplish is to poison the atmosphere not just between you and me, but also other people here. It's not going to accelerate the development. The work on it has begun months ago, it's scheduled to go on for more months between other jobs for which we have contractual obligations, and we'll introduce 1st person RPG shooting once that it's in presentable shape. We're not delaying with deliberation, but we're also not going to rush it. I have on numerous occasions explained what our development priorities are, and why (and these priorities are not up for public debate). First come contractual obligations, because they help us to finance all other work. 2nd priority is work on the new engine, because only with a new engine can we maintain a viable product and, long-term, add new features. 3rd come high priority bugs. 4th, new feature development for version 4 (1st person RPGs are somewhere here, among other things), 5th are medium priority bugs, followed by, 6th, low priority bugs. If you can't accept that 1st person RPG shooting is somewhere in the middle of the heap, I'm sorry, but then we probably have to agree to disagree about this point because I have a responsibility for the long-term development of the whole company and its primary product. Steel Beasts was never intended as a 1st person shooter. We are adding more and more infantry-related features - 1st person ATGMs, MGs, 40mm AGL, all the work on pathfinding, 3D characters, animation system - but the lowest command level of Steel Beasts is the team leader, and even that was possible only with some contortions in the code. See, you're so far left on the Dunning Kruger scale, you don't even have the slightest idea how wrong it is to apply military leadership phrases to a software project that has legacy code of 25 years and which is intended to be kept working for at least another two decades. I'm well aware that in combat command paralysis can occur as a result of too much analysis. But software development is not combat. It's pretty much the opposite of it. You can't brute force a solution by throwing wave after wave of programmers at a problem. Typically, assigning more programmers to a task actually slows down progress. You can make certain hacks to accelerate a development, but hacks are effectively drawing a credit. If the project goes on for long enough, you have to pay back, typically with interest, every corner that you decided to cut years ago. Insufficient analysis will result in paralysis later because you get entangled in co-dependencies that result in unexpected side effects that you then need to fix, and then you might need a fix for the fix, and very quickly you're down a recursive rabbit hole where you might not even have a remotely adequate estimate of how deep it might be. I have said everything there is to say on my end as far as this matter is concerned. I hope you can accept it. The whole picture is a bit bigger than the field of view of an RPG sight.
  3. For all you Americans here I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Go easy on the dining (as if that's going to happen). Tomorrow this time, expect a new video on the Steel Beasts Channel on Youtube.
  4. Identifying an issue and actually doing something about it is not always easy. RPGs were implemented in SB Pro with no ballistic trajectory whatsoever (we were young, and didn't know better, and the programmer who wrote the original code decided to retire with comparatively little forewarning in 2012; took me a moment to assemble a new team and get things under control). We now need to research the properties of almost 40 different missiles, all of which are, well, rockets, and therefore require a partially non-ballistic trajectory (so yes, this is, literally, rocket science). In most cases, the data are either hard to find or classified, and we have essentially collected everything that's relatively easy to find. From this we will now have to estimate parameter sets for each missile, develop a proper model, and then also teach the AI how to aim these things. And of course there's a lot of other work to do. It's much easier to point out that you "said so years ago" than to actually do something about it. We are doing it. That you aren't happy with the speed of progress is something I have to learn to live with. I have never sugar coated shortcomings of the simulation, and been about as open and honest about matters as I possibly could be. The implicit flip side of the deal is that I would be delighted if we could discuss the matter without slipping into sarcasm, because it accomplishes nothing but to make everybody feel worse, and go defensive on matters in general, so it's more of a hindrance than a motivation to change things for the better.
  5. That would have been Patton.
  6. An entity enumeration translation table can get the issue of different entity IDs done, but of course someone has to write that table. That's the part where most integrators either take a step back or charge lots of dollars because it means hard work. It's not just about truck vs tank. It goes to the level of the individual projectile: It's a cal .50 round, all right ... but SLAP, M8, M2, or M33, or...? The performance can vary significantly, provided that you have a sufficiently detailed model of weapons effects and target vulnerability. If one simulation is energy based and the other operates with hit points, well, no translation is possible because there simply is no direct representation of either model in the other simulation. While we're at it, entity enumerations is one thing. But you'd also like to correlate life forms (a donkey in simulation A shouldn't be a duck in sim B), and postures (is the human life form in a prone position, aiming from a kneel, or running upright?) At the moment, bringing multiple simulations into the same exercise requires an unreasonable amount of effort for comparatively little gain in training outcomes. The technology is there, in principle. But is it economically viable? That depends entirely on how much money you're willing to shell out for small gains in outcomes, and the question must be allowed if those same dollars wouldn't yield a higher return if invested into something else. So, as long as the federation of different simulation systems is cumbersome and low in training effect yield, it's not happening in practice. eSim Games wouldn't be the obstacle if a customer were serious about the matter, but the reality is that it would require the cooperation of companies who are effectively competitors in a rather small market.
  7. Ssnake

    Map Editor

    Absolutely not. It was the name of a fictional place, and the map itself more of a technology demonstrator. Mostly, the option for custom buildings and other map objects is something that our military customers use to create geospecific terrain databases. One of the maps in preparation is of "the German NTC" - the GÜZ Altmark with its central urban combat village "Schnöggersburg". You'll see there that all the buildings in that village have their individual floor plans, and of course, Steel Beasts not being a first person shooter, that in itself will only have limited appeal. Nevertheless, each building has the correct location, footprint, and elevation, so it's not the worst representation of the training site. Our customers often want to see a certain area of interest represented with building models that serve as a landmark for orientation, and that requires substantially different workflow processes than how maps are usually made for SB Pro PE, which are not only designed for functionality but also, within the limitations of what our engine allows, beauty.
  8. Ssnake

    Map Editor

    Through external tools using our SBMap API. We're currently working on a few examples. You may remember "Terrastan" from a few years ago. Had its problems, but was an example for this method.
  9. Ssnake

    Map Editor

    Both base maps and delta maps can be published (locked and compressed), or unpublished (editable). For any scenario to use a delta map outside of the Mission Editor, the delta map must be published (it's the only way to guarantee that everybody will see the same terrain). Base maps require more disk space when published. Delta maps typically require very little extra disk space. However, they will always depend on a base map, as they only store the differences to that base map. Therefore, in a map package, there must always be (exactly) one base map, but it may also contain a (potentially large) number of delta maps. In addition, a map package can contain custom buildings and custom textures. That's why we call them "map packages" now, because they are a collection of elements that can amount to a radically different appearance of the environment.
  10. I wouldn't expect it to take so long (happens in under a minute for me), but it's hard to say what may have gone one here.
  11. That would usually give a security warning, but not completely refuse to connect at all. Besides, this has gone on since at least September. But I haven't heard anything about it, so I'm beginning to wonder if it's a "me problem".
  12. Don't know what's going on with the German community's site, but for weeks I've now only seen an SSL error message from my browser(s) when trying to connect to their forum. Does anyone know specifics?
  13. As to your questions about the behavior of your red forces, Units on Engage routes will simply assume hull-down positions until either they can defeat the enemy or the enemy breaks contact (and if their armament can't cause at least damage to the advancing enemy (and the given range), well, they won't even open fire but wait. It's what they do (see standard behaviors in Chapter 8 of the user's manual). You could change those routes to Assault tactics, possibly with embark conditions that they won't advance if faced with Blue in too great strength, or in certain places (regions). Makes scripting more even complicated, unfortunately.
  14. A stronger bridge would withstand the blast; you'd need to create a Delta map of the one that you're using and then swap the bridge for a different model; worth mentioning in this context is the Map Object Model Catalog which is part of the Steel Beasts installation (in the Documents folder). It will provide you with a list of the bridges, their object number, and their MLC rating. The higher the MLC rating, the better the bridge is protected against blast damage. Another possible fallback option would be to attach a bridgelayer tank to the Blue task force. If a span of the bridge collapses, the player could lay the bridge spanning the gap (all our bridges have their pillars at under the bridgelayer span limits). That way the player could deal with the unfortunate turn of events.
  15. Don't worry. The Finnish Army is our customer, they wouldn't tolerate us breaking the CV90.
  16. Uninstalling the CM runtime is a good idea. It's no longer such a big problem as in the past when more than one customer reported having about a dozen different runtime versions installed in parallel, however. But there were some safety concerns about one of the older runtime version, so for that reason alone one may want to check that it's gone for good. Older scenarios "should" "mostly" work, but of course there may be the one or other exception; in the support forum there's two pinned threads covering that topic.
  17. I think he never got around to make it. Yes, it's on out to-do list. Unfortunately the topic is complex, and since a tutorial video from eSim Games must never have misleading information in it, we're approaching this project with, well, care.
  18. The water spray that vehicles kick up traveling on roads at speed.
  19. The CodeMeter runtime environment is part of the Bundle Installer. Of course, you shouldn't skip it when prompted to confirm, otherwise no special effort is required. Firmware updates are a different thing, though.
  20. I can confirm that bug #9748 is as of today still un-fixed. The tutorial text may actually be misleading, as it reflects our own (faulty) understanding of how the air target mode worked when we made that tutorial. I suppose, at some point it needs a Youtube video, otherwise it's not going to be used by anyone, ever (except our military customers).
  21. Well for a while. After a few minutes they regain their spirits as far as I remember. I'm doing pretty much all support here from memory so it doesn't cost all day. I may at times make a mistake.
  22. BTW, I split this off into its own thread.
  23. Hm... at least the CV90/35 air target mode will work, if that's any consolation (probably not). Do we have a firum thread here what's broken about the 90/30's?
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