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  1. ..,and if you absolutely want to do an off-line activation, at least for the first time contact me for an assisted activation rather than digging yourself an even deeper hole.
  2. Particle effects aren't even subject to our graphics settings. Something else is wrong here.
  3. Or plot the AEV route first, then create the emplacements in the vicinity of significant waypoints. The point is, you don't really have to script much, as long as the vehicle "is around" and has no other mission orders.
  4. It'd described in the Release Notes, I even updated the section for the 4.159 version.
  5. Could well be that we separated the CodeMeter runtime installation from the Steel Beasts installation only with version 3.0. It's been seven, eight years. Memory is becoming fuzzy. I mean, this is one of the reasons that we release new versions of SB Pro. Sure, new features, better looks. But arguably it's even more so about adapting to the ever changing Windows environment. In 2011 "Windows 7" was but a rumor, and now it's discontinued already.
  6. Yes. Hashing hundreds of gigabytes, potentially, was also a bit of a performance concern that we had to solve. Not only do you have to do it once, you also need to read map data to compare the hash value which could result in much fun when checking an entire folder tree structure, possibly on a network server.
  7. An AEV just needs to end his route in a "stay" tactic and will then work on unfinished emplacements within the detection radius around that waypoint. Ideally the waypoint will be placed in a way that the straight movement from it to the construction site is unobstructed.
  8. Short of modding the specular texture files? No.
  9. Nor should it. The map UID is like the DNA of a person, it must not be altered, ever. Changing the name in the passport (=the map description) is something that we may allow at a later point, but I may fail to see some of the problems that could come from such a name change (so I reserve the right to renege on this extremely vague and noncommittal non-promise). The only workaround that comes to my mind would be to save the map package as a new delta map, change the map description accordingly, update your scenarios with the "replace map" function, and finally to delete the bad folder (the map with the wrong name).
  10. Since you don't know which point you lase (effectively this is firing blind), I think this isn't a problem. You would never know if the new range that you have is precise. Also, I think the T-72 uses a weaker laser that can be fired without many of the restrictions found in the Leopard 2 and M1.
  11. The map package's name is set in the "Map Description" which, once published, can no longer be altered. Renaming the folder doesn't help, the relevant information is stored in a file inside the map package which you can't directly edit in Steel Beasts. This is fully intentional since we really, really really need to make sure that clients connecting to a network session are all operating on the same data basis, or else bad Juju (a scientific expression) will come over the network session.
  12. Could be that you're on to something.
  13. That's not what he wrote. You're putting words in his mouth. I'm not going to run around refuting every ridiculous claim you're making. Take a break. Re-read what Volcano wrote. Then we can continue the debate. Until then, we're done here.
  14. Not after it's published, probably. But, when do you think you'll be ready? This could still take a while, I suppose. If you're done "now" you could upload it as a published delta map here on SteelBeastscom, see here.
  15. I really have no idea what you're trying to say, or what you think I'm saying. Please read again, very carefully, what Volcano wrote, and interpret it in the most harmless and innocuous way possible. This conspiracy theory is getting ridiculous.
  16. I suppose for the time being it's best to work on these issues as a delta map to the default Hannover-Weserbergland base map. At some point - "when everything has been addressed" (lol) - this could be saved as a new base map, and then we could integrate it into the installation as an alternative version with explanatory description like "Hannover-Weserbergland (fixed bridges)" or something like it.
  17. I don't think that this is what Volcano wrote, or what he meant to say. The conditions are pretty well defined - firing HE rounds (not HEAT), repeatedly, into a very specific location.
  18. I suppose it could happen, depending on how the map was generated. If by an external tool, Steel Beasts has for quite a while supported subdirectories in the TER folder that would then contain both TER and HGT files (and model files, textures, ... - basically what we have now made official with the "map package" concept).
  19. We have barely started with the map server business, give us some time to refine the concept. The problem is of course that identity of maps can only be ascertained with the help of the map UID; unfortunately, what is unambiguous appears highly abstract at the same time. If you want to browse a remote map repository and search it by keywords, or region, that's an entirely different use case.
  20. Computer-controlled crews would always prefer APFSDS against heavily armored targets. Even the BK-31 isn't a reliable tank killer with its overpressure, and there's no conceivable HE round design that makes any sense for the 125mm caliber that will always be a reliable tank killer from overpressure alone. But, we need to make sure that a 155mm or 152mm artillery shell that explodes in close proximity has a good chance of rendering a tank, even a heavily protected one, inoperable, even if the fragments by themselves are incapable of perforating the armor, simply because HE artillery killing tanks is a reality. Our new HE model uses the amount of HE filler as the first objective parameter (you can find such info in horribly priced books like Jane's Ammunition Handbook/Jane's Weapons: Ammunition (at about $1,000.- a copy...)), the type of explosive as a minor modificator (TNT, HMX, RDX, ...), and finally a subjective scaling factor that we can use to tone down/tune up the effect if we have very good reason to do so; typically it is set to 50% and will rarely deviate from that. As far as the BK-31 is concerned, the facts are that it contains approximately 1850g (happy to adjust that if a reliable source can be presented) of A-IX2 equivalent HE filler (Jane's Weapons: Ammunition, 2016/17 edition, pg 632), and lacking any other hints the scaling factor is currently at its default setting of 50%. Contrast this BK-31 round's amount of HE filler with that of a 122mm artillery shell like OF-462, which is about 3500g TNT equivalent. The 122mm artillery shell is not terribly dangerous to tanks; the BK-31, being a direct fire munition aimed at the center of the target, simply gets much, much closer (which is the only reason why it can have an appreciable overpressure effect at all). This might help to explain why a round that has maybe just 60...70% of the power of an artillery shell that's regarded as relatively weak against tanks creates some overpressure effect with regularity. But a reliable tank killer it is not.
  21. Our SB Wiki may be old, but it still receives updates.
  22. Ssnake

    Texture shimmer

    #7831, can't promise how quickly this might get addressed.
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