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  1. I thought that if you set the first AA slider in SB to 0 you would then use AA modes straight from the graphics card driver, but apparently this is not the case. I'll pass this on to one of the programmers for comment.
  2. I have only heard of them ... in frightful whispers of huddled betatesters, and the mad screams and hollering of programmers during their fever dreams, locked up in their lightless cells.
  3. Another stunning success for eSim Games Tech Support.
  4. Having to press a palm switch button when "joystick" and not "control handle" is selected in the Controls dialog is definitely a bug/not intended; we inverted the handling of palm switched since SB 1.0 for good reason. This will be addressed.
  5. No, it's a bug.
  6. The --fullscreenwindow command line option may be an alternative for you. For that you'd need to create a duplicate link of the Steel Beasts incon on your desktop, and then add the command line parameter in the icon's properties' "Target" line, similar to the Steel Beasts "debug mode" icon in the Troubleshooting folder.
  7. That's why we split it from the Steel Beasts installer, so that you wouldn't have to download the same 13 GByte with every update.
  8. There's always the option to press that button to restore default assignments. But typically this creates more work than fixing this one or two buttons, which is why I'm not recommending it. But the option is there. Very simple, very reliable - but potentially with a lot of side effects.
  9. We converted everything for the official eSim Games supplied scenarios (in the "Scenarios" folder). Everything in "My Scenarios" requires your action. Typically it is as easy as to open the mission in the mission editor, and then to save it again. If it can't be opened directly in the Mission Editor, the error message will at least describe what needs to be done. These two general help threads should arm you with the necessary background knowledge: About updating your scenarios About updating your maps As to "why" this needs to be so hard, well, we couldn't really make this any easier. The old way of working with the data allowed for an anormous degree of flexibility (resulting in an equally enormous number of special cases), and it played very loose with data integrity (because they could be embedded in the scenarios). Once that you stop embedding map data in a scenario file and still want things to work in network sessions you can no longer rely on file names as the first, last, and only line of defense.
  10. Yes, it should really be called "SB Map Tools". With so many new things, at least we should be consistent in the naming.
  11. Interesting. So, yes, I would encourage everybody suffering from this phenomenon to check the joystick button assignments. May very well be that things don't work because of THAT, and not the changes that we made elsewhere.
  12. I'm still missing the 4.159 full installer; 4.156 is now obsolete.
  13. Version 4.159 will fix most of the related problems, I suppose.
  14. There WERE related changes to enable joystick view control when unbuttoned, maybe this is a fallout from that fix.
  15. I thought 4.159 would fix this?
  16. I just checked; apparently not.
  17. Maybe save the maps to a different location? It doesn't have to be the ProgramData folder, after all.
  18. The wind speed should be set in the 5...6m/s range, and even then it's mostly, well, a nod. What we would actually need are vegetation models with an entire skeleton that can be animated but that tends to increase CPU load, and it would have been "one feature too many" so we settled for this compromise.
  19. I don't think the DF90 is made for a high intensity battlefield with significant anti-armor threat (eventual missiles aside). Its armor protection - for a wheeled vehicle - is reasonable but not extraordinary which implies that you can't bring yourself into vulnerable positions for more than the briefest moments. Within that context the DF90 does not need to be optimized for duel situations.
  20. If there's a draught, yes. Climate wise, you can justify either decision (=full freedom for you), you may want to supplement each decision with the necessary weather/starting conditions. A dust level of 30...40 for open dry ground sounds reasonable; inside of forests it's probably closer to 15...25. You probably want to have dry and wet grass in your terrain theme where one is around 20 and the other maybe 5 at best, if at all. Wet grass area usually turns "difficult" if there's some thorough rain, depends a bit on the location (=not so likely on hill flanks, obviously).
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