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  1. Ssnake's post in Critical problem: no server licence was marked as the answer   
    I believe I just answered him.
  2. Ssnake's post in USB Codemeter dongle 'Empty License Container' was marked as the answer   
    There's always a second USB container to be found if you have a CM stick and install any version of Steel Beasts starting with version 3.0. The thread below describes bow you pick the other one in the WebAdmin and in the CodeMeter Control Center; scroll down a little:
    License tickets, once activated, are "gone" unless they contain multiple licenses. Classic licenses need no renewal. They will stay in the CM stick's memory, well protected against pretty much anything except mechanical destruction, a raging fire, electrocution, or possibly a gamma ray burst from a nearby neutron star collision (in which case we have bigger problems than the loss of software licenses).
    So, your old license is still there; you can't and don't need to activate your classic license again. If you are, however, still getting an error about a missing license when you try to start the latest Steel Beasts version, chances are that you missed upgrading your license. In that case, make sure to note the highest license version number in your CM stick (the WebAdmin will do that, as described in the thread above), then order an upgrade license from eSim Game's web shop, which is here:
  3. Ssnake's post in new install problem reading sce files was marked as the answer   
    The hint is in the debugLog file:
    CScenario.Read ERROR: Incompatible scenario file (v155).
    CGame ERROR: Newer version required!
    Per your log file you have installed version 4.268; I suppose you restored your scenarios from a previous version 4.3 installation. Naturally, version 4.2 can't handle version 4.3 scenario files.
    Upgrading to version 4.3 should solve the problem, however.
  4. Ssnake's post in M60A3 TTS - Gunner Issue was marked as the answer   
    Now bug #11293.
  5. Ssnake's post in A question on future updates. was marked as the answer   
    We release major upgrade about once every three years, 2013 (3.0), 2016 (4.0), 2019 (4.1), 2022 (4.3). Extrapolating from that quite linear trend suggests that there might be a 4.5 release in 2025. Whether there will be a version 4.4 for SB Pro PE, who knows. I wouldn't rule it out. It might be a free update. The point is, we do not have any specific plans or a roadmap yet. Our development is a continuous process. Usually we wait until enough changes have accumulated that they justify the release of something in the $30...$50 price range.
  6. Ssnake's post in When changing from window to full screen...the game crash was marked as the answer   
    Please search this forum for the --fullscreen command line option; it's also described in this tutorial video:
  7. Ssnake's post in License Activation How-to was marked as the answer   
    [Updated this entry, DEC 2018]
    [Updated this entry, JUL 2019]
    [Updated this entry, SEP 2019]
    [Updated this entry, SEP 2020]
    [Added video, MAY 2021]
    [Added videos, JUN 2021]
    [Added videos, AUG 2021]
    Don't like reading?
    Here are videos to explain the basics:
    [Example of a license activation]
    Activating licenses is usually painless. But if it isn't, read on. This is an attempt to describe the necessary steps, depending on the different user cases.
    1. General
    Assuming that you DID receive your license after placing your order (you did not? Read this) you now have your ticket URL. But on the attempt to activate your license ticket you may get to see the error message 
    The most likely cause of this error is that you haven't yet installed the latest CodeMeter runtime version (7.21a at the time of this writing). This was released in June 2021, and it is included in the Steel Beasts 4.265 installer.
    Remedy: Install SB Pro PE 4.265. Or, if you want or must run an older version, download and install the latest CodeMeter runtime from here.
    [Section removed]
    You may now experience one of several obstacles (or none, as is still the case for the majority of all users):
    a) You activated the license but you still get an error message when trying to start Steel Beasts
    Chances are, the firmware of your CodeMeter stick is outdated.
    [Help video to go here]
    Start the CodeMeter Control Center, look for the button with the circular arrow on the right side of the window (somewhere in the middle), click it, and follow the on-screen instructions. CodeMeter sticks with serial number 1-xxxxxxx should in the end have a firmware version 1.18 (as of the time of this writing), newer CM sticks with serial number 2-xxxxxxx should have firmware 2.04. Serial numbers 3-xxxxxxx can have an even higher firmware version number.
    If you're reading version 1.19, you have selected a virtual CM stick, not your physical one
    b) You want to activate a single license, but there is no immediately apparent way to do so
    Chances are, you're using the old and outdated MS Edge, or, more likely these days, the security settings of your browser prevent it. See below for details.
    c) You want to activate multiple licenses and get an error message about an "unsatisfied constraint"
    Chances are, you have ordered both a secondary license and an upgrade license. The upgrade license must be applied first - remove the checkmark from the "SECONDARY" entry, activate the "UPGRADE", then activate the remaining license.
    Or maybe you ordered an upgrade from a version that you don't have (0x18080001). Contact Sales (at eSimGames.com) to untangle the situation.
    d) You want to activate a single upgrade license and get an error message about an "unsatisfied constraint" with error code 0x18080003
    You probably have a first generation CodeMeter stick from a purchase made in 2006 or 2007. Please contact Sales (at) eSimGames.com for remedy.
    e) A combination of the above
    You'll have to work yourself through the individual issues one after another. If in doubt, start with the firmware upgrade.
    f) Windows 10
    Download and install the CodeMeter runtime 7.21a (you may need to select it from a menu there).
    [Section removed]
    2. Browser
    a) Choice
    For conceptual reasons, the Lynx browser does not support any modern web technology; therefore, don't use it to activate your license.
    [Section removed]
    b) Security
    At the moment the direct activation of licenses requires Websocket connections (pretty much any modern browser), or ActiveX (MS Internet Explorer), or Java (the fallback line; note that JavaScript is something else entirely, and whoever chose the name is probably the most successful internet troll of the last 50 years). Since CodeMeter runtime version 5.10a this is no longer necessary (provided, again, that you have an up to date web browser that supports websocket connections (pretty much any)).
    That said, here's some general browser configuration advice (for license activations):
    If you're an experienced web browser user you could try and adjust your security settings to allow the execution of both JavaScript and Java You might try the Internet Explorer, and be it just for ticket activations. In the Extras menu | Internet Options entry | Security tab you could add the WebDepot to the list of "trusted sites". Assuming that the trusted sites have less strict security settings, visiting the ticket page should now either work without much further ado, or you would get a rather inconspicuous whitish-yellow pop-up bar at the top or bottom of the window asking you for permission to open the active content of the page. Confirm this if you trust us (...and you pretty much have to, given that you installed our software already, and used your credit card in our web store). If you can't follow the suggested solutions above, you will need to use the Offline Activation (see below)  
    3. Offline Activation
    This is the last option and a surefire method as long as you may upload and download files with your browser. Even old Netscape browsers should be able to do that (those with the blue wooden steering wheel icon that looked dated already in the 1990s). It's a reliable method, but less convenient than the direct license transfer. Also, we recommend that you seek eSim Games' support staff assistance, and send us your license request file by email, along with your license ticket URL (and be it just that you can shift all blame on us, along with the responsibility to fix it).
    The offline activation method must be prepared.
    Start the CodeMeter Control Center. At the bottom of the window, half-left, there is a single button for a wizard program to handle license updates. You want to create a license request - so just follow through the wizard until you have a file named xxxxxxx.WibuCmRaC; save it to your desktop or a place that you can remember. Then send that file to eSim support staff, along with your license ticket code. If you don't want that: You may of course directly visit the web depot page. In the lower right corner of the window is a button for the "Offline Activation". Click it. You'll get prompted for the location of the *RaC file that you created before (see above). By uploading it you start the activation process. You will get prompted to save a new file xxxxxxx.WibuCmRaU - save it to your desktop (or some other place of your liking, as long as you know where to find it). Saving this file is important! It will transfer the license information into the virtual CodeMeter stick; without it you can't start SB Pro PE. Also, you don't get a second try (in which case you'd need to contact eSim Games, anyway - please have your license ticket code ready). Once that the file is stored you just need to double-click it and confirm that you, indeed, want to transfer the license. Done. If you want, you can use the wizard program of the CodeMeter Control Center again (this time, select that you want to apply a license update). It's more cumbersome than a simple double-click ... but hey, some people like wizards.  
    That should be it, really. If you still encounter trouble it's best to contact me by email. In that case you can speed up the process by including the CmDustResult.log file. (In the Start Menu | CodeMeter | Tools program folder is a tool named "CmDUST" run it. It will open a Windows Explorer window at the end containing the log file. Attach it to your email to me, please).
    I feel generally confused by this WebDepot web page. What am I supposed to do?
    Fear naught!
    On the following page I will explain the WebDepot page in pictures. But check out the awesome help video #3 above.
    I heard about this "Firmware upgrade". Why is it necessary, and how is it done?
    On the following page I will explain the CodeMeter Control Center application, covering this and similar topics.
    [Another help video to go here.]
    The WebAdmin! What is it good for?
    On the following page I will show some examples what can be done with it.
    [Help video might follow.]
  8. Ssnake's post in Unable to reinstall/uninstall was marked as the answer   
    You have mail.
    Basically, the User's Manual describes in the section "File Structure" (Chapter "Installation") where all the data are stored that Steel Beasts creates. We do not recommend ununstalling manually, but if you do, you at least want to make sure to know where to find all of these files.
    In addition, there are four "eSim Games" keys to be found in the Windows Registry since version 4.1, the last of which, I believe, is the entry that would make it appear in the list of already installed programs (so if you have deleted the files, the uninstaller can't work, but then it also can't remove Steel Beasts from the list of installed apps, so...):
    ..\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\eSim Games ..\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\eSim Games ..\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\eSim Games ..\HKEY_USERS\[some long random code]\SOFTWARE\eSim Games  
    As hinted above, it's best not to end in this predicament to begin with, by using the Add/Remove Apps function in Windows itself. But once that you are in a situation where this no longer works, the description above is the alternative to reinstalling Windows.
  9. Ssnake's post in [Leopard 2] "Rücksteuerung" not working? was marked as the answer   
    OK, so it looks like this error was introduced while fixing something else; this has now been fixed, but still needs to be rolled out with the next patch for version 4.3 (so you didn't do anything wrong, and installing 4.3 in its current form won't fix it, but it will get fixed).
  10. Ssnake's post in Burnt tool crash to desktop was marked as the answer   
    The reason has been found, and fixed. Basically it can happen anytime to any vehicle, even in version 4.357, but it happens randomly, depending on what data are in your system memory ("uninitialized pointer").
  11. Ssnake's post in We need new server .exe´s ... was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, sorry, I'm behind the curve...
    Will send out links soon. If you still have my old mail: Use the link there, replace the "357" with "363".
  12. Ssnake's post in [FIXED] Bug Report - Sending Overlay Text was marked as the answer   
    Strike that, this is now bug 11226.
  13. Ssnake's post in Blown off turrets blocking your way was marked as the answer   
    I was afraid that this might be the case.
    In this case we'll have to chalk it up as a "known issue" that actually can't be fixed since individual turrets are no "entities" that can be pushed, just as our large boulders are firmly anchored in the ground as well. Typically you simply drive around them. It didn't work in this specific case because the vehicles were boxed in by being on a bridge. But it seems to me that these are going to remain rather rare circumstances.
  14. Ssnake's post in Question - Leopard Variant Thermals was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, it's a bug, #11212.
  15. Ssnake's post in Map Text Bug was marked as the answer   
    Is now bug #11206.
  16. Ssnake's post in [Crash to Desktop] Creating Infantry Trench [FIXED] was marked as the answer   
    Now fixed bug #11175.
  17. Ssnake's post in Bug Report - Cannot Delete Records [FIXED] was marked as the answer   
    Now bug #11180.
  18. Ssnake's post in Blacked out buildings in TIS view, Kiev East map was marked as the answer   
    The warnings about non-convex buildings ... shouldn't be ignored in general, but can be ignored in this particular case.
    The missing thermal textures is a known thing, we'll have to do something in a later update. In the meantime we'll try to think about a practical workaround.
  19. Ssnake's post in Experimented with IED's was marked as the answer   
    There's authoritative literature on the subject. We basically went with what standard works had to say. If that meant that craters get deeper but not bigger in diameter, we'll have to learn to live with it.
  20. Ssnake's post in Why did the HESH explode before it hit? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, for technical reasons we can't use exact elevation zero, but so low to the ground there could always be something triggering the fuze.
  21. Ssnake's post in 4.268 - BMP-2 Tank range targets didn't get destroed from hit. was marked as the answer   
    The M60 is a missile target.
    "Kill when hit" only applies if the attacking projectile has a chance to perforate the targte's armor (you can't kill tanks with coax either).
  22. Ssnake's post in Recommended "Internet Speed" for MP? was marked as the answer   
    That's more than enough.
  23. Ssnake's post in In-service date for Leopard 2 A4 in Fulda Gap theater was marked as the answer   
    The original question asked about personal knowledge, so I figured it might be justified to include this bit in my reply, rather than just quoting from a book (as good as it may be).
  24. Ssnake's post in 4.268 - T-tanks firing on left of target facing them was marked as the answer   
    a. It is correct that there seems to be a systematic error
    b. It depends on the location of the AI gunner in the turret (to the left, or to the right of gun)
    We will of course investigate and correct for this, if possible.
    If confronted with enemy tanks that tend to shoot left, elevation errors in the projectile's trajectory can disproportionally often hit the primary sight, but not because it's being targeted with deliberation. I understand however how the result can still create the wrong impression.
  25. Ssnake's post in BUG: Scenario Overwrite in ME [Missing Map Package] [FIXED] was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the detailed description; the bug has now been identified, and slain with extreme prejudice. Expect its scalp to be delivered with the next update.
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