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  1. Ssnake's post in 4.268 - Bradley commanders external gunsight lags visually behind gun movements was marked as the answer   
    It's scheduled for a facelift, but "facelifting" actually means to develop the model completely anew. For that we need an opening in the regular artwork development pipeline. So, not in 4.3 ... but it will be done.
  2. Ssnake's post in 4.268 Mist "mistier"? was marked as the answer   
    The water spray that vehicles kick up traveling on roads at speed.
  3. Ssnake's post in Overhead view query - switching off unit movement paths was marked as the answer   
    I'm not sure, but Alt+H is a candidate.
  4. Ssnake's post in AI friendly fire was marked as the answer   
    Friendly fire won't happen as a result of misidentification. But the AI doesn't check extensively for obstructions along the flight trajectory either. There is some checking, but it's imperfect. Realistically though, that's one of the reasons why (in real life) we have formations for platoons in the first place, so that units should never block each other's engagement sector; if you drive across someone else's (very narrow) field of view, accidents are only a matter of time.
    That some friendly fire incidents are being observed by you and others is, in itself, not a problem. The interesting question is the context leading up to the event. What were the formation and fire control orders, how restrictive was the terrain. You can always find an incident where the AI looks stupid, but the question is how often, objectively, these events occur before we can make a statement if these are exceptionally often. And whether we can then fix it, would be the next question.
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